Recruits available in 3 days

Sometimes it’s “Recruits available in 2 days”. That number keeps changing for 10 days now. Never once were there any recruits actually available.

Stuck at 3 days for 5 days now here. As always with this game, its 1 step forward and 2 steps back. BTW, I started a new game and its made no difference.

Aren’t those as replacements for your lost soldiers? So if you haven’t lost one then maybe new recruits doesn’t trigger?

I don’t see the connection between lost soldiers and new recruits in bases.

If you have available space you should get recruits.

I have the same issue, playing Legend, and I don’t get recruits, unless I accept Subjet 24 mission, undefendable, then at that haven I can recruit one soldier, havens around 0 available.

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Maybe there is no space. :smiley:

Btw I think that this feature was meant to easy the game for the player when he lose units. It wasn’t designed to give you plethora of recruit running through every window and doors to fill your ranks.

I don’t need many soldiers, I completed Legend level without problems.

But if I don’t find recruits in havens, I expect this new feature working properly

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That’s not how it was touted. It was a way of providing players with basic Classes throughout the game, even after the Havens have switched to Vehicles and Elite builds.


Just tested it with both old save and starting a new game.

I do get recruits in both. From save after 3 days. And in a new game I refused subject 24, the date is 5.1.2047 and I have 2 recruits in Personnel tab.

EGS version, Legend difficulty

It’s also worth remembering that every 3 days the recruits update and you will receive between 0-3 (so yes, you could be offered 0). But, you should be offered at least 2-3 if you’re low on soldiers.

Day 9 I got first recruits, I accepted the Pure mission.

that makes sense, Day 3 --> 0 , Day 6 --> 0, Day 9 --> 3

Although I don’t know low on soliders meaning, I started with 4

I started a new game as well after the patch. I still haven’t seen a single recruit and the timer still keeps changing between 2 and 3 days. I’ll use the in-game bug report later this day that’s probably more useful to you guys.

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Oh, ok. Well perhaps I just keep getting bad luck. The way it is conveyed is quite confusing and should be improved.

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10 days in and never a recruit. always ‘avail in 3 days’

move your base to more accessible place than being at the top of the Mount Everest - that can help :slight_smile:

Same problem ! seems like the recruits time reset after every mission? was 2 days for me then I did a mission and it goes back to 3 days

I can confirm that.

What’s the point of randomizing it in a way that you can get 0 recruits??? At least make one available at any time.

Cause if there appears some bugs, than you can say: “you have bad luck with 0 recruits” )))

You don’t know if it is completely random. Maybe there is some function which determines if you should receive recruits or not. They just don’t explain exact function, because players don’t have to know exact mechanic.

but we want to know in order to plan in advance strategy, imho