Question about Festering Skies DLC

I found those old artworks of those colossal pandorans. We don’t face them in the game of obvious reasons. Are they supposed to appear on the festering skies interception mode? It would be awesome to destroy them with airships.

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I would like to use rageburst agains it and miss all 5 attacks :wink:


I’m afraid you won’t receive answer. Developers don’t share such info about next DLC.

I’m not even sure if they have complete list of changes that will be implemented in the DLC destined to be released in August. :slight_smile: Of course 95% is complete, but surely there can be something that won’t enter this DLC or maybe there will be something added that is currently discussed and not yet implemented.

So DLC which will probably be targeted at the end of October or even November can’t be revealed and discussed right now.


I was wondering about that. behemoths were supposed to be a big hulling alien creatures capable of crushing entire heavens. PP were to intercept them and perform tactical missions, planting explosive to blow the thing up.

If they were is some capacity to return that could be the DLC to fit it in.

At this point we barely know anything about upcoming DLC, which is supposed to come out this month. Even less so about festering skies.

Upcoming DLC is about ancient race. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but there are quite few changes, about which of course I can’t talk in details.

Festering Skies must be about some flying aliens and aerial combat.

Maybe 4th DLC will bring Behemoths? Of course if they can bring this thing with 3rd DLC, then why not? :smiley:


Of course 95% is complete,

Did I miss another update email in my disaster of an inbox? Ancients is at 95%? Almost at the finish line?

Can I post a celebration gif?

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Lol, it has to be like that, so there is nothing unusual about it. Now tests are in progress and fixing of what is broken. If they will manage to fix all, they will release on time. When official date will be announced I don’t know.

Aside from what is listed on the Epic store, the old, out-of-date Phoenix Point Trello board has what could be potential snippets of info related to Festering Skies. In the vehicles section on the left-hand side of the Trello board, it mentions that the Phoenix Project was planned to have an ‘Interceptor’, New Jericho was planned to have a ‘Fighter’, and the Disciples of Anu were planned to have a ‘Battleship’.

I really hope that the Disciples of Anu do still get Battleships in Festering Skies. They could study and copy parts of the biology of whatever organic flying octopus warships the Pandorans will have in the DLC, then create their own version similar to a Tiamat airship.

The thought that I could give my operatives AC-130 style Close Air Support from a techno-organic combat dirigible loaded with acid/shredder cannons and organic munitions, I find, is just too awesome for words to properly describe. But it might only ever happen in my imagination. Don’t know if in-mission air support from combat aircraft will be a possible game mechanic in Festering Skies.

A man can dream that it will become a thing though :thinking:.


Just recently posted on another thread:

So prepare the celelbration gif for the next week.


There is a LOT missing from the game. I too was disappointed those Behemoths weren’t in the base game, but I hope they do show up in a DLC. They also promised us water bases and I assume combat at sea of some sort as DLC, since we didn’t hit it as a kickstarter stretch goal. Still no word on that.


Oh yeah, Floating Bases. I kinda assumed they will be a part of Legacy of Ancients or Festering Skies DLCs, as they still would be free updates for original backers due to season passes getting given as EGS peace offering.


It is not about floating bases for sure. :wink:


Ha! I was counting on you to deny it, if that is not a case :wink:

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So the question begs answering. Where is Festering Skies, since it was announced to be released in August 2020? If this CV-19 crap is delaying things, it would be nice to hear any updates from Snapshot Games.

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I don’t have any links to give you, but they’ve said somewhere that it’ll be released early next year, after the steam edition.

Would love to see official news, but kind a hope expected Steam “year one release” will include it, as well as some nice overall bugfixes and “in progress” markings. Surely, new content is great and developers needs some new source of revenue, so I suppose they will "give it to the world"as soon as ready. Situation in Bulgaria, where game is developed, is not so bright, but neither is in most of Europe.

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Once again, original leaked “release dates” are irrelevant. I was somewhat expecting FS to be out before the end of the year, but we will see.

Recent email mentioned there was supposed to be Cthulhu patch in October but I suppose that slipped as well. Their focus really should be to make PP as good as possible for steam release.

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That’s the problem I imagine. With dealing with developing games, in foreign nations. Makes me wonder why it is all the sharp stuff comes from Europe, and not America anymore. Oh yeah … the all mighty pay check dollar.

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Tinfoil hat time, I have a sneaking suspicion Festering Skies was pushed back to next year because of Gallop’s promise for KS backers getting 1 year’s worth of DLC for free if they didn’t ask for a refund when they announced going exclusive to Epic. As of now Festering Skies is the last of the ‘known’ DLC for this game, so they’d be out a chunk of change if they just gave every bit of DLC away to KS backers.

Again, just me being a tinfoil hat conspiracist. Most of what they’ve done so far has been pushed back in some form or fashion over the last year, so take what I say lightly. Just guessing.

That said, as a KS backer, I’m still waiting on my free Steam key…

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And as conspiracy theories go, that’s silly, and confirmed to be false weeks ago.

The biggest question mark revolves around GOG release, as Snapshot didn’t confirm release there. I remain optimistic, however, and assume they work toward release, but need to submit build and be approved first.