Season Pass Clarification

I received an email offering me the opportunity to purchase the season pass. I did that. The activation key I received following the purchase is for the actual current game, Backer Build 5. I obviously already have that. I’m assuming I don’t need to reapply this new activation key in order to be sure I get the Season Pass DLCs as they come out next year?

Thank you for the clarification

The key you have received should just be for the season pass and will be applied to your account for the full game (which you will also get a key for before release).

Thank you for the quick reply! Here is what the key information states:

Download the launcher from the Epic Games Store.
2. Sign up for or sign into your account.
3. In the launcher, click on your username in the bottom left.
4. Select “Redeem Code”.
5. Copy and paste your game key from below.
6. Close and restart your Epic Games Launcher to complete the process.

That’s it! The Phoenix Point Backer Build will now appear in your library.

Well, I already have the Backer Build and did all of the above to get it back in August. Do I now need to repeat the above process in order to be sure the Season Pass will be applied to my account?

It may just be that the text on the email is incorrectly saying “backer build” because they’ve copy/pasted the text from the backer build one. You should attempt to redeem the code sent to you. If you’ve been sent another code for the backer build, it will not allow you to use it.

Either way, we currently have Xsolla investigating.

OK. I gave that a shot. Epic responded with ‘Sorry, you do not have a prerequisite to fulfill the redemption code’.

Does that mean have to wait until the retail game downloads before the season pass code will work?

Yes, I believe so. The season pass will only be able to redeem once the game is showing on the account

OK. Thanks. I’ll give it another shot in December after the game downloads.

Sooooo, I just bought the season pass bc I got the discount coupon but I bought the platinum (2nd one) around january thus meaning I wasted my money?

Please contact Xsolla support and you can get them to issue a refund.

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Cool, I’ll ask them. Glad that I do apply to the free season pass :smiley:

Ok… did that!!! and here is what went down - not HAPPY! I just catted online with xsolla and here is the conversation:

Me: Hi

I just worked out that I actually paid more for the same thing (as a backer).

If I had of waited and not been a backer I could have gotten EXACTLY what I have now for £63.99 for the same edition and season pass!

What I paid was £15.99 (season Pass with bonus code) + £52.49 (Platinum Addition same as your Ultra Edition) = £68.48 which is a backer penalty of £4.49

I know it is not much but I was under the impression you actually liked the backers?

So is it possible to get the difference back? I don’t mind paying for the game but I do not want to pay more as someone who actually supported the development, thanks!

Just a moment…

Me: Email:


Me: hi…:slight_smile:

Daria: What difference do you mean?

Me: as listed above…:slight_smile: did it show up?

the £4.49

Daria: If you mean the difference between the prices of different combination, no you cannot refund it

Me: NO I mean the price of the game! I paid as a backer £68.48 and the now they are selling the same thing for £63.99 making a difference (penalty) of £4.49

Daria: So, no, it’s impossible because you bought it earlier for the other price

SO basically it does not pay AT ALL to support development, lesson learned thanks!

And another lesson is that never deal with xsolla, they don’t deserve any money.

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I am hoping the developers will step in here! It is not the £4.49 so much as the attitude that is getting me twisted up! It seems only some of the backers get a “bonus” for their support (free season pass) while others who also supported it but after some selected date get a poke in the eye with a blunt stick as a thank you! Even with the discount code I still paid more than someone who just waited! Seriously unhappy right now, again it is not the money, but the treatment! But I would like the £4.49 back as well…

And the earliest backers are not that better off, they can’t upgrade their pledges, 'cos xsolla… and they couldn’t solve that “problem” for years… trash company, never deal with them…


This is simply incorrect. You are not counting access to Backer Beta which doesn’t come with Ultra Edition.

There is no “penalty”. Season Pass wasn’t available for sale before games release, and as a backer you knew there will be content post launch to pay for. On the other hand there were fan goodies you could get to support the game (name in the game, access to backer builds etc).

If anything it is really nice of Snapshot to give away season pass discounts for people to not be to pissed about others getting it for free. Seems to me like you got a deal, paying only £5 extra for BB.

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No I bought the PLATINUM edition which has the SAME content! My point being if I had waited and NOT supported the game then I would have been in front END OF, it is that simple! There is NO “goodies” that I can see making it worth the difference every one gets it! And who wants their name in the game anyway when you can name your characters? Anyway it is just disappointing about the price as I paid a lot (did not get the base game) I do love the game and have no complaints about that anyway, just disappointing that those who backed it before a certain date get free season pass and some don’t still not sure why that is, PLUS YOU PAY MORE than those who didn’t… go figure that one!!! Either you back it or you didn’t? I didn’t know bout it until the time I bought it, just seems odd to me and unfair!

Platinum edition included:

  1. Base game
  2. Items Alien gun and Chittin armor
  3. Access to early access (backer builds)

Number 3) was exclusive to pre-retail packages, which launched on November 8th. That is what you purchased, and that is why you can play an early build of the game right now. That is a backer goodie I was talking about. You get access to early build of the game, before the release on December 3rd. That is not being available for sale today, and it is not available for people who didn’t pay premium price (like myself - mostly due to inability to increase my pledge after fig campaign ended tue to technical reasons).

If access to early build isn’t attractive to you, and you are just interested in finished content, then yes you invested your money poorly. But it’s not unfair, you just bought a wrong package for yourself.

Such packages are popular among crowd funded content, as fans like to contribute and be a part in the game - naming locations, NPC, adding your face/name to the roster, following development of the game and giving feedback are all things which die-hard fans want.

It is not unfair. None of us expecting DLCs to be given for free. However, up to March 12ve, 2019 Phoenix Point was expected to release on Steam and GOG. On that date it was announced that Phoenix Point will be an Epic Games exclusive which was a breach of promise to people who bought the game up to this point. As a recompense Snapshot promised to provide an extra key for platform players originally wanted their PP on after the year of Epic exclusivity is over, and a year worth of DLC on top of that (Epic deal guaranteed stability for Snapshot and safe development and support of the game post release. It is a nice gesture to “share” this investment with the backers, who didn’t expect to be chained to this platform).

As every sale after that was with knowledge that the key will be for Epic, this offer doesn’t extend to sales after March 12th.

People who pre-ordered before retail packages were released, were granted 33% vourcher keys for season pass, which is generous, essencially granting you discount similar to the lower price you paid for the base game at the time of purchase.

What those extra 5 quid gave you, is the ability to play Backer Beta5 right now. It is something you might not value, but that is what you bought, knowingly or not.

Ok…but WHY is the game still MORE EXPENSIVE even after the “bonus” then if you bought it now that is just well… rude!

You say I get the “privilege” (goodies) of using the backer build… don’t make me laugh! It is a bug riddled system crashing mess most of the time! I don’t mind and I knew that when I bought it, I just wanted to help debug it and have some fun along the way! But to be charged EXTRA for that “privilege” is just rude! Sorry! no argument you can give here will ever be enough to show why I MUST pay more than someone who gets the end product working well after my help in debugging it and I put in over 100 hours of work on it! But instead of a “gee thanks for helping us improve and strengthen our program” I get ok… you can have it at EXTRA cost! That my friend is Franky BULL S@it… Sorry!

And there are people who wanted to pay for that “privilege”, but couldn’t… that’s more rude :stuck_out_tongue: