Epic Games / Season Pass

Hi, I purchased Phoenix Point from you guys and used the Activation code in EPIC. I paid the $60 version I think, the higher end per-purchase option. I have played using my Epic launcher. I saw the season pass and I attempted to buy it, before I learned you are giving it free, and it said I did not have the prerequisite require. I assume this mean Epic does not acknowledge the game. I have received updates on it so I am not sure why it is doing this.

My question is: How do I get the free pass and prove my purchase. There has to be a record and I do have the “CD/Digital Activation Code”. Please provide a way for me to work this out.

Thank you.

Hi Serin,

The keys for the full game haven’t been sent out yet. The Backer Build is counted as a different product on the Epic store - so you won’t be able to redeem the season pass key until you’ve redeemed the full game key.

The season pass is only free on orders before March 12th 2019. Those people will be sent a key automatically with their game key before the launch.