Season Pass - discout offer

Hello there,

Me received email offering purchase season pass.
Previously me had it backerbuild not remember if that was base version or deluxe.

after me recieved redeem code me had it message:

“Unfortunately, you do not meet the prerequisites to redeem the access code.” translated by google but that pretty accuracy translation.

What’s next me should do? Did I waste my money? :wink:

Nvm. Found it another mail.

“If you backed Phoenix Point prior to March 12, 2019, you are getting the Season Pass (all 5 DLCs!) free

That’s mean now me must get it refund :wink:

Yes, backers from before Epic exclusivity deal was announced will receive season pass for free.

Both keys will be sent to backers close to release.

You couldn’t redeem the SP key you bought because you need the base game redeemed first.