Backer from 2018, Is Steam version included?

I backed the game a few years ago. Wanted to see how the updates have treated it.

Is access over steam via our backer account possible?

Game was lit hard + cool last time I was zooming over the world map and getting medusa mind controlled.

You need separate code for Steam. If you backed early enough you should get an e-mail with selection if you want Steam or GOG key. And after that you should get Steam key. If you missed e-mails about that then you probably need to wait for @Valygar responce. Unless you are not entitled for the Steam key.

Thanks @Yokes,

I originally got a code to download the game through EPIC, however, I am not sure I was given a choice (Steam is def a preferred platform imo).

I will sit tight for a little bit, and re-look through emails tomorrow.

Email that you used on this forums matched one backer who did not fill the email survey about the second key so I sent Steam Complete Edition key to that email.

For others reading this:

All those who backed Phoenix Point before March 2019 are eligible for 2 game keys with all DLCs. Epic key was sent automatically to everyone in 2019. In autumn 2020 we sent a survey where you could choose store for your second key. Options were Steam, GOG and EGS. If you did not fill the survey then we did not send the second key.

In case you are backer from before March 2019 and missed the survey you can write from your backer email to and I will send you the second key. Please state your preferred store: Steam or GOG or EGS

Thank you @Valygar, you and your team rock!

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