Theory about the motives of the Aliens

I think it is. Too many ideas sprung on this forum to leave them by. Plus devs would surely want to create something new in this universe and earn few bucks more. Maybe this won’t be X-COM style game, but something similar without strategic layer. Or maybe without tactical turn based layer. Who knows. :wink:

But if paid DLCs will expand first iteration of Phoenix Point long enough then maybe sequel won’t be needed.

I will surely would like at least 2 new games in this universe:

  1. Some RTS starting in ancient world where Nergal was fighting the tide and other civilizations, ending in world war 3, kind of mix or Total War and Age of Empires.
  2. Something like adventure in post-apocalyptic world - maybe combination of Half-Life and The Last of Us but on PC. :wink:

Why not after all ? I’d pay for it haha.

This reminds me of an event in Stellaris, that is often considered to be a nod towards XCOM. Stellaris is a 4X where you play massive stellar empires, and while exploring the Galaxy, you will occasionally find planets inhabited by primitives (between stone age and post nuclear). you can observe them via outposts in orbit around their planet (passive observations, abductions, infiltration and subversion are all possible)

Early space-faring species can sometimes detect your presence/interference and launch a massive project, culminating in a monumental victory where they take down your observation station.

The event indicates they celebrate this great victory … over your unharmed observation post that you built there as an afterthought when your construction ship was passing by, that barely accounts for one hundredth of your assets.

My biggest curiosity now is how the Exalted fits into the ranks of the Pandovirus team.

She arises from the sea in the story, which places her as coming from the same location most of the horrors emanate from. She also appears to be able to call the mutants away from the others. The Disciples infect people and, once weakened, remove an infected part which removes the call of the sea, but instead replaces it with the Exalted’s call.

This, to be blunt, feels like a rival Old Ones are fighting for dominance. Is she simply trying to fight against another, similar and stronger, being? She would be using humanity as a weapon to do so.

I am just glad this virus did not trigger living dead or neonazi zombies, that really became boring. Loved it in RCW.
For our game, I am glad completely new background is created. It was about time, too :slight_smile:

I believe Julian mentioned he wanted to make PP a franchise. If the game does well, and I hope it does, sequels are very likely :smiley:


Well it’s always good to know that they have a long term plan ! I believe in them and I’ll back’em up as much as I can !


That sounds pretty much like what happens between Christians, Muslims and Jews in a lot of places. They are based on the same belief but diverged at some point. Why can’t that be possible for the old cult?

What if there is no great plan other than symbiosis? Maybe humans are to the virus what aphids are to ants.
However the individuality of humans gets in the way and must therefor be diminished to make them available.

I also like the Gaia idea or generally the living planet. The virus and the dead god are already here for a long time. They awake from hibernation now (and did so previously) because their planet is in danger. This sounds a bit like the Reapers from Mass Effect. But instead of preserving the human race the virus is preserving the planet and the biological diversity. (It does try to improve life forms, not just kill them)

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Pardon my ignorance, but which planet do you refer to? Earth or Yuggoth? Cause the virus wouldn’t care about protecting Earth, it came from Yuggoth. Now, the Dead God, we don’t know wot’s up with him yet, I think ;o

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I was referring to earth. And it may very well be that the virus doesn’t care about earth. However it seems that it does need hosts and water. And since humans are destroying the oceans and the biodiversity it seems plausible that this is causing the attacks.


Hmm, good point. However, in “Tomb of the Phoenix” it’s mentioned that the virus tried to consume the ancient civilization, which didn’t have global warming or environmental destruction (at least that’s not what the story said). Thus, I think the virus just wants to consume and doesn’t really care about the health of the planet itself.


I wonder if Matriarch from lore is the Crab Queen from the game? Or maybe those are different beings? Or maybe she can be more human like in Soulstealing (she entered through balcony doors without destroying walls :thinking: ) and other times giant monster like Crab Queen. Or maybe she is both those creatures but she is more human when immature and become a queen when she consumes enough writers. :wink:

If the Matriarch is Crab Queen I wonder if we will see her ability to input parasite in the human being like in Soulstealing. And if there will be way to save such human being from his miserable future - maybe using Disciples technology? Question if the damage is not too great - the hole in chest is quite big injury I would say.

I also wonder about this fragment:


  • Matriarch is the Master? And her ancestor have build the garden?
  • Or Matriarch is the ancestor of the Master? And she have build this garden?

If she is ancestor of the Master, then who is the Master? Some lower level ranking commander in Pandoravirus army?

And I just realized that society in Fragments of Knowing are actually servants to PV not the Disciples of Anu.

And it looks like the Matriarchs are some descendants of the old race which saw beginning of human race.

Why do they need a motive?