Phoenix Point: Year One Edition coming December 3rd

Hi Shoggoth, that’s certainly an option for you to choose as we get closer to the release. We will have a more formal process for opting in before December 10th.

I’m confused.
When there was all the outrage about the Epic exclusivity deal, they calmed us by saying we would get the first three DLC for free to smooth things over.
But… now the first three DLC are just part of the normal game. Everyone who buys it will be getting it included. So… what… I’m confused. I’m hesitant to say they just fed us a load of bull to placate us… but… I’m confused as to what they offered us as apology for jerking us around.

If I’m not wrong, backers get the entire season pass, which amounts to 5 or 6 DLC.

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It’s the young aggressive game community acts… Snapshot got more time and money to work on this game with this. Yes they changed their promise… they delayed it… but for a good purpose…

This generation just buys every EA sport game every year and then they blame EA to make a crap game every year… I stop to try to understand people… you can’t reason with them…

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That’s true for Epic, but from what was said so far it seems it might not be true for the 2nd key (steam or gog). Year1 includes only three DLCs that were released so far. We will see.

Hi there - I’ve created a FAQ that addresses this and will be updated with other questions about the game. The short answer: if you backed before March 12th, 2019, you will receive all DLC for the game on Steam.



Not sure if Im just being bone-headed but it isnt stated definitively:

The blurb for the YearOne edition says it contains all released DLC, plus “a slew of updates, upgrades, fixes, and new content suggested by our community”

Does this refer to the periodic updates that apply to the original game?
Or does the YearOne edition include content that I will not see?

I have the “ultra edition” from Epic store, which I had presumed gives me access to all possible content.

I am sure it refers to free updates that happened between Epic and steam launch.


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I might be alot more excited about this if, say, you fixed your broken game first.

It is unplayable and you all are like - “Oh, we’ll fix it next month. Now piss off and buy our next release”.

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Oh… cool… I was not aware of that. I must have missed that announcement. Thanks for the response.

Actually we have been promised a FREE GOG or STEAM key for all backers when they announced the move to Epic as a compensation and once the exclusivity will be over, all details under.

This is from what i posted on their feedback section in uncategorized section :

Having backed Phoenix Point on Fig in 2017 (Early Bird Collector level), i was part of those not interested at all by the move on Epic Store last march 2019. I have to admit i have not played the game at all since the release and I was waiting for the promised free Steam key for backers by Julian Gollop himself, once the Epic exclusivity is over.

This annoucement was made on the Epic backer FAQ then available from the link in the backer mail “Phoenix Point + Epic Games + Free DLC” from 12th march 2019 (the link does not work anymore, I’m wondering why…).

I now see plenty of announcement for the Steam release from Snapshot in my mails but i do not see ANY message regarding that promise made 1.5 year ago, to distribute free Steam key for those who backed the game once the exclusivity is over.

This needs a confirmation AND clarification, there were many promises not fulfilled at all for those backing the game.

This was said in that FAQ, which link DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE now.

Thanks to this has been fixed :


Where will I be able to play Phoenix Point on PC and Mac? Will the game ever be released on Steam, GOG .com or through other third-party outlets?

Part of our arrangement with Epic is a one year-exclusivity period on PC and Mac through the Epic Games Store. One year after release, we’ll be able to distribute the game through other third-party stores, such as Steam and GOG .com. All backers up to this point will also STILL receive a Steam or GOG key after the 1 year exclusivity period."

And also on that same link :


I really wanted the game on Steam or GOG .com. What can I do?

Whichever delivery option you had originally opted for, we’re still positive that you will have a fantastic experience with Phoenix Point on the Epic Games Launcher.

All backers up to this point will also STILL receive a Steam or GOG key after the 1 year exclusivity period"

So what about this promise as the FAQ link is now dead?

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Nevermind i posted my previous message before seeing that answer. At least confirmation for Steam key (but not Gog).

Yes, but GOG is a curated platform. I did some googling and it take some time for GOG team to review build and they may refuse it. As such even if Snapshot is working toward simultaneous steam/GOG release it can’t be confirmed until GOG makes it official. And it might happen closer to the actual release.

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It seems there are less and less things to be fixed, so Steam release might be the “real one” :slight_smile:
By looking at official tool, most of bugs and even user wishes are really being considered and worked on

Also I know I repeat myself, but “just to know” - Is comeback of Linux version planned? I am sure not a priority, but is it ditched forever or delayed?

I bought this on aug 2019. On nov got the key for Epic…im getting a key for steam too?

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Steam keys are being shared with those who backed the game prior to March 12th, 2019.


And what’s the situation with the Living Weapons Pack? The Year One edition will include it, but it’s not included in Season Pass on EGS and, as such, original backers didn’t receive it. Wouldn’t that mean the Steam version received by backers will be straight up better?


Oi!! Shush

Yes, I am no official, so I suppose since that is the first Steam release, those who back it so far in early days will get it. After all, they unwillingly survived the Epic launcher :slight_smile:

Hope one day we will have one definite full release, and enjoy it all, equally. Like happens after many DLCs and fixes with all modern games - definite edition takes time.

Everything in between is adding new layers and taking a bit of additional money to fund it. I dont like it either, but seems so many games work out that way these days.

Last found official quote in this thread

“If you backed Phoenix Point before March 12th, 2019, and received an Epic Game Store key, you will receive a Steam key for the Year One Edition on December 10th.”

I havent backed it that old, so I will have to buy the Steam release, and will do so gladly.

I think not, if I understand it [edit: … not really :wink: ]

Edit: Sorry, I’m wrong, some posts above it is mentioned, that all Steam backers also get all DLC.