Suggestion: Snap Shots

I enjoyed the different firing modes and levels of aim in UFO Defence. I liked that you could perform a snap shot or an aimed shot. I think it would be reasonable to have this option in PP.

A Snap Shot would reduce AP cost of the weapon by one, but would greatly diminish accuracy. Pistols don’t get Snap Shots

Works as a desperate move, or a way to put a little fire (and suppression?) on an enemy if you don’t have enough AP for a proper attack.

There’s already quick aim for the sniper class. It costs 3 willpower and reduces the action cost of proficient weapons by 1 while also increasing accuracy.

What he meant is a special shot that you would take, that costs one less AP but also doubles/triples the size of the targeting circles. No willpower cost.

I guess it should also prevent you from manual aiming since you are taking a quick shot at something.

That would be too powerful I think. Shotgunners with dash and that ‘kills give 2 AP’ skill would be able to clear maps by themselves again. Which, I think the devs are trying to avoid given the cost increase they gave to those skills.

I’d argue that the problem is “dash” and “kills give 2 AP” the problem :wink:


I’d argue that the crazy numbers of enemies, ranging up to about 30 as far as I’ve gotten, with 200-800 health and 10-40 armour vs your 6 mooks with standard equipment, 100-200 health and 10-30 armour is the real issue. There’s just no way to beat numbers like that without cheesing the system by using a loophole to give yourself a potentially infinite turn. Without “OP” skills like dash and consecutive kills the game would be nearly impossible.

Honestly, the nerf to dash and consecutive kills has made the game worse because now there’s no way to deal with the overwhelming numbers of enemies. I’d get it if there were other solutions like researching weapons with more damage or better armour, but there isn’t.
It’s gotten to the point where I’m thinking there are certain missions that are impossible for me to win and I’m just going to have to let havens die if the game happens to spawn a miniature army (artillery charons included) on them.

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Of course, balancing would need to be done without “dash”. I remember in BB5 that past a point it is mandatory to spam “dash”, “quick aim” and “kills give 2 AP” to make the enemy panic. Failing to do that means losing 1-2 soldiers each turn (mind-control, 2 x sniper tritons shooting same soldier or Chiron bombing you).
It seems that final release is the same. Lose some veterans and the campaign is over, no way you go back out with rookies. At least in FiraXCOM, you can go out with 1 rookie for them to get XP, the rest of the team can handle the opposition.


I’m familiar with that ability, I spam it. One question for the Devs, though: Why does taking quick aim, a snap shot, have INCREASED accuracy?

There’s also the question of why it drives my snipers mad/scared, to use it.

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Yeah, neither of those things makes any sense at all.

+1 to snap shot.

It’d also be good to have as an option that you could fire less bullets from a clip in order to finish off an enemy, or for some weapons the opposite - unload the full mag spray and pray style.

I would love to have those kinds of options. They would add some tactical depth to how you use your AP, and in how you consider combat ranges. Right now, it feels pretty bland, as you only have one effective range for your weapon.

By the way, is it important to like the original post? I’ve been liking stuff like crazy, in case the Devs sort comments or topics by that sort of thing.

Your guess is as good as mine on that one.