The Dead God : Just a Theory

Good Day everyone !

As some of you may have noticed already, I am mhhh… obsessed (or so my psychiatrist says) about the Dead God or rather Wormwood which started it all.

(Before further explanations, I have to say that this theory is based on an IRL investigation but that it can very well be considered as formulated from an In Game point of view… For most part)

What’s happened on Earth :

  • Wormwood fell in the Ocean
  • An ancient race firmly decided to destroy humanity was wiped trying to fight it but still manage to “make it sleep” for a while, thuse saving the rest of the other living races
  • Strange events happen : people have dreams where they see an entity beckoning to them (sometimes scaring the shit out of them / killing them)
  • Strange creatures appear
  • Cultists are merged together
  • Most people die a horrible death thanks to the Mist (some of them walked willfully into the waters and some are just killed by what comes out of it)
  • People die again thanks to Mist 2.0

What I, as someone who never had those dreams, learned from different legends :

  • In the Book of Revelation (Old testament I believe), Wormwood is depicted as a star of divine provenance who fell into the water and made it bitter, thus causing many death.

  • Yuggoth is a name given to the planet Pluto by a famous author (who might have got some weird dreams if you ask me…). DOE seem to belive Wormwood comes from this planet.

  • In the universe depicted by this author, a powerfull being is exiled from this planet and send to Earth where he shall sleeps, traped in an underwater prison seeled by a race known as the ancients.

  • This being is so powerfull that his very psychic presence is enough to cause dreams to surronding beings even when he’s asleep.

  • Many theories exist regarding the means to awaken him :

           1. Alignement of the Stars (What would be the point of manipulating humans then ?)
           2. Unsealing his prison (may be it requires the Ancients Strenght or may be a loooooooooot 
               of other beings can succeed)
           3. Feeding it (either with minds and flesh)

Now, I know we could go deeper but you guys ain’t no philosophy lecturer about to crush me for staying on the surface of things… I guess.

Well, my theory about The Dead God is the following :
It’s not an invasion, it’s not a virus. It is a being bannished from his land who was sent on Earth as a punishment. May be they knew our specie is specialized in destruction and it was actualy a death sentence… Who knows ? Anyway, I believe that there might be a chance that the Dead God is trying to make the best out of the situation by manipulating its environment either to survive or to seek revenge on the long run.
Also it is possible that the Ancients woke him when he arrived and had to sacrifice themselves to put him back to sleep.

The objective of this topic is not for me to brag about a theory, it is to seek help from everyone to make it better. Anyone is up for it ?

Thank you for your time and attention.


Only Xcom related one was in TFD where “Alien Horror” has to be destroyed’leth

Surely a Fireaxis reboot has both original and crossover idea of alien as life form creator,
as mix of TFDs ending and xcom 1994 Cydonias Alien Brain

Cool theorycrafting! One thing, though, in “Tomb of the Phoenix” they mention that the hominid precursor race was split into two factions, one that wanted to destroy humanity and one that wanted to preserve and safeguard the other unevolved proto-human species. When the Pandora Virus first attacked, the “good guy” hominids fought it while the “bad” imperialist hominids embraced it.


Important detail indeed ! I didn’t remember the bad hominids as DOA like fellas.

To me, it shows that if Wormwood is actually a sort of prison cell, the being inside of it has to be dormant. Otherwise I don’t see how a minor part of the hominids population could have prevail against their pairs and a godlike mastodont.

The virus theory just sounds way too easy to me… Why would an already over advanced population (actually they are proud of their race) accept to embrace such alterations ?

It is said that men only accept to bow before the ones that overpower them. May be the same can be said about them ?

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According to the story (

The imperialist faction, defeated but not gone, seized upon this, claiming Yuggoth was the home of the gods, and the star that fell from the sky a warning that they were on the wrong path. Some took this further, claiming that the gods had sent them a way of ascending, of becoming more than the inferior beings who had failed to conquer the primitives. They embraced the transformation, becoming abominations that wreaked havoc upon their fellow hominids.


@rasvoja I think the TFD theory might be the right one !

@Gunlord500 thank you so much for filling the gaps ! I’m tired ATM and can’t always re-read every peace of lore so you did me a favor I guess ! :sweat_smile:

Hopefully the next briefing will help us go further !