My thoughts on Rage Burst

I don’t think the current changes to Rage Burst do anything to address the real problem with it, which is that it is much more effective with high damage single-shot weapons than burst fire weapons, even more so now with the accuracy penalty.

My thinking is that it should revert to its original mode of operation, i.e. fires off a full magazine, but that it should be removed from the Heavy tree, renamed Full Auto, restricted to AR Rifles and put into the assault tree as a replacement for Rally the Troops. This would make AR Rifles, and the Assault class much more effective than they are currently whilst removing the OP Sniper Rifle/Hel Cannon Rage Burst meta.

It should be replaced in the Heavy tree with a Machine Gun specific suppression ability. In RL combat the role of the machine gun is a support role, they are typically too inaccurate for direct fire and are used for area denial and suppressing enemy fire and movement. A suppression skill that reduced enemy accuracy and movement speed in a conal area in front of the MG but which did little direct damage would be an accurate in game representation of this.

Don’t know, just a comment, Machine Gun isn’t Heavy Machinegun. And nope they aren’t just for supression fire, but also wide mass shooting, a huge alien as Scylla match, Chiron more or less match, and pack of crab should match. But the game machinegun don’t match anything of that, but for close range kill.