Backing Phoenix Point - Free Season Pass

I’m not sure when I backed Phoenix Point, I’m pretty sure that it was at least November of last year (given that I posted a megathread discussing BB3), but I’m not 100% sure

Is there any way to confirm?


your receipt will tell you. It’ll be from Xsolla

I got my code and followed the instructions entered the code and it told me I did not have the “Prerequisite to fulfill the code” ?


I just worked out that I actually paid more for the same thing (as a backer).

If I had of waited and not been a backer I could have gotten EXACTLY what I have now for £63.99 for the same edition and season pass!

What I paid was £15.99 (season Pass with bonus code) + £52.49 (Platinum Addition same as your Ultra Edition) = £68.48 which is a backer penalty of £4.49

I know it is not much but I was under the impression you actually liked the backers?

Sorry very disappointed here!