I can't recruit technicians

I suddenly can’t recruit technicians. I mean, I see them on the map, I see them in haven info, I can move to the haven and actually recruit the technician and he disappears from the haven but he doesn’t show up on the manticore or in any of my bases. It doesn’t matter how many open slots I have in the manticore. They just, disappear.

I was able to recruit them, and I am able to recruit them on my machine at work, but the last 2-3 play through tries, on this computer, I’ve had this issue. I can recruit the other special soldiers without issues.

I’ve tried restarts, this is at least the third restart of the game where I can’t recruit them. I’ve verified the game through the epic launcher. Not sure what I should try next other than uninstall and reinstall at this point.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

are you sure it is a technician you are recruiting and not an armadillo?

Yup. Having said that tho, maybe I should pay attention. The popup on mouse hover always talked about technicians. I didn’t know you could even “recruit” armidillo’s. I’ll check that out.

if you recruited an armadillo, it will appear in personnel under the vehicles tab

Well I’ll be dipped in shit. I can’t verify, as I started a new save game, but it sure looks like that’s what happened. Paying attention I’m having no issue anymore.

Boy do I feel stupid. Heh.

Thx man

you’re welcome. The recruit info could be more clear about who and what you are recruiting though. The Armadillos having soldier names in the training facility does not help either

I encountered a similar problem. I only recruit special units. When the special units on the local map are completely replaced by ordinary units, the special units will no longer be refreshed.
I have not seen the game code, I can only guess that there is an upper limit on the number of units that can be recruited on the map at the same time. So if a player recruits a specific unit without insisting on recruiting any other units, this will eventually lead to a certain unit not being refreshed.