Harbinger story conclusions

In the story we read that Lisa was contracted by new type of Pandoravirus. And she became stronger and healthier with it, without loosing control over her mind. Her blood made other people also healhy but they have lost control. In almost all previous stories (chronologically) Pandoravirus infection usually ended with death of the patients with only rare ocurrences where infection bring someone to the sea. The mist was more like to take control over the minds without killing humans. So I wonder if in the game it will be somehow reflected.

First of all how soldiers will get the infections? Maybe there will be several ways:

  • melee attacks which made at least 1 point of damage (so pierced the armour)
  • standing in or even going though the mist (spread not only by mist sentinel and the queen but also other creatures and even just floating in the air when we get to mission site)
  • some acid or specific other weapons attacks which are designed to infect?

Presumably you will need to detect infection, which probably won’t be hard, and quarantine all affected soldiers/personnel, which probably will require some additional facility. And what will be consequences? Maybe there will be above 3:

  • soldier retains his mind for some time and probably with help of DoA tech he become stronger and receive some bonus (quite rare)
  • soldier is mutated partly and looses his mind (you need to deal somehow with him - kill or with proper tech regain control over him, so he will behave like the soldier from point above (more often)
  • death after few days even with help of DoA tech? (most often?)

I like where you’re going with this. It could work similar to finding out whether your soldiers are psychic capable in XCOM, where it would be predetermined at soldier creation if they have the proper gene to survive and thrive with the pandoravirus. It would have to be a .01% chance that you get more “Lisas” though.

Keep in mind, these are the exact people that The Disciples of Anu are looking for, so if they get wind of it they’ll be knocking on your door with pamphlets saying, “Have you let Anu into your life?”

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I’m not sure if she contracted a different form of Pandora virus as opposed to having an inherent resistance to it. Like @RobJFalcon said, it may be a gene or something, inherent to particular people/characters and which possibly might have relevance to the plot–like, maybe special people of interest to Anu (for their ability to accept the virus) or the Phoenix Project (for their immunity to it) might be distant descendants of the ancient hominids who interbred with humans or something.

It may be like that, but in the text there is fragment about that new strain of virus. And in couple of stories there was mention about Samudr strain (from India/Pakistan) and Pandoravirus (from Alaska). So there may be third strain. PV may adapt to not kill the people but to capture them. Maybe as dead they are worthless to the virus, because they couldn’t be easily consumed to become bio-mass collected by Matriarchs and other such creatures. So new strain is for capture. And additionally Lisa has inherent resistance. :wink:

I wouldn’t count on that. They were superior race and we were like apes… But on the other hand… They were fighting with extinction, so who knows. Matriarchs act like they were from that old race of Hominids - from the more brutal faction aligned with PV. So maybe the opposing faction also survived in some way and was determined to do anything to accomplish that.

Allen has intimated that the subject numbers used by NJ in Briefing #3 may refer to the strain of virus being studied.