Question about Festering Skies DLC

All original fig backers received an epic season pass key, and will receive the same for steam or gog depending on original choice.

I guess they first described the deal as “free 1st year of DLC” but then changed it to “all dlc free” afterwards, unless they’re going to release multiple “seasons”. However I’m pretty sure that backers’ll get at least everything up to festering skies, else they’re going to hear (read?) so much hate that they’ll probably give up on developing games :stuck_out_tongue:


Please tell us that Steam will not be a mandatory Launcher to play the game.

I guess it’ll be for the Steam version, because Steam is in itself a DRM tool besides a store and etc.

I’m not sure about any of that though.


Since today evening you should have choice of Steam, Gog and Epic. And you can always find
where game is installed via icon and start it without any back launcher. Sadly, no offline independent copy on DVD-Blueray is available, so as media of purchase you will have to use online launcher-shops.

Back on topic, I hope festering skies will be out Jan 2021,or so - since Year One/Polaris should be out today


Thus goes the way of the New World. Shop Online now! Oh forget about all those people who could be employed at stores to sell you products.

Sheer greed and laziness, perpetuate one another. :pleading_face: :confounded:

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They should sell DLCs on desk in a box of Snapshot branded cereals.

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In the 90’s here in Brazil it was difficult to have access to a lot of games, simply because they weren’t released here. The only option was importing but that was way too expensive, until a magazine started licensing some less known but full games and releasing here for a cheap price, where the magazine itself was just a bit of info and hype on the game. It was the advent of the “magazine with a ‘free’ full-game CD-ROM” business model here. This made such a huge success that soon better and more renowned games started being sold this way and a lot of clone magazines from other brands popped up.

Their major accomplishment though was showing that we had a market for computer games, which them boomed with more affordable prices and killed the magazine business model. It was very cool though to get a full game for cheap, it was unimaginable back then.

Today I guess there’s only physical content for kid-appealing games like minecraft, fortnite and such. I would buy a pandoran cereal for the morning… :grin:
There could be small cosmetic DLC in products like that, with a chance to get a full season pass for example. Maybe in the US these things exist and I just don’t know about it.

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You want a game that won’t let you go. You think you’ve lost so many hours and checked so many games and you’re looking for something better, something more. The best thing you can do is play Escape from Tarkov and for the whole game to be better, you need to buoy BUY EFT Euro. I think no one is surprised that EFT Euro is so important! Whether it’s a game or the truth, Euro is always the most important thing, that’s why we don’t wait, we act!

This was kind of never really promised OR at best left to later DLCs. Only mention I can recall was “floating base idea” but that would not mean the underwater fights, or anything Terror from Deep like, necessarily. Even I would most adore it. More equipment, more enemies, more places to explore, and a bit slow down in alien mutations would be best combo in my eyes.


That might be interesting side effect. To me it looks like a lot of work on Polaris / Year One Release, slowed down DLC roll up. And its good. Its better to squash some bugs and add some fixes to base game. Ancients did disappoint me a bit, so now I have a strategy of evaluating more is it really a necessity. Living weapons would too, as only 3 mission add on, but I like the weapons :slight_smile: So, in my eyes, first DLC was a real nice expansion. We ll see. There are high expectations of air combat combing back.

JG confirmed in an interview this week that Behemoth will be in Festering Skies.


Cool! I am curious to see what form it took. If I remember it well, the planned “bomb planting” tactical missions didn’t quite pan out before the release.

EDIT. I listened to the interview and it sounded to me like the Behemoths could be a single (story?) encounter, rather then repeating mechanic. Originally, I think it was supposed to be responsible for destroying havens, something that is covered for via Haven attacks right now.

Also JG mentioned he wants to do more with strategy layer - I am glad to hear it - I think it needs some love, especially faction diplomacy.



Oh HECK YEAHS! Call it Bugeyed Oh’s, or Mutanant Oh’s, with faces from the game critters. :wink: :rofl:


Haven’t listened to the interview but I guess it doesn’t mention any release date or schedule? :slightly_frowning_face: