Heavy Rage Burst fail

Just tried to use rage burst on my heavy on a Scylla from 3 tiles away during a haven defense. Preview showed it doing about 70% damage to the thing with a basic Hel Cannon. Both the inner and outer rings on the sight showed it hitting. Had my heavy standing to it’s left side… Then i shot and watched as the first shot connected, the Scylla flinched and the 4 following shots completely missed, putting a rather large dent into the havens generator that i was there to protect… 6th shot hit the Scylla, and in the end my rage burst from 3 tiles away barely scratched the Scylla.

Seems rather broken how enemies can move like that during the players turn and cause shots to miss Happens a lot with sniper fire as well, aim for the right arm with quickshot and show both aiming circles covering it and take the left leg off a triton. Still this rage burst example is the worst i have found… 4 out of 6 shots against an enemy from almost point blank missed it. If this game is turn based enemies dodging our fire ont he first hit or due to idle animations needs to go. Freeze them in place when we zoom in to line up a shot, but also untilt hat shot and any others in the burst actually connect. That or simply remove the aiming circles, not like they show an accurate picture of where the bullet will land as it is.

They added this complexity element I think, I don’t remind it before.

Yeah you need learn what can happen for each enemy type and various enemy orientation. There’s two factors, the animation speed, and for that cannon are disfavored, the animations on hit received for each enemy type.

Yes Scylla can be nasty for that, but it’s because you choose a target moving a lot like the head. Cheron can generate the problem too, and Siren if they worth any RB are the worse.

It’s not broken it’s a RB limit, some more complexity and in some case some more RNG, don’t use RB if you don’t like.

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Snapaim will track the enemy centre, so it can be usefull to mitigate some of the enemy movement, especially for burst weapoons.

It is a feature, please, don’t remove it! :smiley:
I’ve had another issue with Rage Burst once. I’ve been targeting some sort of a horn on a Scylla, but after a couple of shots this horn completely broke off. So the rest of the shots went to the building beside her. After that I’ve always tried to target their abdomens.

I consider it a great way to add an element of uncertainty without needing a dice roll. This is why shooters are taught to aim center mass. Also sounds like it was a great teacher on how to check downrange before firing. Only thing more humorous would’ve been blasting your own soldiers to dust with the misses rather than the generator.

It’s a terrible feature. 3 tiles away and aiming at the torso of a massive target, from the side, and my heavy missed 4 out of 6 rounds… despite the aiming circles showing full hits. If there was some distance involved, or a small target like a sirens horn someone mentioned sure… But to miss something bigger than some buildings while almost point blank?

Ya know, the aiming circles are the substitute for random rolls from other games when you go to shoot something. In xcom you might have a 75% to hit with a sniper, here you can have a small circle showing what is it, 50% chance to hit that exact target and 50% chance to hit the outer ring? To me 50% plus 50% is 100% to hit the target in the crosshairs, not 33% chance to hit the target displayed as 100% chance within the crosshairs. 2 shots out of a burst of 6 from the 100% circle connecting isn’t right. Same with snipers and long range shots… if it shows 100% chance to take off the right arm of a triton why in the world does the game have my sniper lower his gun then snap it back up to take off the left leg? That isn’t an accurate display of where the bullet will hit.

I doubt it’s a feature. If it is one it’s hot garbage. This game is supposed to be less RNG and more determinism. Proper tactics should lead to predictable outcomes. Skill matters yadda yadda. Moving things when the target was clearly inside the reticle obviously doesn’t fit the overarching game design at all.

The real fun is when you try shooting a triton from behind cover. While you are doing your animation thing moving out of cover that shitter might wiggle so that you miss 100% completely and there is nothing you could have done about it other than maybe analyze its movement patterns and use a stop watch … that is absolutely not the type of game play that I have payed for, though.

I hate rage burst and I think it is absolutely OP. I never use it in any of my play through because it feels like cheating. That is no reason to add this kind of RNG to it, though. There has to be another way.

There’s a part of learning to remove the RNG, a Scylla enough short range can be hit with RB 100%. OP just didn’t choose the right body part target. Even long range it’s doable if the target isn’t too much hidden.

The first time it’s a bit surprising but you can learn how manage it better and it gives some penalty to RB, and that is fine.

It’s not about the scylla in particular. It’s about the principle of moving enemies after you triggered the skill in general. This is not an FPS. If you think some sort of aim mini game would be good then surely it can be done better than this.

There’s no fps skill here, just analysis and learning to avoid the RNG. The side step and return fire are also during action. Again don’t use RB if you can’t master it and don’t like that.

Dude …
Again. If I want to analyze shit I go to work. Read the triton example. There are many variables not only the tritons animation timing … also where I shoot from matters.

What do you mean? You don’t want analyze for a tactical game? Common there are other game genres for you.

I mean that it is not the type of game play I expect from an x-com. Analyzing enemy ANIMATIONS. It is a turn based tactical game. Animations are fluff and have NO PLACE influencing the outcome of my shots ! You and one other guy may like it. Everyone else does not.

I repeat: if you think some sort of mini game would be good (i’m all for innovations) then there is a better way to do this than this. Make it actual part of the game and not a glitchy side effect.

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Well that’s your opinion, I have a different opinion. And you didn’t get the case of a soldier of your team moves during RB and intercept some shots lol.

I don’t think you understand what I mean when I say that I’m against it in principle. I don’t have a problem with waiting for the worm to breathe in before shooting in order to increase surface area. I don’t have a problem lining up that scylla rage burst (if I would use such a ability in the first place). Thats no rocket science. What I have a problem with is inconsistency

Have you read the triton example yet ? Because it looks like you have not - or did not understand it. When you shoot from behind cover, you have to wait for your own animation while the enemy animation keeps playing at 100% speed. This is not something you predict without 3rd party analyzing tools and an actual stop watch.

Use RB against Triton? I don’t get it. Yes Triton would have been the worst they sort of hide behind a cover after get a hit, but use RB doesn’t make sense, well if there’s few bullets perhaps.

The point is no way about predicting movements, it’s about predicting what won’t move and how get parts that won’t move.

This works like this at 99 out of 100 times for me. I have had a weird miss with crosshairs covering the target once in a while. It seems it happens when low cover is involved…The shooter just hits the cover instead of the target.
This is actually by design and is mentioned in the loading screen tips/tricks.

About that Rage Burst, i have had cases where the creature (mostly i use RB on Scylla) twitches just the wrong way and i loose some shots into thin air and it doesn’t die.
This twitching is also by design if i’m correct. Can’t recall where, but i think i read about it in some official post.
To me this isn’t something that needs to be changed. It fits in the explanation given for the target reaction to prolonged targeted fire.
In any case, i like it better than a 99% point blank miss in the xcom games.

No the triton was not targeted with rage burst… that was a triton on open ground sort of crouched like they do, it had been walking straight at my sniper nest in this example, so this was a head on shot. My sniper targeted the RIGHT arm, the triton twisted AFTER i had the right arm targeted and hit fire, my sniper lowered his rifle after i clicked fire, sniper raises rifle and takes out the tritons LEFT leg. Again, i aimed for the RIGHT arm, with both circles showing a 100% hit on it, and took off the LEFT leg. Not even on the same side of the body, the idle animation where it wiggles let the thing avoid a shot fired from the front of the target.

The scylla example, this was a shot fired from 3 tiles away, showing 100% hit chance on both targeting circles, aimed center mass. I wasn’t aiming for a small target, this was a large target being targeted at the body from almost point blank. First shot hit perfectly, 4 following shots completely missed with how it wiggled in reaction tot hat first shot, 6th shot hit the big target right where first one did.

I’d get it if i’m trying to snipe a large target at range with an inaccurate weapon, but this wasn’t the case… this was a short range shot that missed simply because my lined up shot, at least lined up with how the game shows it lined up, wasn’t lined up because the scylla apparently just has that fast of reflexes? I’m asking for the game to give a realistic indicator of what will happen when i pull the trigger here. Is this really a 100% hit chance attack doing 70% damage with rage burst, or can the game show how it will actually happen, with this 100% hit chance attack hitting 2 out of 6 times and merely doing 30% damage tot he target? Let the game accurately display what an attack will do, i don’t need to break out a ruler and stopwatch to calculate every aliens reaction to every bullet fired in a burst. If the whole animation thing is going to stay let the game ACCURATELY display what the outcome of a shot will be. Show that rage burst shot as actually doing 30% damage to the target, not the false display of the 70% that it initially showed me. If my sniper lining up on a triton to fire at this right arm means he is really going to hit the left leg then just outright show me that… Don’t force me to try and guestimate what every idle animation or flinch from takign a shot is going to do.

But that’s what PP is about! A game with lot’s of cool features, many of them poorly implemented or not properly explained because of low budget! It doesn’t hold your hand and lets you study it by try and error, through mistakes and frustration sometimes! That’s what makes it cool!
You wanna polished game with everything explained and less unpredictible outcomes? Then XCOM is your choice, but please, leave PP as it is for it has its own charm and is going to become even better if development continues.


My worry and I hope dev will manage it well, PP has a lot of charm, a lot of interesting elements, is a lot of fun, but has a lot of problems. Fix the problems could as well ends break or diminish greatly the charm, I hope not, but I play it in hurry before it changes, if it changes. Despite I dislike so much the UI problems.

I have seen games in path for which fixed version was quite less fun for me.