So... Rage Burst can no longer cover multiple targets

Finally got Rage Burst - and immediately got my Heavy killed because it doesn’t work the way it used to. She stepped out in front of a cluster of 5 Crabbies, ready to mow them all down… and found she couldn’t sweep her weapon across them all. I Rage Quit and Restarted - which I very rarely do.

Personally, I think it was much better when it was limited to HMGs and you could set a start point and an endpoint to sweep the gun across. This is how Rage Burst should be: a sweep of automatic fire across the field that can take out multiple enemies - and if you want to focus on just one target, you set your start and end points in the same (or very close) spaces.

Limit it to Auto-weapons and make single shot weapons unable to use it. Then it truly represents something that is present on the battlefield today.


If I understand the terminology and English correctly, fast single shots is “Rapid Fire”

reasoning on the topic

The long burst from AR in PUBG are called is a Spray (ability to maintain control, despite to recoil and withdrawal of the muzzle up).
Game slang CS:GO in the russian community

    Spray - long burst, with retention.
    Burst - short burst, usually 2-3 shots.
    Tap - many single shots.
 (Pre fire, Fast Zoom, No Zoom)

But this is shooting from the shoulder, which means with high accuracy. While the Rage Burst in the original is shooting from a hip / offhand with one long burst (by the way where is the accompanying scream :open_mouth: AAAA tatatata AAAA).

I’m not a backer so I don’t know how rage burst worked before, but I like the idea of it working like a sweep of fire for automatic weapons, because it’s cool and because it would make AW more meaningful. I would still keep rage burst as it is for semiautomatic weapons.

I also wonder if in the BBs there were any attempts at implementing suppression effects and how it turned out. i.e. If a target gets hit by >x projectiles (e.g. two bursts from an assault rifle) it suffers negative effects like loss of APs or WPs or can’t use some abilities.

To be clear, I’m one of those who are enjoying the game very much, playing it slowly and in “honest man mode”. I believe there is room for improvement but not that game is completely unbalanced and that everything has to be redone to turn it into a different game.

I’d be for rage burst going back like that on the provision that the damage of heavier weapons that can leverage rage burst is brought down significantly or made even lighter on ammo per clip.

I would suggest making the enemy tougher so that Rage Burst isn’t just a straight up “I win” one move ability like I remember it being in backer builds, but it would create problems for other weapon types just for the sake of giving back a OP ability to one weapon type.

I don’t agree. Don’t make enemies tougher, as they are already too tough so some kind of weapons are completely obsolete because of armour (despite good design).
The problem is that you can get lvl7 and corresponding ‘end game skills’ pretty soon.
At least in my case I can admit why/how. Because of save scumming, and I am not ashame, why? Because alien accuracy is fucked up and I am not afraid of saying that. You can miss almost a perfect shot and I get it. But aliens don’t miss at all. I am being sniped from across the map by tritons. Two perfect headshots from an invisible enemy and my ubersoldier got no chance to react. So reload and again.

So yes, IF you will make enemies more difficult to kill by Rage Burst, you WILL make them IMPOSSIBLE to kill by anything else.
I agree that fighting with ‘heavy’ guys can be fun, so I SHOULD bring a guy with shredding to counteract, but it’s no longer fun when every single enemy got armor and then every single guy got harrower or piranha, because otherwise they can’t do shit. (yes I am talking to you virus and poison weapons)

Might want to read the entire paragraph before quote replying it Kane. :stuck_out_tongue:

No smoke grenades… Multiple explosive Chirons…

I did :slight_smile:
but you said " it would create problems for other weapon types" . But in my opinion it already had happened, and I said why :slight_smile:

I do find this perspective interesting, as it simply doesn’t match with my experience off the game.

Pandas DO miss fairly regularly - I even had one Sniper escape an Ambush Mission because the Sniper Triton missed him 3 times in a row. I wonder if Panda accuracy gets buffed by the dynamic difficulty algorithm?

I tend not to get sniped at from across the map, because I make use of the cover tricks and Perception whenever I can. So, when I advance across a map, I won’t shelter at the corner of a building unless I want to OW, I’ll take one step back from the corner so that Sniper Tritons etc can’t see me. Then I’ll step up to the corner next time round, take my shot, and then step back again. If I can, I’ll then set an OW screen targeted on anything that comes around that corner.

Also, I don’t automatically shoot at the first thing I spot on the map. If the Pandas aren’t already alerted, they won’t start firing at you until you alert them. So I’ll identify the key targets, sit back and set up a Sniper OW screen for them to blunder into. Usually, that means they’ll have used up their AP before they see me and will be one hit down before my turn comes around. Then it’s a case of lobbing grenades from behind total cover for the front guys and the Snipers picking off the most dangerous enemies/weapons from the back.

Doesn’t work all the time, but I’m only averaging around 1 casualty per 2 or 3 missions, which is just about sustainable at the mo.

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To reply to all those asking why I don’t like Sniper Rage Burst:

In its original concept, RB was introduced as that moment in an Arnie Film or ‘Aliens’, when the Marine with the Gatling Gun steps up to the plate and sweeps his weapon in a wide arc with his finger firmly on the trigger, mowing down everything before him. I was glorious, it was perfectly in tune with the theme, and it wasn’t OP because it was reserved for the Gatling Gun which had a limited range.

Rage Burst with a Sniper Rifle gravely disappoints me for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s boringly game-breaking. I’m currently finding Citadel Missions a turkey shoot even without RB’ing my Snipers - if you have Sniper RB they must be stultifyingly boring, since all you have to do is locate the Scylla and take her down with 1 firing action on Turn 1.
  2. It completely breaks immersion. Sniper Rifles are not even semi-automatic weapons - they’re designed to take a deliberate, aimed shot - so being able to pump out round after round until the magazine’s empty just feels totally wrong! And as I’m finding in my playthrough, you don’t need it to win even the hardest of missions (though I haven’t done the Moon Mission or the Final Boss fight yet, so I may rethink that when I get there - please don’t Spoil it for me).

So I refuse to use RB with anything but automatic weapons, as that to me is clearly what the Skill was (or should have been) designed for.


Rage burst is the one perk I’m not convinced about at the moment.

I would like to see it used with HMG and AR as a sweep. I wonder why it was removed? Can any of the backers elucidate (did the developers explain this choice) ? I assume there was some reason for it.

I have used it a couple of times to remove several enemies standing in a straight line with multiple shots from Hel cannon. That was… satisfying))) To kill one Cheron and badly damage another one? Yes please!! If I didn’t do that at the turn 1 I would probably have lost that haven defence mission because I’ve only had a squad of 5 men at that place.

The question then becomes, why can’t RB be used with GL-2? Pull the trigger and release grenades, why not?
And if you reduce the accuracy of each subsequent shot of a single-shot weapon? Who wants to spend ammo, let him spend :smirk:

Sounds neat, but I think sniper rifle (with all of the sniper class buffs for accuracy) is too accurate for this to have a meaningful impact.

My suggestion: make RB unavailable for sniper rifles, keep it available for semiautomatic pistols. That way it can still be used by the sniper class.

Not sure if RB should also be removed for cannon.


You know my thoughts on this. RB should be exclusive to automatic weapons only. I’d even argue for limiting it solely to the Gatling Gun - but only if the Nasties get a proper balancing pass.

The advantage of being able to sweep is that you have the choice (more tactical opportunities).
You can decide to sweep an area when surrounded by Arthrons. But you can also decide to have a very minimal sweep and put all bullets in a bigger target.

And I would definitely remove this ability from sniper weapons (and shotguns). The aim on the sniper rifle assumes you are taking your time to aim right (like a biathlete in standing position). With the recoil they have to refocus on the next target, that’s something they trained and have the reflex for. Now imagine a sniper rifle with real bullets and a big recoil (never tried but not even sure you can shoot it while standing).

In my second play-through I decided to ban sniper rage burst, I’ll see how it goes …

Some pistols do have burst mode

Until try, you don’t understand. Give pure-Heavy sniper rifle and try to activate the RB :upside_down_face:
But the ability will still be effective at point blank range :wink:

I think what he meant is that, snipers have such a good aim, that even decreasing aim for each subsequent shot won’t have a meaningful impact on preventing them from murdering anything.
And Scyllas and Chirons are hard to miss.

Some more cannon rage bursts for you guys:


OK, I know what to show my kids this evening … if they haven’t seen it already.