Theory about the motives of the Aliens

ok so what do we know so far abut the aliens:
They are earth creatures mutated by a mist.
The mist itself has been on earth for thousands of years
The mist appeared once before and whipped out a race of homosapence that resided on earth.
It came from a meteor named wormwood that crashed into earth.
The homosapence were able to stop it but a the cost of there race.
All the creatures have a connection to something else known as the dead God.
The mist appeared to be intelegent.
The mist itself originated on another planet called yosoth( I think I misspelled it.)
THe aliens are intent on capturing humans as seen in several stories where they have even constructed cages to house the humans.
Apparently the dead God is at the bottom of the ocean where the other aliens feed on it.

The mist is an actual being with an Intelegence, not just a random alien virus that mutates and connects all the creatures. The mist longs to have a body, so it mutates the planet and the planet is its body( like dead space and the necromorphs) the first planet eventually went the way of all living thing and dead out leaving only the mist, before he lost full control the dead God tore a chunk out of itself and hurtled it into space to find more life to create a new body, this is why he is known as the dead God because he has no body and for lack of a better term is a spirit. It landed on pre earth and tried to create a new body but was stopped by the homosapence. Little parts of it remained in the world leading to many strange happening but these were mostly small and unnoticed on a major level until it was freed from permafrost and released into the oceans. Here the dead God learned from his mistake and went on building his forces, he mutated to oceans, calling decendence of those that had been mutated before to join him( hence people walking into the ocean) the mist multiplies and countries blame each other and go to war. The rest is pretty well known.

The mist has been in the ocean the longest so it makes sence that it has already been mutated into a new body for the mist to inhabit, it has some control over this new body as we say in the big egg incident what was discribec as the hand of the dead God rose up and tore a chunk out of an oil rig, and the alein vines referenced in the claimed idol and the most recent briefing are also a part of his body working to take over the rest of the land. The alien creatures that it has been creating are the cartakers of his Body like antibodies is our body. They repair, nurture and defend the body.

What do you think?


Nice theory. I was also thinking along the lines of a “bad” Gaia or living ecosystem. Almost like a fungus works similar to a nervous system and can manipulate living entities to a degree.

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We fight against intelligent virus. Virus infects all possible organisms (animals and plant alike) and tries to create biomass. It will eventually use this biomass to have big hive mind and breed Behemoths to rule the world. Of course virus is creation of dead god Anu. And what is his goal? To control all intelligent creatures and make him even more powerful? What is primal motive? Who knows. Maybe he created life with no reason and then decided it went in wrong direction so he invented way to take control over all life with this virus. And why he is on some comet orbiting the Sun? Maybe this is some vessel which can travel between the stars, but now is out of fuel? Biomass can create fuel. :wink:

  • Mist is only creation of the virus to reach life in the air and further in the land. Mist itself is not inteligent. It is environment in which thoughs are spread from this singular powerful psionic creature probably lying somewhere on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Cages are for more resistant humans. And maybe to separate them so they won’t join biomass too quickly and can be used as pets.
  • god is on the other planet, on the bottom of the ocean is some kind of mind serving the dead god.
  • he is dead because of the lack of fuel not because of lack of the body. I would not connect it with some kind of spirit (but he can spread his thoughs with some kind of communication and the mist)
  • I think people go to oceans after being infected recently not earlier in the past (with some exception in small closed enclaves)
  • ocean and water is better conductor to the virus (all plankton and abundant of life to infect) so this is why it is used instead of air

My guess is that it’s some kind of terraforming agent sent by some intelligent species that intends to get round to colonizing Earth in two or three million years.

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Just having finished reading all of the lore things. I think the answer is pretty obvious.

The alien virus is sent by yuggoth, the exoplanet. I mean that’s made clear in the tomb of the phoenix.

If we run with the bad trip episode where they go on a spirit walk, then we have another idea that there’s an actual will directing this thing.

Given the origins of the Anu cult, we can assume that their scripture gives a BASIC account of what’s going on and what the goals of the thing are.

Then we have the soul thief story, and that I think gives us the CLEAREST view of what’s going on. Whatever the Dead God of Yuggoth actually is, it wants us to believe that life on earth is already derived from it.

We apparently were ‘granted’ free will. That, it claims, is a mistake by the words of the matriarch, and will be rescinded. Given the matriarch is operating on the same principle as the Anu cult’s upper levels we can roll with the idea they’re the same entity, and that they’re working for whatever the first civilization stopped from going down and recorded in the Tomb of the Phoenix.

Thus, they want to strip humanity of it’s free will, or rather, it’s individuality, so we’re dealing with a situation of an outside alien civilization that has intelligence but lacks individuality. It’s xenoforming the earth in an attempt to reclaim it, or so it would have us and it’s agents on the earth believe.

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Well considering that the mist pretty much wiped out the vast majority of human race, said terraformers would only need to send a few ships to back up the mist and finish the work in order to allow them to set up installations and finish the terraforming : no need to wait a few million years IMHO.

But they’re not doing that, so I don’t think the mutation of the environment is a step but a consequence.

I like @shadowclasper’s theory. It reminds me of the Vongs from Star Wars. Their planet was actually a living being and they relied on it at some point to be united as a people.
Here, the planet in itself could also be a being, something like a fungus, that spreads some spores in order to infiltrate other being’s system and take control of it.

I mean, you know, psy link 2.0 : it’s not about mind control this time, it’s about one single mind.

The one mind theory also explains the lack of synchronized assaults on human havens. Considering the odds and the number of monsters, an intelligent race could easily organise troups and clean up what’s left of us, but they don’t…
To me, it’s like that “One Mind” is learning (thus the kidnapping of people), studying humans, even though it’s been there for thousands of years, which means there is no one watching us from space and giving orders… IDK really but Briefing 6 should give some more elements when it comes out !

My assumption on that point @Haxone is that the uncoordination is because of the lack of controlled circumstances. The Anu cult has actual ranks and a system for preserving human memories, probably based around people who have the ability to get through the process of mutation while retaining intelligence.

Everyone else? Their bodies aren’t built for it, they won’t survive the process sane or sapient or intelligent. They get their bodies stuck into flesh walls and their memories sucked out of them and put into the conglomerate bodies of those who can survive the process intact but changed.

The vast majority of the people hit? They’re not in any position to have their memories sucked out in controlled conditions, or maybe it happens in the depths of the ocean, and where as the Anu Cult seems to turn people into flesh walls, the entity in the sea just releases them as shock and terror forces for spreading the plague.

I belive that the members of the cult can “keep their own min” because the transformation isn’t finished. It is said that new cultits are quarantined during the process and then amputated from something in their head to prevent them from walking into the sea. You’re right though, some of them aren’t well builded enough to survive such treatment and are just used as food or something.

They’re still human, thus allowing hierarchy and coordination.

Something hits me though… The Anu Cult and the Mutants are enemies. Howerver, this cult has been founded thanks to a sentient creature seemingly distinct from that “One Mind” I was talking about… May be it is the one who teached the cultits how to keep their mind but that would mean there is more that One Mind behind it all… The plot thickens haha… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Exalted is just a rebel to the Dead God Anu :wink:

Why would they adore him then if she is a rebel ? May be it’s all a plan to trick some humans in order to divide them…?

because he is creator of life? :slight_smile:

Then why would you rebel against the all mighty creator that you worship…? Ever seen a priest beating up some believers and then telling his believers-beating priests friends how much he loves god ?

Non sense… Are you seeing something that I don’t ?

they can worship someone who created life and perfection of life in the creation of virus. But they want to retain their own will. And Exalted allows them to do that. And mutants want to retake them and absorb them into “one mind”. So virus mutants are enemy. :slight_smile: Simple.

Or you can see that as differences in details of religion. Lets take Christianity for example. You have all different branches. Protestants and Catholics may be best case. They worship the same thing, but disagree about minor details. :slight_smile: Maybe this self-consciousness is this detail. Maybe Exalted wanted to give her minions free will. So not such a non sense. :wink:

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The one mind theory also explains the lack of synchronized assaults on human havens. Considering the odds and the number of monsters, an intelligent race could easily organise troups and clean up what’s left of us, but they don’t…

I dunno, that could be playing into the Lovecraftian nature of the enemy. One of the big themes of Lovecraft’s work is that the terrible deities of his stories weren’t even evil–they were just so incomprehensibly powerful that they wouldn’t even pay attention to humans at all. For instance, if Cthulu woke up from R’lyeh, he would flatten entire cities not not of spite, but just because he wouldn’t even notice they were there as he went about his unfathomable business.

Perhaps the same is true of the Pandora aliens, albeit to a lesser extent. They pay some attention to humans, enough to talk to us, infect us, and occasionally be annoyed by us, but for the most part they’re so confident in their powers and so contemptuous of human abilities that they don’t see the need to go out of their way to make coordinated attacks–we’re just not worth the trouble, so they believe.

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I do like the Lovecraftian idea of Gods being so uber powerful that humans are less than invisible to them, but that doesn’t quite get along with the power fantasy of a videogame. Imagine beating the final mission just do discover that it was all for nothing, because the mist and the virus was just 0,0000001% of the alien force and for them, thousands of years was nothing and so mankind was doomed from the get go!..

Well, it would be a gloom and dark ending, and maybe even kind of cool, but I do want sequels out of this :smiley:


I see… Like an intestine war… Interesting. I’ll buy it !

@Gunlord500 well this in a new point of view ! To me, the problem is the following :

Being contemptuous requires an ego, which is a very human concept… How would an alien virus acquire that ? Through the fusion with billions of human minds ? In that case, it must know we’re up to something, why would it take the risk ?

In the lore, we saw that they were abducting people instead of just contaminating them… They have an objective. We also saw that they try to paralyze human researches (rescue of a live specimen). They know, they’re aware of the potential danger we represent… Don’t you think ?

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Yeah. Like I said above, they’re not as powerful or completely uninterested in mankind as straight-up Cthulhu or Azathoth might be, they are capable of changing their strategies if we get their attention. But I was saying to a lesser extent, and in a more general sense, they don’t see humanity as enough of a threat to make eradicating us a high priority.

To be honest, I would be honest if humanity’s only chance to prevail was due to the enemy being stupid… Even if we’re not many, a few of us is all it takes to allow a breakthrough or a serious retaliation…

Maybe this will be valid ending. We discover how to make hard blow, we stop them for a while, like first civilization, but they will return. And this is why sequels will be possible from lore perspective but without waiting next thousand years. :wink:

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As I said before, I would find it a bit frustrating to win just because the enemy is dumb… Also is there really a need for a sequel ?