Why cant I hire some soldiers on havens?

Is there are cooldown when recruiting a soldier or something?
I have enough resources to buy 2-3 soldiers but when I go and FLY to any haven I want none will let me buy the soldier that is available there. On every haven the button for it is greyed out.
Also my diplomacy with the factions is above 50%

You need to fly there to hire them.

That was implied when I wrote “but when I got to any haven I want, none will let me buy the soldier”
Did you even read my post entirely?

No it wasn’t. Going there might also mean scrolling/klicking on it. I am sorry that I tried to help. It wont happen again, Shepherd81.

Ok sorry then. I thought you just read the title and didnt care to read what I wrote.
I edited it so other’s cant misunderstand it aswell.

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Just to be sure, did you have room for them ? (not only in the craft but on your bases?) by default you can only have 8 guys and need to build more quarters in your bases in order to recruit them.

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From my experience there is a cool down. After you buy a soldier the icon gets white. Don’t know how long but no soldier available until icon gets orange.

omg, it might be because my airship is full.
I will check it out. :monkey:

Edit: Yeah it was because the ship was full. Ok it makes sense but come on. Who designs that you have to empty your ship before you go and hire a soldier.

maybe trying closing and restarting the game?

The havens which have recruits have a orange dude next to them. When the icon is greyed out, there is no recruit.
Orange dude with a star = elite guy.
When my manticore is full the recruit will be placed in the closest base next to him. Don’t know why u have to make space on manticore first.
Only reason I cannot recruit is when I have not enough ressources… Maybe check max. space on base as well.

in Backer Build 5 you had to have an open slot in the aircraft to recruit. The Havens didn’t provide delivery service

That part of you about space on manticore makes NO sense to me at all.
I just tested it several times and I can only recruit a soldier if the manticore can host one more soldier.
There is no function that the soldier will be put to my base automatically and I have like 12 free slots on my bases.
I start to really question responses here as so many people report such contradictory stuff or phoenix points has inconsistency in distribution the latest version of its game over their platforms.
Whats your game version nr?

I had a problem where I couldn’t recruit because I didn’t have enough habitation sections in my base. But in the release version I’ve always been able to recruit with a full airship: the soldier just gets ported to the nearest base if that base does have free habitation slots.

Epic Launcher says 1.0.54518