Quick Aim spamfest

I’m not sure if this is a bug, a balancing issue, or an issue of functionality, but my snipers with the Quick Aim ability can spam pistol shots for as long as their Willpower (and ammo) holds out, in one turn. I’m sure others have noticed that by manually re-selecting the character after their turn ends, this is possible.

This may be intended behaviour, but when you have say >20WP and >2 clips, a guy with a Cypher HG becomes a one man army.

Apologies if this is old - scanned down the threads and couldn’t see anything.

@ZeeraCamay it has been featured in many other threads, but as far as I remember not as it’s own subject title.

It’s definitely one of those things that needs balancing, like the dash ability and rapid clearance.

Soon you will get a ‘rapid clearance’ , that will be quite funny.
After that you might be try to connect assaults’ ‘rapid clearance’ with berserkers’ ‘adrenaline rush’, will take Hel and will see that Quick Aim is a booooring.

got a re work of that here:


They also can use Sniper Rifle that he use all ap 1 skills(adrenaline rush) until turn ends. So, Sniper can shoot more damage and more shoot chance(+1~3WP when kill enemies). So, Sniper can give 1170(130x7+130x2) damage on one target or has the same effect as the smashing mace with adrenaline rush.

Any soldier who has assault ability ‘rapid clearance’ has no damage cap at all, if he’s got small aliens around. Even worms. Even eggs. If it’s an assault berserk with ‘adrenaline’ - then you will spend your mana for moving only. Clean whole map by one soldier. Need no help. Probably, only one situation can stop this assault berserker without big rebalance (but few bugs about damage increase and armor break should be fixed anyway) - to stay face to face fith something with 1-2k HP, >30 armor, and nobody around smaller than that .