When will the 2nd DLC be available, please?

The backers who supported you early on with the founders edition (or whatever it’s called), are supposed to get all the future DLC. Well, the second DLC is way late now. What is going on, please?

When will the 2nd DLC be availble, please? We paid and supported you folks so we could get these five DLCs. But, apparently you are very slow and have no idea how to balance your game or when the 2nd DLC will be available.

Please let us know when we can expect the 2nd DLC content. Thank you!

*No, only the first year of DLC (which was later upgraded to the season pass content, meaning the first 5 DLC instead of the first 3).

*It’s not late. It was never given a release date.

*We haven’t announced the release date at this time, but it should be releasing within a couple of months.

*The DLC’s were included for free, after the fact.

*We’ve already released one DLC and several updates to the game adding more content. We have more on the way and we’re constantly working on balance.

*We will be making an announcement closer to release with the exact date.


Unstable Voltage person - according to this timeline https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/01/03/phoenix-point-dlc-roadmap-blood-and-titanium-legacy-of-the-ancients-and-festering-skies-dlc/, the 2nd DLC was supposed to be released around April. Now, it is nowhere near an April release. So, please don’t tell us there was no release time announced, because there was.

It’s late, and that’s a fact.

Thank you for responding and being a proponent of this game. I was just hoping the DLC would stay on track. But apparently that’s not going to happen.


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Rock Paper Shotgun is a 3rd party and not an official source of our release dates.

A website saw some dates on placeholder artwork for the DLCs and reported them as release dates.

We have never officially announced release dates for these DLCs.


You have noticed that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic right now, haven’t you?

Now, tbh, I would have been surprised if the DLC had come out on schedule anyway, because even in the best organised media companies schedules slip all the time.

But as things currently stand, no-one in the world is meeting their deadlines.


Yes, I’ve noticed. I’m sure that has an effect on development, but there are MANY developers who are pumping out updates, fixes, and DLC just like normal. Every day when I boot up Steam, I am getting game updates and seeing new content.

So, lots of other developers are meeting their deadlines.

Again. No timeline for DLCs was given. Dates that RPS reported on where taken from artwork, which was promptly removed. Sloppy on part of Snapshot - they should have double check what artwork they upload on Epic, but those are not announced DLC releases.

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Do you compare their announced and real dates or you just throw assumptions that all (oh excuse me - lots of) developers meet deadlines?

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It was a reply to the comment that no-one in the world is meeting their deadlines.

It doesn’t matter. Does he know how many developers meet their deadlines? What is the proportion of those who meet to those who don’t? Seeing multitude of water in the ocean is something else than watching single drops.

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It does matter in the context of the statement “no-one in the world is meeting their deadlines”. You don’t need to know the proportion to refute this.

But it doesn’t have to apply to Snapshot Games which is main argument here.

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Thank you, CardboardMike.

OK, so not ‘no-one’, but simply write ‘DLC delayed’ into a search engine and see how many (pretty big) companies have delayed their DLC because of the pandemic.

Tbh, I’d rather Snapshot got the balance of the base game right before complicating it with more DLC.

So far, I have to say, the Derleth patch has redressed the balance quite well, but there are still occasions where the Gods of RNG throw a chaos bomb into the mix and screw with the otherwise fairly well-balanced progression curve. I’ve just had one of @mcarver2000 's ‘multiple Siren’ moments that forced me to Restart the mission or face writing off the entire campaign - something which I very rarely do.

How difficult is it to add a line of code that slaps the RNG around the face whenever it decides to play naughty and says: “Now, now, three bunched Sirens all at once against a bunch of Lvl4s on Veteran. Let’s play nice and take that down to 2, shall we?” I beat them second time around, but it was hairy and most of the squad hobbled out on crutches. :smirk:


Ok this DLC thing is going on like that ummmm Anthem game where DLC is promised and told that it will “come out in a few months” and it really doesn’t or it takes forever. So I am really not holding my breath for the DLC that will not arrive. Though people will tell you that it is being held up by the global pandemic and that is the reason for the hold up…ok… I just don’t like the smoke screen and the searing thought that what I paid for wont come out.

So you basically say that DLC is not coming out? Forever for you is like 4 or 5 months?


We need the existing bugs fixed FIRST, before there’s even a whisper about DLC.

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You must have an almost limitless reserve of patience.
I applaud your response to a message which could have easily been interpreted as antagonistic.
Well done.


No it is just the fact that every time the question is asked the same answer is given. “It is coming out soon” or, “it will be out in a few months” and those was the same answers that People got from other games that were promised DLC but never delivered. I am not being antagonistic but I am driving a point because this is the same set of values and you are expecting us to “sip the Kool-aid” without any proof. Then there is the bug issue… honestly that is not my problem. You released a product to get it to market and you let people do your final product testing for you. I don’t argue with you on deva using this as a means to get things done as many industries do it this way all the time but don’t hide behind it. Own it!

As a person in Community Council I can say that devs definitely work on DLC and on smaller updates. :slight_smile: At least 2 next patches are in progress, and at least one DLC. It is hard to guess when they will be released as it definitely need more work than previous buggy patches. But to be true I don’t expect those next to be bug free.

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