Can't recruit soldiers from havens

After installing 1.7.2 I can not recruit soldiers from havens. No one from any haven. Do I need to start new campaign?

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I started new campaign for test, and after opening recruiting protocol it is all right. It seems something was broken in my saves. In 1.7.1 all is working fine.

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Breaking Saved Games has to be one of the most aggravating and annoying Fix ever! :frowning:

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I alson seem not to get any new available recruits from Havens.

I do get and can recruit from Personel tab.

Think I have a big enough roster of soldiers to finish playthrough.

Reported on F12.

I had that too, and while I don’t know how much calendar time passed, there are 2 infiltrators available from synedrion havens now. Perhaps the 1.7.2 patch reset some counter?

There were more changes in there than the release notes mentioned. I don’t see the Arthron Umba as a regular unit, but instead random Arthron’s will have the “tar shadow” status. I don’t know if this is new, but I’ve got Triton Umba as well now :frowning: The Forsaken loadouts have expanded, so now even they may be armed with the Piranha AR for example. The raiders have higher level soldiers, and I’m even seeing NJ on scavenging missions despite being 100% with them.

Same here : no recruits in Havens since 1.7.1, but a lot of new bugs…

I must have a super computer. This is something I have not seen yet, throughout playing. Yes, there are times that recruits don’t appear for a week or so. But then they come back on. Might be a Faction Relation issue, or feature.

I’m “allied” or “aligned” with every Faction so… let’s hope recruitment comes back : I have a new team to complete.

Yes, in a week recruits appear.


Under same conditions below. I have not seen Recruits totally removed from Faction Bases. Not calling him a liar, prevaricator or such either.

Have you checked at Faction Bases that have the Recruit/Training Icons and others? :vulcan_salute:
Keep us posted. They should show up in a Games Week time span.

Allright, it seems I must give more details.
I’ve been playing from BB5, it is I believe my third campaign, this time with all the DLCs and on “Hero” difficulty, beyond the mid-campaign : I’m working on the Domovoy Project, exploring Archeology sites and mines to build super-weapons, trying to capture a Scylla (how do those fit in a Manticore ?)… that kind of things.
Diplomacy wise, I’m locked at 74% with NJ because I’m not giving launch codes to Tobias West, 96% Anu, 100% Synedrion.
All classes unlocked, lots and lots of tech (though my Research is a bit spotty because I only follow the main campaign research objectives when I feel like it, and usually go for new toys I haven’t played with before).
Global population is at 63%.

So I have access to a lot of havens within every factions, and I checked all the world map I have explored and can access, meaning everything but the Southern half of South-America and Antartica (I keep them for dessert, and I like fighting the Pure : they bring me good loot). I looked up a dozen of them manually (Haven Info, etc.) and the rest by icons : those are white (“empty”) everywhere, even in perfectly functionning Elite Training Centers (no damages).
I can still recruit from the Phoenix Project itself, one soldier a day.

It’s been so for at least 3 (in game) days, maybe 4 (couldn’t swear to it). Never had anything like this before last Necromonicon update but, hey, you’re saying a week : let’s see.

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They’re back ! Haven recruits are back !
Not everywhere of course but I was going on to my fifth day without finding a recruit when I noticed two NJ havens offering Heavies. In the next dozen (in game) hours, many NJ, Anu and Synedrion havens had recruits again, mostly “elite” ones.

Now, I don’t have an explanation because the “recruit drought” didn’t really follow any recruiting spree from me, and it happened all over the map, including regions I never recruited from before. My less fuzzy hypothesis is a combination of reaching an invisible step and some RNG weirdness.

Factions may have reached a new threshold for elite production (and I believe those take longer to make) : since I kept the three main factions more or less in synch (diplomacy- and tech-wise), it could have happened across the three factions roughly at the same time. And even if there is some random variance in soldiers’ production, it can some times create a heavy tendancy.
That could explain why most of the newcomers are elite, and why they all appeared within the same day.
I could also be waaaaay off base. Can’t tell for sure. But I’m quite happy.

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So i started new compaign with hotfix 1.7.3. Now in game 19.01.2047. And i see no technician, no infiltrator, no priest. What the heck?!

Maybe too early, they have to research these new classes first and then build their elite training centres.

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But i met them on the missions. I have 50 with NJ and 75 with Syn. They are researched.

Then it is probably simply bad luck. Even with elite training centres there is no guarantee that they “build” only elite classes. That was the case in older versions but they changed it so that you can get the base classes even in later stages of the game (that was an issue before, when all heavens have upgraded to elite training centres). Maybe they tuned it too much in favour for base classes, but you only have to wait, they will come in heavens and also your base when you have the tech.

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Thank you for reply. I will wait.


Tis the Strike of Evil RNG rearing its ugly countenance upon you. :open_mouth:

You may also see them in special missions even though they’re not researched yet, I think. So that could also be a possibility. Indeed waiting a bit more will probably bring some.

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I think it’s a bug. I am allied with Synedrion and aligned with NJ, and they opened for me these classes. I can do all gear for them, but i can’t recruit them. Havens offer only assaults, snipers, heavies and berserkers.

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