Rage burst should be reworked

As of now, the Rage Burst ability of the Heavy has only one use - the immediate destruction of a high priority target. Outside of that it has no other uses apart from killing multiple perfectly lined up enemies.

I believe that Rage Burst should fire in a controllable cone, so you can immediately destroy a Scylla or you can massacre a group of Arthrons, similar to how XCom 2’s ‘Hail of Destruction’ heavy ability worked. What do you think?

Myself I think it’s an OP hole, even more with multi class.

Ammo management is too light to counter balance it.

i think its fine, but ammo loadout for certain weapons should decrease… so Hell Cannon wont fire 6 rounds in rage burst but let say 3, and sniper rifles wont fire 10 rounds either… (let say 5 would be ok…)

of course, that would require all those magazines to decrease in weight to balance it out…

Agreed. But I also think it should only work with automatic weapons. AND with decreased accuracy, meaning rage bursting a Scylla at close range is doable, but not rage sniping a siren.


This is what I have in my mind when I think of a solider performing a rage burst.

Lots of bullets, little accuracy.

I wonder whether Rage Burst should require an additional trigger in order to be performed. i.e. Your guy must have been shot in the previous turn., or maybe it could be something that is set, but will only work in combination with Return Fire - you turn it on at the end of a turn, and you’ll have that solider go into a rage if anybody on your team is attacked during the AI’s turn.

You could even change it into a mission perk - rather than it being set for an individual solder, it could be a once per mission perk that when used means that the whole of your team will go into a rage during their return fire(s) of the AI’s next turn.

About RANGE BURST… This is the first play though I have tried since the 7th of August update, and there is a lot of great stuff done! However, and there is always a however, they have totally destroyed the “Range Burst” feature it is utterly worthless except for an ammo wasting feature! The original did not guarantee a hit but this makes sure you get NOTING! If they do insist on having the “cone” then it should be adjustable like it is in “over watch” as it stands now it is just wasting space and using points and ammo that are hard to come by! Seriously this has totally ruined the concept of it, it is like some mad man just firing shots in random directions which get worse over distance, you have the ability to pick your shots with just about every move but this is a psycho mode, WHY? You have not fixed it you just screwed it up! This feature was one of the main reason I used to prefer the heavy now they have even sucked the joy out of that! PLEASE FIX THIS! Stop trying to make things more harder and useless. Make the cone adjustable but stop this craziness now!

Good to see you back Spagetman :slightly_smiling_face:

I do think new RB can be improved, see here


This is either an exaggeration, or you are not using it right :slightly_smiling_face:

While aiming with the cone you have to “select” the target (so that the borders of the central tile it is on is colored red). You will also see the damage estimate for the target at the health bar on top. This will aim the attack at the centre mass of the target. The chances to hit are actually higher, because the 50% penalty to accuracy is gone, but of course some shots will always miss except very large/clustered targets.

I’ve only had one opportunity to use it using the Hel II cannon. I hit my target so can’t complain. But understandably lots of anno is used. Perhaps using it with range will create some misses. But isn’t this the point? I imagine that you shall have to choose your weapon, range and situation very carefully.

I think it was typically overpowered, but with the right target/s I suspect that it will still be great. Isn’t the problem more that nobody likes change too much? The enemy is currently much easier to defeat. Adjust and adapt. Much of the latest update has forced me to change and improve my tactics and I’m more addicted than before. It’s all an improvement!


I think conceptually it is much better - it actually feels like Burst Rage, not just “shoot 5 times at that same target with a 50% accuracy penalty”.

Also, it does open interesting tactical possibilities that were not available with the previous version (for example, now you can use it with an AR, or SR for that matter, to shoot 2-3 enemies close to each other at fairly long range).

What would help the main issue with this change is being able to adjust the cone like in over watch, you don’t just “rambo” out when you have limited ammo… If it had this adjustable ability it may work better. I used to depend on the old system to help with the huge hit targets as it helped balance it out in tough spots but this has now been totally removed and now it is a lot harder and this game does not need to be ANY harder…