Xsolla lack of communication

I paid for phoenix point through Xsolla on the 7th of december, the 7th! any time i click the link in the email they sent me I get an error…whenever I contact customer support its an automated response. Ive been disconnected on. told I abandoned chat and it will be closed and also told its “been sent to tech support” long story short, they got my money and I STILL dont have the game. To top it all of i have not received a single email explaining what is even going on and am told I am “ineligible” for a refund.

Can ANYONE help out here? i just wanted to play a damn game

Did you get a key to redeem? If so, you need to redeem it in the Epic Games Store

nope, the email i got told me to click a link to get to the phoenix point in game store and when i click it, i get Something went wrong Error code: 1000-0003

not sure what the issue is then. You should have a 20 digit alphanumeric key to redeem in the EGS

i went to gamestop and used the xsolla on my phone to pay for the game because their debit card verification wasn’t working for me. basically it loaded the money on to xsolla and you buy phoenix point from there… but i cant even get to the point where i buy the game so they wouldnt of sent me the key yet because the actual purchase of the game has not been completed. at least thats my speculation

HI there,

I’ve just checked your forum registered email address against the Xsolla system. All it is showing is a $0.02 transaction (which is normally done to check the payment as an anti-fraud measure), but this is also showing as refunded. There’s no current valid purchase for you on Xsolla’s system

I can provide a transaction number, or a screenshot of the email if that would help. I also still have the game stop receipt