Pre-Order Question

Hey Guy,

i´m stoked about the Game.

I just have a question about the Pre-Order-Process.

Do i get a steam code when the game gets fully released?

Because i didn´t get an Receipt for the Game Pre-Order.

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Hi. You will get to choose either a Steam or a GOG key. When did you pre-order? You should have already had your receipt and your Chaos Reborn key.

same happened to me i see the payment is registered but have not recived any key. 23.4

Well i got the Chaos Reborn key but don´t i get a seperate receipt? Or is this the Receipt

You should have a confirmation email from with your transaction number. If not, you can raise a ticket with them via or


great! thanks for help

I made a pledge back in the fig days. I received the steam key for Chaos, but only have a short receipt from fig confirming my backing, nothing from the above “xsolla” email and no transaction number. Should I have done something else after this? Real anxious for the backers build and want to make sure I don’t miss out because I didn’t sign up/sign in/etc to something else…

Fig backers had CrowdOx confirmation e-mail, xsolla replaxed crowdox, new pre-orders got e-mail from them.

I have 3 emails from Fig/Crowdox, one about the survey, a digital fulfillment (chaos reborn key) and a crowdox confirmation, listing the “purchased” things, so I think this should be the one you need to check.

Cheers for that, think i found it.

Did you check your spam folder? When I pre-ordered the game, the receipt was in my spam folder and the Chaos Reborn key was in my inbox. I marked the receipt as not spam and moved it to the inbox.

Hello! Same here, I have 2 Xsolla messages, one to confirm the transaction (and a transaction number) and one with the key of the bonus game. No key for the main game. Should I be worried ? or it will be sent the 30th ?


This is perfectly normal. There are no Phoenix Point keys to send out at this time. Keys for the main game will be delivered closer to release. If you have pre-ordered a package that includes access to Backer Build One, you will receive download instructions via email on or before April 30th.

Thank you ! Ill wait for the key then :slight_smile:

Where can I found description how to download backer build?


You should check your mails, though I believe they were not sent yet.

They have not been sent yet.

when will the form be sent out for people who purchased the solider roster edition?

Not until much closer to release.

If the email you use for the order for is different from the payment email, which email will the keys be sent to?

It looks like emails are going to payment emails at the moment.