Platinum Backer - Where's my DLC?

Hey there, I used my Platinum edition code when I originally activated the game at launch, but the DLC is not activated nor downloaded and my only option is to buy it. What gives? My impression was Platinum included the Season Pass!

The only edition which includes the season pass in the Ultra Edition.

It was also supplied to those who purchased the game before we moved to the Epic Games exclusivity (March 12th 2019).

So what exactly was a platinum backer supposed to get?

The Platinum Edition includes:

The Base Game
Alien Living Weapons and Chitin Armor DLC
Early Access
Digital Art Book
Digital Soundtrack
Digital eBook “The Compendium”
Digital Manual

Same problem, got the ultra edition with season pass, but i need to buy the DLC?

Are you running the game from the Epic Games’ Launcher? When was your date of purchase?

like early 2019. played backer build and all. “Even got oops sorry mail we did something wrong, you get your season pass, feel free to give the 5 dollar off coupon to friends” mail…

And yes i tried it both ways, on both the DLC just says available and need to be purchased…

If your purchase was in early 2019, it couldn’t have been the Ultra Edition, which only went on sale on November 29th. That’s the only edition that includes the season pass.

If your purchase was made before March 12th 2019, then you should have received an Ultra Edition key at release (which unlocks the game and the DLC). If your purchase was after March 12th, then the season pass wouldn’t be included.

2nd of may 2019, just looked back in my mail…

|Greetings, Phoenix Point Backer!

We have been getting some questions about the Coupon Code for a discount on the Season Pass for Phoenix Point that we emailed out today. We want to clear this up.

If you backed Phoenix Point prior to March 12, 2019, you are getting the Season Pass (all 5 DLCs!) free. You may have also received a coupon code for a discount on the Season Pass. This was an error on our part, but the good news is that these codes are totally transferrable. Please do not redeem these yourself , but feel free to give them to a friend who can use the discount for a purchase of the Season Pass.

Thanks and see you on the Geoscape!

The Phoenix Point Team|

Then this is correct. You purchase was after March 12th (when the game was already an Epic Games Exclusive), so does not have a season pass.

Then this is correct. You purchase was after March 12th (when the game was already an Epic Games Exclusive), so does not have a season pass.

Wait what? So because I purchased two weeks after March 12th, I don’t get the DLC? I got the Ultra edition… This doesn’t make sense. I spent 80 dollars. Right now, If I spend 80 dollars in the epic store, I also get the season pass (if the button to buy was available). Why would I not get the season passes? You say the Ultra Edition was not available after the 12th, but I definitely purchased it. Here is the proof:

So why exactly do I not get the things promised just because the purchase was made after the 12th?

Firstly, the Ultra Edition on went on sale on November 29th 2019. We didn’t have a season pass before then. You must have purchased the Signature Edition, which was $80 at the time.

When we first crowdfunded Phoenix Point, we (and our customers) were expecting a release on Steam and GOG. We announced on March 12th 2019 that we had entered into an Epic Games exclusivity arrangement. As a form of compensation to those backers who had made a purchase expecting Steam/GOG, we initially said they would get the first year of DLC for free. When we introduced the season pass in November, we changed “the first year of DLC” to the season pass, as it made more sense.

If you pre-ordered in May, the game was already advertised as being an Epic Games exclusive.

The $80 Signature Edition (which I’m assuming is the one your purchased) contained early access and the ability to add a name to the soldier roster (a backer perk carried over from crowdfunding).

While the Ultra Edition is at the same price point, it doesn’t include early access and it didn’t include naming a soldier. The season pass was added to replace those for the post-release packages.

EDIT: Just took another look at the screenshot that you shared. You can see the edition right at the top. “Signature Edition”.

Oh ok. The “mix and match” name and same price point threw me off then. Interesting. Thanks for the quick response.