What's the Point of a Company Forum if

…nobody from the company ever responds to any of the posts or ideas?

We respond to posts all the time. That said, there are literally scores of posts and hundreds (sometimes more than a thousand) comments and replies daily - many of which cover the same points over and over. We can’t respond to all of them.


I’d rather they lurk and take notes than backpat or engage. Time best spent elsewhere.

Besides the threads and posts are so contradictory what is there to even respond to.


UV, no offense, but just scan the last 20 posts. Before release lots of devs et al were commenting. Even JG would occasionally pop in. But the silence is shocking since release.

And not that I don’t understand that everyone would be busy. And not that I don’t understand that know no one ever signed a contract that they’d respond to every post and comment. But there’s never so much as: ya, we know the creepiness isn’t there, here’s why or ya, here’s why we designed ARs as we did. It would go so far to just let people know they are being heard.

Am just trying to show a feeling. Maybe it’s just this olde soul. But it sure seems like release there’s been almost complete silence. Just a few comments or design explanations would do wonders. Ya, we didn’t think Dash would be used like that since in our testing…just some sort of comments.

But, ya, I get that life is busy. That doesn’t change how the silence feels.


Now that we’re using Canny (our feedback tool), we’re going to be bringing the community concerns to the design team in weekly meetings. We’ll be discussing which issues we’re going to address (and which ones we’re not) with explanations, and those will be posted on the roadmap which will be generated by Canny.


Now that is true. That will go a long way in helping with this! I agree, and am looking forward to it.

Ok, but if something is obviously a bug it should be fixed regardless of number of votes.

It’s our intention to fix all bugs.

Don’t worry about bug reports in Canny. The most useful bug reports for us are still via the F12 tool in-game. We still collect a list of bugs from Canny, but votes don’t matter.

We actually don’t want to use Canny for bug reports. But, as we knew people would submit them anyway, we added a category for it to keep them separated from other feedback.

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You let the genie out of the bottle :smile:

As I said - people were going to submit bug reports to Canny even if we asked them not to. For that reason, we included a bug category just to keep them separate from everything else. So far every bug that I’ve seen posted to Canny has been reported on the forums or in-game already.

Votes on bug fixes don’t really carry any weight. We aim to fix all bugs, and we certainly prioritise fixing bugs that cause the most disruption to gameplay, and those that affect the widest audience. But, after that, the order of resolution is more complex than which bug got the most votes!

When it comes to suggestions and feature requests, there are already a lot of contradicting submissions. Some of those ideas just aren’t feasible for us to implement, or simply will not mesh with our future plans for features and content. This doesn’t mean that we won’t keep these suggestions in mind - especially if they do make a good point. But I guess what I am saying is, people shouldn’t expect that a suggestion with the most votes is going to get implemented, and even if it did, it may not be 100% in the way that was suggested.

Canny is there to act as a guide and a filter, along with offering us a way to provide feedback and a roadmap to you guys - but it won’t dictate development.


This guy internets.

Thanks for the clarity here UV, looking forward to hearing from the PP team where the game is going next!

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Do you have any estimates when we can see the roadmap?

Not at the moment - but hopefully within the coming weeks.

Before we can really set the roadmap live, we need to get everyone on the development team up to speed with using Canny and start to assign feedback to individual team leads.

It will most likely take a week or two to go through the backlog, start to pad the roadmap out and make sure it has some useful content on there before it goes live.


Good luck (and read :sweat_smile:)

Just a quick question, do you want feedback on wrong translations? I’m always using F12 and type in the correct translation. Is there someone working on it or is it wasted time for me? I don’t have problems to switch to english if not.

Localisation corrections are also planned, but they’re a lower priority than bugs at the moment.

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No problem, that’s fine. :wink:

Glad to hear that :+1:

Of course. I made lot of suggestions, some are upvoted some are not. Also there are many suggestions I don’t agree with.

A few bugfixes posted on the feedback tool have just been marked as in progress for the next patch ‘Miskatonic’ :slight_smile:

@UnstableVoltage can you give any info on why PP was released in the state that it was? I think the lack of information has left a lot of people feeling confused and/or making up their own conclusions.

Was there a contractual obligation with Epic to release at a set date? - This is a question that has come up during forum discussions quite a few times, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has at any point been any sort of official announcement from Snapshot regarding this. Even if just to state that the subject is something that Snapshot can’t comment on would let your community have some feeling of what is happening.