Lost science of ancient ones as remedy for the virus


I wonder if winning the game just with our efforts (not signing with any faction) would require us to find some tombs or temples of the ancient race which had once repelled PV. Will we have missions all over the world to enter their buried cities?


Sounds like great dlc material!


Those might be very cool story-important missions :smiley:


I would say it’s more likely to be something incomplete. Like we might find their research or a not fully functional prototype, but if they had a proper cure then they probably wouldn’t have been wiped out. Kind of like the Mass Effect 3 that could stop the Reapers but was never completed by previous civilizations.


In the lore the didn’t have a cure. They could only poison themselves to give future homonids a chance


Which sounds akin to how ancient humans defeated the Flood in the Halo universe. Likewise such research could lead to a “cure” of some sort even if they didn’t get there. For example if we were to take the poisoning but instead come up with a way that severs or poisons the connection with the Hive Mind so that it can’t control people. Thus it’s not a true cure but it still lets those infected remain as people as opposed to puppets.


what do you guys think of the underlaying principle that drives THE SWARM?– if anybody of you happened to have read this absolutely outstanding (German) scifi book (they are currently working on a hollywood-interpretation movie). basically it’s about ancient alien life in the ocean, orchestrating eradication of human life through mutating and controlling several sea animals and mammals – and also the water/streams itself. a little similar to THE ABYSS (movie) but only due to the setting.