No alpha email form xsolla

No dl/key from xsolla, and now they want all the data from my purchase because I don’t have a transaction number. I have a Fig backer # and the email I used (and am using) to back the game. When my Chaos Reborn key didn’t show up after 3 weeks I didn’t have give any one at Snapshot any information when I emailed them. Was I supposed to receive a transaction number at some point and did not (or didn’t know it had to do with Phoenix Point) or is this number not showing on my Fig and/or crowdox page for some reason? I’d like to get this number as I’m now thinking I’ll have problems getting my key for the final release.

@GalebDern if you haven’t looked already, you might want to check your Spam folder in your email client (i.e. gmail, hotmail…etc.). If you have checked there and it isn’t there I would contact a mod on this forum to see if they can have someone look into your problem.

I hope that that helps. :wink:

The problem is that originally Fig-backers were using CrowdOx, but now it’s changed to xsolla, and my undestanding is that original crowdox purchases were not yet fully integrated (I suspect this based on the fact that we can’t upgrade crowdox-purchases but xsolla purchases are upgradeable).

If in doubt, contact snapshot (I think same email as for the CR key), they should be able to give you a proper answer.

Or wait until @UnstableVoltage answers this thread :slight_smile:

@GalebDern Xsolla are having a few technical issues at the moment. They’re not really set up for handling outside data, and this is something new. They expect customers to have an Xsolla transaction ID (which clearly you won’t have). If they’re having trouble finding you on the database then they ask for proof of purchase as they’re getting a large number of people asking for Backer Build access who don’t qualify for it. If you haven’t already, email us at and we will take a look.

I have an Xsolla transaction email, but nothing past that. How do I access the alpha of the game?

(Sent an email to the above contact list unstablevoltage provided the last person.)