So, what about the Yoggoth?

First off - Yay, first poster in the Lore section! Feels amazing, really. But on a serious note, I, like I presume many here, also am a fan of the SCP wiki and those projects. I wonder, could we get some serious analysis on what the Phoenix Project’s missions were, and why was it openly revealed for the UN? Also, I really enjoy the lovecraftian aspects about the whole story, and the fact that this came to us from a meteorite from Yoggoth, and how Disciples of Anu (hello Sirius guys from Apoc) actually worship it, hinting on their possible “victory” ending…but of all the factions, the New Jericho guys seem to be…well, painted as a bit too evil, really. It would seem strange, that the Phoenix guys, who are also a paramilitary organisation, would look down on them. Then again, I can’t wait to dig through the game’s ufopaedia. Preordering the game early may, I hope it’ll get me access to the backer’s build as well.

To me the problem seems like that NJ “just” wants to destroy Pandora without actually understanding it, as long as they can eliminate it they are cool with not getting more knowledge.
PP was originally less military and more “scientific” organization, they “just” have to become more military oriented due to the “small” threat humanity faces, but still want to know about Pandora more and more, leaving knowledge for humanity if they needed it again for some reason.

If you pre-order it on a sufficient level (Luxury Digital++), you will get access to the early build(s), and I doubt doing that “later” will cause a huge problem with that (as long as the pre-order is still available, that is). You may have to be added to the “list” manually (I don’t know how will they organize it, players coming from Fig/Crowdox and xsolla), but that should be maximum just a few days delay ideally.

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A big thing about NJ is that they believe in old-world logic when the Earth- well, it isn’t the old world anymore. They’re not evil. They just wanna blow stuff up and bring unification to humanity by robots and guns and all that, you feel? The Disciples don’t really worship the meteorite itself (the meteorite could be called ‘Wormwood,’ which is part of the Book of Tribulations from the Gospel of the Exalted) but the Exalted who communes/relays/does something(???) with information from the Dead God. And, if the vision from “Far Out There” means anything, then the Dead God is from Yuggoth.

Lore is cool, man. Lore is really cool.

Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh {toss grenade} Cthulhu R’lyeh {toss grenade} wgah’nagl fhtagn.

I see your cultist and raise you another one. There is a differing Eldger God my faction serves… :wink:

Next playthru, it will be Brother Maynard, and the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9-21… (though we may skip a bit)