Auto switching of soldiers when action points hit zero

I tried to search if this was mentioned anywhere else, but didn’t find other posts about it (except for this one, which is somewhat related).

Basically every time I want to use Quick Aim (which is a lot with some of my teams) for a last shot using a handgun or mount (going from 1 AP cost to 0 with quick aim) after motion, the game auto switches to another soldier. Then I go back to the previous soldier, use quick aim and auto switches AGAIN to another soldier (since AP is still 0).

To be honest, this is really annoying and has lead to the use of Quick Aim on the wrong soldier often if I am not careful.

I’d really like it to not auto switch ever. It just annoys me to no end and it happens pretty much every tactical turn I play.

Is it possible to get at least an option to turn off the auto switching of soldiers when AP reaches 0?


Edit: I posted this under bug reporting since the behaviour prevents usage of game features (quick aim) without a work around (reselecting the desired soldier twice!).


Sounds annoying, but a simple workaround if you know you’re going to do this is to enable Quick Aim before you move, not after. QA automatically affects the next shot you take that turn, regardless of what you’ve done in between, so as long as you plan ahead the ‘bug’ won’t happen.

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Here’s the thing, you may not know you want an extra shot before you complete the move (and therefore reveal more map / enemies). That is my main issue of when it comes up. And wasting WP on quick aim without knowing if there is a target seems not helpful.

The fact that you have actions left possible on the soldier and the game automatically switches out is not something I’d consider a “desired feature”. At the very least it should either check for other non-AP/only-WP actions that are available or maybe have an option to turn the auto-switching off.


Also something else that cannot be mitigated if you finish with a shot: wanting to swap which weapon is held (important in case it get attacked/damaged and especially if the unit has return fire!) before switching soldiers.

But, as mentioned above, as soon as such a shot finishes and AP=0, the game auto switches to the next soldier (or asks for ending the turn), adding extra steps to switching the current weapon on that soldier.

This is especially annoying when it sends you across the map. And yeah, you can click the bottom portraits but often some of my specialized teams end up looking very similar if not all downright the same :open_mouth:

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I entirely agree with the complaints. They’re minor, but annoying.


I also like to use sniper ability to overwatch with gun for 0 AP, and am bothered by insta switching.

Also, all soldiers with RF ability, after multiclass, have important thing what is left in their hands, so if fired they can fire back. I find to have to use e.g. assault machine gun with them, but would like them to have sniper for RF case at end of turn, so now I have to come back.


It shouldn’t be possible to shot with 0 AP again and again. So the „real“ problem is the skill itself, IMO.


Why? Pistol or Neural Pistol and Sniper Skill that halves the shoot cost enable Pistol shooting until WP is gone. That might be seen as bug (as half of one is 0,5 but since game does not count on halves its zero). WP is not unlimited, so its limited and uses WP.

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Close, but not exactly.
Quick Aim:

The AP cost of the next shot with proficient weapon is reduced by 1 (3WP)


I’m also not a friend of this ‘shooting for 0 AP’, even when it costs WP.

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Of course it costs WP; but you get WP back for killing, and it can be also done with a powerful PDW with 4x40 damage :wink:
And: 0AP shot with quick aim makes all worms trivial and nonsense.


Again, though, you don’t have infinite WP and you don’t get WP back at the same rate that you use it (more is used with QA [Quick Aim] than is gained from killing).

Lets leave personal preferences about game balance and abilities out of the original idea though. The focus should be the original idea expressed in this topic:
After a unit has 0 AP left but it is still possible to use abilities, it should not auto switch (or at least we should be able to turn off auto switch).

And, concerning something that is not even related to abilities or shooting at all: auto switching makes its quite annoying to go back and changed the currently equipped weapon if you want it to be different than the last one used (that dropped AP to 0).

Hence why a setting for this would be useful idea:


One more point:
For characters that have free inventory interaction using your last AP to move next to some form of inventory (loot from corpse, box, etc.), the auto switch moves to another soldier/asks if you wish to end turn even though you could also (very likely) want to simply open that external inventory and move stuff around first.

I strongly disagree with the original suggestion to not auto-switch ever. I don’t think the OP has really thought this through.

You can click on the out-of-AP soldier to use your ability just fine. And there are much, much more times where a soldier is out of AP and the auto-switch saves a click, than times where a soldier is out of AP and the auto-switch costs a click (to reselect it). So disabling the auto-switch entirely would lead to way more necessary clicks, all the time.

That said, yeah it is a meaningful annoyance to need to remember to re-select your Quick Aim-using 0 AP soldiers every time, or your 0 AP pistol overwatch soldiers. I don’t have any great suggestions about it, as long as 0 AP actions remain possible.

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I literally just played a mission where nearly every unit in my squad kept auto switching and annoying the hell out of me. If you look at the feature request here you’ll see others have brought up even more points (other than what I’ve mentioned) that annoy them, too.

You can press TAB to move on to the next soldier. But there is not key to press to go back to the previous soldier quickly, unfortunately. Personally, I use WASD heavily when playing so TAB is always in reach of a finger that is otherwise doing nothing. No clicks there.

All we want is an option in the settings (probably under gameplay?) to turn it off for those of us who find it annoying.

It is not just for Quick Aim, though. Inventory access at the end of a move, switching weapons after an attack for return fire optimization, reloading, evac, etc.

I do! :slight_smile: Lets just have a setting so those of us who are annoyed by it can turn it off! :stuck_out_tongue:
That is pretty straightforward, does not affect gameplay or the experience for anyone else! :smiley:

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And to top it off, it is inconsistent! There are plenty of times when there is one tile move left on the soldier and the game won’t auto switch unless you use it or put the soldier to rest (space bar twice). That is just the cherry on the sundae, I guess? :smiley:

Options, options, to satisfy all tastes.

Why e.g. not leaving it as it is (for novices) and providing NO UNIT AUTOSWITCH in options?

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[quote=“Ragnarok700, post:14, topic:12343”] You
can press TAB to move on to the next soldier. But there is not key to press to go back to the previous soldier quickly, unfortunately

“[” to go back.


But does it go back to the right one? I’ll try it :stuck_out_tongue:
That being said I’d still not want it to move back and forth 2-3 times instead of just when I am done… :smiley:

If one uses Tab to select the next unit, yes the left-bracket will move back to the previous unit (right-bracket can also be used instead of Tab for next unit). The brackets are the default for selection previous/next soldier/vehicle/target. These can be remapped in the options->interface->keyboard bindings.


I’ll try it later tonight (working now), but does [ reverse to the soldier before the auto switch?