Enemy snipers should fire twice per turn!

Enemy snipers should have and abuse of Quick Aim skill has player do.

Late game needs to be rebalanced to be more difficult for player and not just massacre over massacre missions like it is now with super overpower team (even in Legendary difficulty level).

A good measure to create pressure (and possibility of lose a top soldier - that is very difficult to happen like the game is now) is making the enemy’s fire twice their snipers in same turn (as player do, it is a matter of justice… player can even fire more if have an assault using onslaught skill giving points to sniper).

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That’s what I call putting the fire out by pouring more gasoline over it.

Even as it is, I still find sniper enemies to be one of the more dangerous enemies - and I agree that Quick Aim does make snipers too good. A problem, as usual, is with supremely overpowerd skills which fail to be rein in via Willpower mechanic, and using them results in reliable willpower gain.

In general, I don’t think that giving enemy same ability as player is a good way to balance PvE. That I think is one of the advantages of FiraXCOM over PP, and why I think Panda’s are a bit more enjoyable to play against then human enemies. It’s not about making things equal, but about giving players interesting things to react to, and giving players interesting tools to overcome challenges. I don’t think giving AI more “instant kill” power would be beneficial, even if it would make things more equal.


Hi, do you lose any soldier in late game? Snipers are dangerous but only fire once, so human use a medikit and smash sniper with the remaining team.

If we play a war game (like this one) and don´t have casualities in the higher difficulty, it is not us that are super expert players, but the game that is unbalance and not challanging… and that is what Phoenix Point is now in late game. Pandas NEED to have capacity to kill human soldiers and or human plays really bad or never play a single soldier and that sucks imo.


I agree, but as I explained above I don’t think your proposed solution would be beneficial, nor would make things more interesting.

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Phoenix Point isn’t a war game. It’s more like turn-based Call of Duty: Post-Modern Warfare where you get to morph a squad of rag-tag soldiers into teenage mutant cyborg ninja superheros. All eight of them. In as many squads as you want. Go, go Power Rangers!

While I agree with your point about the end game (the last 100 or missions in a typical Phoenix Point campaign) being too easy, I don’t think the fix is making snipers deadlier. I’d rather see the cartoonish super-soldier abilities toned down.

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I wish MY snipers were able to fire twice per turn all the time. However they mostly “move + fire once + overwatch with pistol or crossbow”.
Most of the time they don’t have line of fire to fire twice. Or if they do they are running short on will points.


I like that Pandoras have skills of their own, not mimicking the human ones.
Their strength lies in numbers and diversity.

I find Triton late snipers being able to shoot from even greater distance, have greater perception and being quite full of AP and regenerative skills. Introducing more, different varieties might be better solution to allowing them to shoot even more.


You can use the new sniper rifle with Quick Aim to shoot 4 times in a turn. Just click click click on the skill and the enemy until it is death. Like a hack & slay game :wink:

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I have. There were two snipers on the field, so my guy took two shots to the head. Dead instantly. And possibly the least fun way to lose a soldier, which is why making double-taps more common would be a bad idea.


Me too. Often times there are 3 of those triton alpha snipers about. They don’t often pick the same target, but when they do and both hit that is 130*2 + 10-20 bleed of damage to survive. How many soldiers have the 290HP on any given turn to survive that?

A better way would be to reduce med pack healing (leave the WA arms and Aspida as is). Of all the OP things in the game, that is the worst one. A soldier with a disabled arm can be healed by another unit so can still use the normal 4AP. In this case the disabled limb didn’t even slow him down! Healing should cause “daze” to force at least one down turn.

Applying a med kit could still be 2AP, but any healing causes daze. How about that?


I understand where your idea came from. Yes, player is overpowered in late-game. But giving enemy same overpowered skill doesn’t bring balance.

What more. Enemy can have higher number of troops on the field. Imagine that there are 4 such snipers. That would be too difficult to overcome. Snipers should be less lethal in such games and more likely provide support to other units in the team. So my suggestion is to curb down player power rather than giving alien enemy snipers tools that we have on disposal. :slight_smile:

On a side note: What was most fun part of the Starcraft? That there were 3 sides of the conflict and each one of them was unique. They mostly had their own tactics to deploy. So lets think how Pandorans can surprise us with something special rather than mimic us. :wink: Still I prefer solution from my above paragraph.

@Wormerine how it is, that you are still not in the Council? :slight_smile:


That’s not something that I have been pursuing much. I am not even sure, if I applied, but I think I eventually did at some point.

I am not sure how useful I would be for CC. While I have interest in Phoenix Point, I don’t know the game terribly well - I am yet to beat it. I still didn’t see any content from DLC no.2. I came back to the forums lately, as I am waiting for some announcement regarding the Festering Skies.

Meantime, in January I have build a nice gaming PC, so I am catching up on some superb titles that I have missed - currently gpoing through recent Arcane’s backlog.

Which is exactly the reason you would be helpful in the council.


What about the opposite way - to remove/replace the sniper’s Quick Aim skill from player?

Trying to see from different perspective, perhaps the problem is not in the Pandorians, but in OP player


haha fair enough

Well, i read this now, i also agree that if we remove the double shot for player snipers balance it. And multiple enemy snipers are a good challenge…

It must have a risk to lose soldiers, like it is now, is almost impossible to lose a single one in late game.

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While de-classing or weakening some of super powers is one way, more threatening enemies playing more as team would be the way. I somewhat find it opposite - with scylas, seeveral sirens and acid chirons I tend to easier loose unit late in the game. Especially non members of super team - second or third team trainees that cant keep up to enemy evolving high HP and ablities, no matter how equipped.

But I do understand the feeling that enemy seems to uncoordinated and not really trying to win - just to do some damage. Also, I would like to see mission AI adopting to squad size and experience.

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You says it all rasvoja.

“Especially non members of super team - second or third team trainees that cant keep up to enemy evolving high HP and ablities, no matter how equipped”

Super soldiers only die if player plays really bad. They are superhumans more powerfull than Pandoras and that is just stupid and become boring to play for who want a tactical game with risk of losing.


If really alone and exposed to multiple of enemies. If super squad moves together, I reckon its unbeatable :slight_smile:

Kind of de-volution of both players powers and smarter, more varied but slower in less-jumpy evolving enemies would be most welcome, but seems will hardly happen.

Lets see next months surprise: what the DLC will throw in :slight_smile:


Yes, i am expecting it also. Maybe devs changed some unbalance things also, overpowers and lack of reaction of factions when stole their resources/planes are a must to fix!!!

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