Bug/Exploit: Infinite Neurazer from Quick Aim

Did a search on this and didn’t see a previous thread on unlimited melee strikes with the neurazer (my search-fu may have failed, apologies if so).

The image below shows the total of 400 Paralysis added to a Scylla Xenogos in one turn for zero actions on the part of the attacker. Used quick aim while having a Mercy shotfun, Dagon’s tooth and Neurazer equipped. Quick Aim not only affected the melee weapons but as neither Dagon’s Tooth nor the Neurazer takes a ‘direct shot’, it appears Quick Aim stays active the entire turn.

As shown in the image below, Quick Aim affected both the melee weapons and by reducing the Neurazer to 0 AP cost, i was able to apply 400 Paralysis in a single round. I’m going to go with believing that is not working as intended. :slight_smile:


Nice catch! Did you report it with F10? I think it may reach the devs faster than here. Maybe posting on canny too.