Vehicles reworked

Seeing your troops brings me a question: is ever a reason for not puting a sniper helmet in every soldier? It seems to be, by far, the only reasonable choice for head protection.

yeah, it is…:grin:
unless you’re reeaally careless, you won’t get often in a situation that needs you to have more armor and the acc bonus is something you’ll need.
even heavy body armor…i only put them on soldiers i want to have jets.
fun fact…if you use boom blast skill while Having Selected Either a GL, Mounted weapon, or Grenade…jump jets cost 1AP less (that is 2), and Rally costs 1 AP (normally it is 2). even if you have a hell 2 cannon or gauss MG in your hand (selected) it won’t work like that…

edit: they did mention giving pandorans the option of targeting body parts, so in the future it might be worthwhile to have headgear with more armor, but for now…not so much…especially as it is helmets themselves that give the best acc boost…so far, NJ Sniper Helmet gives the best armor/accuracy benefit overall (18 armor and +15% accuracy)

PERSONAL SKILLS - skills for the personal skill tree list

having more different types of personal skills could increase the variety of soldiers nicely. with that in mind:

ps. Note Please that all values given are here just for the sake of explanation…not necesearly how i Want It To Be…tyvm X3

pps. when i use the phrase “…or something”, it usually means “i know it can be used for something extra/different as well, but for now this is what came to mind”, just fyi XD

ppps. when a skill says “sniper only” it is meant as the weapon, Not the Class, just fyi

*Weapon Prificiency / Specialization - passive - same as now, allows a soldier to be proficient (acc bonus) or specialized (damage bonus) in a certain weapon. soldiers from specific heavens would have a better chance to know how to wield tech from their faction (a SYN assault with knowledge of crossbows for example…etc…i loled when i got 2 synd soldiers both proficient in the PDV…har, har,…must be the remnants of BB4…still, should be corrected or something X3)

*Matrix Dodge - Will 3 or 4 - a Dash move that automatically attracts enemy overwatch fire. the soldier gains a 25% chance to dodge bullets

*Martial Artist - passive - the soldier makes an automatic counter attack against melee attackers. every counter costs 1 or 2 will, sooo no will no counter

*Jet Tackle - AP/Will as Body Slam, +1 - a body slam using jets…more damage or knock back/down increase…soldier may damage self…maybe…lol

*IAI - Will 2 or 3 (sword technique) - a 1AP-distance-Dash and sword strike (less acc, more damage or something)

*El Kabong - Will 3 or 4 (hammer technique) - similar to IAI, a short dash and a jump&smash

*I, Ninja - Will 3 - throws a shuriken or throving knife at enemy…silent weapon bonus…

*Ora, Ora, Ora!!! - Will 4 (direct fire weapon) - fires a barrage in a cone area. empties half the weapon’s clip (rounded up) and hits everybody (friend and foe) inside said cone AoE

*Deadly Web - Will 5 or 6 (melee weapons only) - attack each adjacent enemy once using currently held melee weapon (works with neuraser)

*Hawk Shot - Will 3 or 4 (snipers only) - soldier must be on higher ground than the target. increased damage, maybe insta-bodypart-disabled…or something

*Pistolero - passive - soldier may hold one pistol in each hand. both pistols must be readied, as in not in backpack

*Former Butcher - passive - soldier gains a melee bonus that makes disabling body parts easier

*Former Army Recon - passive - soldier either gains extra stealth, or increased perception (i know this already is in game, just renaming it)

*Former Army Engineer - passive - knowledge of explosives and such

*Former Army Medic - passive - knowledge of healing / first aid

*Former Army Cook - Will 3 - may throw a piece of food as lure. treat as grenade. deals no damage, but may cause enemies to “waste APs going there to check what’s smelling so”

*Slice ‘n’ Dice - passive - similar to pistols, allows a soldier to use 2 one handed weapons at the same time, same “inventory penalties” apply

*I, Rambo - passive - all weapons such as crossbows and grenades cost 0,5 AP less to use

*I, Swartzy - passive - all heavy / mounted weapons cost 0,5 AP less to use

*I, Conan - passive - all melee weapons cost 0,5 AP less to use

*Everybody Be Cool…!!! - passive - when the soldier bursts through the door and into a room, there’s a good chance at least some enemies will be surprised (loose 2 AP their next turn)

*Former Army Demo Expert - passive - does extra damage against walls and other cover

*Free Runner - passive - remove movement penalties for obstacles no higher than low cover, lower movement penalties for heavy cover, or something

*Sharp Hearing - passive - increased range at which a soldier “hears something” as represented by the marker in deployment missions (works like the helmet module or something)

*Walking Fortress - passive - all armors are treated as having 1 less weight for “max weight” purposes when worn by this soldier

*Walking Tank - passive - accuracy penalties from heavy armors are reduced

…just some input for the personal part of the soldier’s skill tree…more than power, i believe variation is needed…for replayability’s sake as well…


*Quick Shot - Will 2 (Personal Skill Tree) - as, by name, it represents a fast movement (as opposed to slower, Aimed Shots. in UFO, enemy unknown it was called a SNAPSHOT, from which i believe the company has taken it’s name), so it should do something along these lines:

–> reduces the AP cost by 1 for weapons costing 2 or 3 AP to fire, and by 0,5 AP for weapons costing 1 AP to fire, but inflicts a -10% penalty to ACC. the reason is simple…a sniper class with CM and let’s say 12 Will can empty an entire 6 bullets PISTOL clip on Will alone (there were times said soldier accumulated 25 Will from various bonuses…that’s like 2 CLIPS on WILL ALONE…don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining…it saved my behind quite a few times. it just seems a bit OP-ish)

*Aimed Shot - Will 2 (replaces CM skill) - increases cost by 1 for weapons costing 2 or 3 AP to fire, and by 0,5 AP for weapons costing 1 AP to fire, but increase ACC by 20%

edit 17. 10.

*ManSpider :grin: - passive - reduce Will cost to 0 for using “Climbing Tool unit”. also, the “max away distance” becomes 4 per floor level (max 8 tiles away for 3rd floor)

*Former Army Ranger - passive - the soldier gains 1 free movement before the deployment starts. the soldier gains 4 APs that can Only Be Used To Move. no other skill/ability/whatnot may be used in this “extra turn” by this or any other soldier, unless the squad has multiple soldiers with this perk. in that case all soldiers with this perk get the free move and the player may select in which order all those soldiers move.

*"…Been to Hell ‘n’ Back…" - passive - the soldier has been to hell and back…any debilitating mental effect lasts only 1 Turn. additionally X-Ray module usage is increased to 2 Turns, and a 30% Panic Resistance.

*Fast Reloader - passive - reduces reload by 0,5 APs

edit 19. 10.

*Riposte - passive - melee version of “return fire”

It works just like the military loading a vehicle into an aircraft for transport in real life. When I was in we loaded out HMMWV (Hummers) into C130’s they took up the entire interior of the plane. There was only enough room on the sides to sit (with your knees almost touching the truck) or walk. If someone was sitting you would have to crawl over that person.

Did you need to leave personnel behind to get those Hummers on board. or did you all just have to put up with the cramped situation and find a way to fit in?

i’ve been thinking about the Heavy Class, and i can’t help but think that Body Slam, and War Cry as they are, are kinda useless, from a TACTICA STANDPOINT, mind you.

as i said before Body Slam is more suited as a Crab Man’s ability (Shield Charge if equipped with a Shield…)
so i’d like to suggest a slight rework along the following lines: :grin:

Heavy Class:

LEVEL 2 - Mighty Foot (usable only with Heavy Leg Armor) - a better version of Bash which Does Not Damage Weapon Held In Hand…may or may not Knock Human Sized Target Back, or Squash a fragger.

instead of Weight Related Abilities, IT Should, imo, be more Equipment Related, for more than than a few reasons.

LEVEL 3 - War Cry (reworked) - increase Either ACC or DAM by X% untill next Turn inside same radius.

again, the enemy loosing 1 AP seems kinda pointless if i have to be THAT near to them. having the heavy boost allies seems more reasonable given the same AoE. again, i understand that Heavyes are supposed to be “walking tanks that can soak enemy fire”, it just seems “too much risk for too little Tactical Reward”

Any Thoughts, Any1?

saw the updated Tritons, those with shotguns and ARs…AWESOME!!!
finally a bit more of a challenge…TYVVM! :grin::+1::joy:

brown-nosing at it’s finest…ROFL :joy: :grin:

and some GVs

…been tryin’ to make a video walkthrough for those that find it hard at the beginning…if i succeed, i’ll let yall know… :grin:

Well I just spent ages making the Scarab and am a bit underwhelmed. It now appears my max team of six requires to drop to two to load it on the plane and then it only has a few shots before its pretty much useless. Am I missing something?

Probably you missed to read an answers in this topic :crazy_face:
If seriously, this is the least of the problems in BB5, and only a couple of points make me worry: firstly, the situation with GV was similar in BB4 and has not been fixed. And secondly, we don’t have any feedback about the fact that developers are take care about this and whether they are going to change it at all.

Just read through again and there’s a lot of great ideas of what would improve things and others underwhelmed with vehicles but still confused, probably not far enough into it as yet though. The vehicle is taking four seats, others talk of three? Struggling to see why the vehicle and only two men is any sort of sensible option to having a full crew of six. As you progress, do more seats become available on the transport or is there a way of carrying personnel in the vehicle during transport?

All in all, I am much impressed how the game has moved on in this BB :grin:

Syn’s Aspida uses 3 slots as I remember. Anyway that’s what I mean: developers can remove GVs at all, or you can ignore them incase they will stay useless - and you still will have interesting game with a lot of potential. But actually GVs have potential too. For example Armadillo could be a perfect movable bunker, protecting your troops from Hirons bombing, in perspective. In case it wouldn’t use 4 slots, of course. Probably, GVs already useful like mobile turrets for base protection (and price is equal as special defence room ) - I’m not sure because cannot check. Wait and see…

We can also try modular approach, as it was presented in the XCOM Apocalypse, released at 1997 (XCOM 3 for me :slight_smile:
BTW the images are awesome, thank you !!!

well, anu blimp has 9 soldier slots…and NJ’s has 7, but yeah, as they are now GVs are kinda pointless…

Anu’s Tiamat got 8 - it’s a max.cap now

finally did it…my 1st video…lol

sry about the crappy edit…and the lack of comentary…but here you have it…part 1-3 of 6
(4+ hrs of game play)
will upload the rest in a day or 2

It woule be very, very nice to be able to use air vehicles from the strategic layer to perform Close Air Support on the tactical layer. :grin:

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I know, right :grin:
not to mention give the players more for R&D…

part 4 & 5…

…aaand 6

ADDENDUM o.1 - I started writing this right before I saw the announcment for release date, so this could be extras for DLCs, or some patch or something… Xd

Recyclable PoI - this could liven up things a bit as it could spark a lot of SH***. basically, after a set amount of time passes, some PoIs (like Scavenges, Destroyed Havens, Ambushes, the “Whatnots”) could, so to speak, “revert to the ? state”. the reasons are simple:

-The Earth Is Big - (the squad went “2clicks north from previous landing site” and found something "completly different"tm)

-There Be Humans - (re-settling and stuff)

-Could Be More Stuff There - (the base was bigger that initially seen, the temple had a back door, the lab was connected to a web of caves…etc.)

-There Be Squiddies And Such - (pandorians occupy a previously destroyed haven, you encounter a different ambush, or a patrol…maybe the behemot from kickstart so u can attack it with a mixture of air and ground vehicles plus soldiers…insert Gate anime dragon scenes…XD)

o,5 AP abilities - it seems like a wasted potential. as i already mentioned “you can empty an entire pistol clip on will alone”…since the game already uses decimal APs, seems like a tottal waste of a good mechanic that can give room for far more “skills and powers”…just sayin’ ;D

Faction AVehicle fix - i hope it was not intentional that “faction vehicles” couldn’t explore or iirc, recruit soldiers. if it was, pls fix that…it makes no senes whatsoever…

Soldier management - more ssoldier space / barracks, and a slight reduction of price, BUT, for the sake of balance upgrade pandorians with skills and numbers. not much is needed…like upgrade barracks to 10 (players can always build more, right!?). also, does the price range/difference in some soldiers due to stats/skills or is it random? …maybe lower soldier price in acordance with “faction score”, NJ 55 and SYND 30 would/could for example give a 50% discount to buy NJ soldiers, and a 25% discount on SYND soldiers (based on level, regardless “of score”).

Food management - well, the base personell also eats, sometimes, even more than the soldiers, not to mention havens…a bit more management/trade around food (we may not be “the red cross” bit shure we could spare a few thingies for the survival of humanity…even teach them how to better grow their own…and stuff).

Personel management - refers to, but does not only include, engineers and scientists mostly, but also all the other base personel, without which, the base would not function, not to mention, YOU, THE Commander…(lol)…they also require living quarters and food…so, maybe add Personel Quarters to the list of buildings:

  • Personel Quarters - quarters for base personel like scientists, engineers, mechanics, oficers, radar operators, food workers…etc., without whoom the facilities inside the base will not function or something…
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