Synedrions past

Warning: Long Post.

I understand that there is a fine line between creating an interesting game, and creating a believable back story, and I think that factions involved will allow for a diverse and interesting play style.

To start with, it felt as if the Anu Crew felt like the least believable back story, but the religious bent and embracing the power of Mutations. . . I can definatly imagine this being a coping mechanism for some of the population when faced with something overwhelmingly powerful. Humans are surprisingly frail when compared to other animals. . . Only our brains made us the top of the food chain.

NJ is a typical reaction to an invading force, and it would be surprising if there was no attempt to eradicate the threat by an equal and opposite force.

Phoenix Point and Synedrions seem to be somewhat aligned, in that they both seem to be taking a Scientific approach, but it is unclear as to what they want the endgame is.

PP has been preparing for a long time, but seems ultimately want the Mist gone to make the world a little bit safer. Synedrion seems to want to coexist with the most and this is something that really bothers me.

Why? A virus is aggressively eradicating it’s enemies, usurping the population for its own purpose, and a group of people believe that they can coexist with this threat? If Synedrion believe there is a chance to coexist, how did they come to this conclusion? Did they broker a deal with the Mist? Live and let live? Does the mist have a purpose other than eradicating life on earth.

I’m really looking forward to the next briefings that expand on PP and Synedrion, and hope they clear some thing up.

The views of Synedrion’s leaders were heavily shaped by the events of World War III and the failure of the world’s governments to successfully combat the virus, as show in the stories “The Second Step” and “Towards Freedom”. Following the government collapses, Synedrion simply realized that it’s just not a worthwhile endeavor to kill a dozen aliens if it means killing humanity to do it.

“Coexistence” to Synedrion simply means building a civilization that can sustain itself and humanity in this brave new alien world, in an eco-friendly way. They view the aliens and the mist as just new elements to our ecosystem, not an enemy to defeat, much like how we view tigers and bears, dangerous creatures whom we sometimes have to kill yes… But ultimately part of our ecology. The story “Synedrion” helps illustrate this.

To accomplish the mission of coexistence, Synedrion deploys “Mist-repellent systems” and other high tech defenses to protect their havens from alien attacks.

Where the Phoenix Project and Synedrion don’t see eye-to-eye is on their perception of the alien virus. Synedrion believes it to be a waste of time attempting to destroy the virus while the Phoenix Projects ultimate goal is to find a solution to it, whether it be a cure/complete destruction/controling the virus/ect.
Which means if the player wants access to Synedrion technology, not only do you have to defend them in case of an attack, but you also have to be careful that they don’t see you as “regressive” to their goal of a new ecological utopia.


From what I understand Synedrions sounds like they basically want an “Attack on Titan” scenario, where they can build safe havens and communities that at the sametime can withstand the virus and basically live in piece, probably figuring that not bothering the virus will possibly also leave them alone.

Are these part of the briefings or are they in the archives?

they are in the archives. Here are the direct links

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God, I need to know what happened to Sophia! Also read the story behind peanuts’ eau de fart.