Sniper rage burst is double too much

I know there is a lot of chat about rage burst being too strong (it is).
With sniper - it’s just doubly ridiculous; You don’t even have to get close to use it.

You have effectively

  • infinite range
  • perfect targetting
  • 1000+ hp one-move

it makes killing the scylla in the pandoran (lair/citadel??) trivial, as well as killing anything else on just about any mission.

just banning rage burst from the sniper rifles would bring a lot of balance - and it would make sense in a story world as well. There is a difference between a weapon you line up carefully to fire between heartbeats and one where you just pull the trigger and hold it down.

alternatively - rage burst could just massively nerf the accuracy. If you’re going to use your sniper rifle like a machine gun - then it’s going to aim like a machine gun.


That’s exactly what I suggested. Bring hard cap to weapon accuracy for all weapons while Rage Bursting, at, say, 10. So that every weapon fired in that mode is as accurate as MG or shotgun.


You could even have some fun with the accuracy cone. Perhaps you get your first shot at regular accuracy - but each succesive shot has a wider cone as you hold down the trigger and lose control of the weapon.

Isn’t already been countered by moving animated slo-mo instead of drop down accuracy since PP use each ballistic hit box for it.