Enemies don’t use War Cry neither Quick Aim

New Jericho Heavys never use War Cry and NJ and Synedrions Snipers never do two shots (use Quick Aim).

Enemies don’t use War Cry neither Quick Aim | Voters | Phoenix Point

I’ve seen them move and use quick aim.

AFAIR (Yokes said that, or Voland?), the sniper double-tap Quick Aim is disabled in AI on purpose.

Not sure if it was me… Probably Voland. I have seen them use Quick Aim… but double QA, not really. Devs tried to limit soldier skills for the AI, because it created situations where AI was unbeatable or really deadly for player units (and units were not so easily to replace then).

AI deadly for player units would be a nice change on the game.

I suppose it could be on the highest difficulty, but people still have problem with the lowest one. :slight_smile:

They don’t even have these skills on higher difficulties. Human enemy difficulty is inverted. Much more skills and stats on Rookie than on Legend.