Rage Burst is completely garbage with Cthulhu (spoiler)

I`m standing 3, yes, THREE, tiles away from the Yuggothan Entity. I RB with a Sniper on him:

ZERO hits. 1 hit in the air, 4 hits on the barrier.

C’mon, don’t fool us, and take this pity of an ability from us. It`s simply a slap in the face, how it is now. I consider never again activating that ability.


Rage Burst ist garbage, its a waste of ammo ebcause 4, if not 5 attacks miss the target. You aim to the ground, not to the target anymore, similar if you use flamethrower


They should remove that ability from the game, instead of pretending giving us something usefull with Level 7.

@Tam: You`re right, my Sniper didn’t aim at the Yuggothan, he shot at the ground and the barrier. What a senseless ability.

I won the last fight completely without RB, because it is now a waste of ammo.

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Does it work with Flamethrower? I don’t think so… but there’s an application that might make sense, spreading fire all about.


Flamethrower is not a direct shot weapon, like grenade launcher, i dont know what kind of weapon a RPG is, since i have never used it. But if you use Rageburst, every weapon acts like flamethrower, so you are most likely miss large targets with long legs.

Rageburst works best agains Siren, because they dont have legs :wink:

A Siren is almost as small as an Arthron. Won`t hit it with Rage-Burst.

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100% agree, it’s unusable now. If we could at least sensibly adjust the height of the aiming, it might be usable, but it’s so hard to tell and even when it says one thing it seems to fire higher.


I had the pleasure to use Rage-burst yesterday my self. I can’t express how pi… I was when I saw the triangle from overwatch and even more after I fired. As of right now it is completely useless ability and I hope that it will be changed ASAP.

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I think the problem is that the conal aiming doesn’t give enough information on what will get hit and what damage it will do. I have tested it with many different weapons (including Sniper Rifles), though not on the final boss. You can get it to hit a target with 2-3 shots, or a bunch of enemies closely packed together, which is what it is intended for, but it feels haphazard and often just doesn’t behave as expected.

I would prefer if the aiming was done in first person mode - same conal attack but allowing height adjustment and better understanding of where the projectiles can go.



When you are in Rage, you have a Point with the highest priority. Thus, this point/ purpose is the center and height of the cone. (I have not seen how the new mechanic works)

It kinda works like that. You aim with the cone but you centre on a target and the height of the burst is adjusted to the target’s centre mass.

I have to experiment more with it, with different enemies and weapons. Last night I tried using RB with a Deceptor on a Chiron some 10 tiles away and the result was entirely satisfactory.

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Deceptor MG is fine , but Hel II Cannon:

However: It should be reworked again. As I wrote: Standin 1 tile away of the last boss and NOT hitting the barn is a shame (for a level 7 soldier).


But unless I’m mistaken, you are not aiming at anything there. You have to select a target so that the burst is adjusted to the height of its centre mass.

Just a question (as I have only tried the new RB a couple of times), is the target(s) in white prior to shooting when you totally miss them?

The target of Rage Burst is marked with a red square. That makes the attack adjust for height of the target.


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Maybe that was a poor example, but I’ve used many times that ability, and you have to get closer if you want effectiveness (also a large enemy:

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As I said, I didn’t try it on the final boss, so I don’t know what happened there. Did you select the Boss as the target as in the video I posted above (so that it was marked with a red square and above you could it’s health bar)?

If you did, it might be that RB is identifying incorrectly the center of mass of the Boss and not adjusting the height of the attack.

It’s a complete garbage now. I’m lucky if I get 1 hit out of 5 in 2 tiles distance

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Hmm, in all these cases it looks to me like you are not picking a target. Have you tried moving the pointer over the target while aiming with the cone?

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