Can't recruit, says no room

I have space in my base 8/9 and all resources but I get the message that I don’t have the room in my base to recruit a soldier but there is.

This is a good scenario where you can use the in-game reporting mechanism (if you didn’t already). If you have a save game where this bug is present, load it up and move in the interface to where the bug takes place then hit “F12”. That’ll send a screenshot, save game file and stuff to the QA team for reproduction which the developers can then work on.

Okay. I will do that. Makes things easier than having to keep coming to the forums to report a bug.

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Yeah, quick and dirty! (and cuts out the middle, middle people) Honestly, I wish more games had this feature. I think it’s great!

I loaded in the game and used the F12 tool. That is one cool way to report bugs.

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Strange I lost a man and it still tells me I have no room for a new soldier, even though nothing has changed on a living space front. Must be a bug.