Hoping for clarity

I backed the game with the luxury digital edition of fig.co on 2/21/18. Just looking for a couple things…

  1. Do I get the season pass for free?
  2. Is the version (1.6.31) I can download from the link in my Xsolla receipt, the retail edition?
  1. yes in December
  2. no. This is xsolla launcher for old backers build. Newer Backers Builds are on Epic Games Launcher and full version will also be there.

Awesome. So I will get my code for Epic at retail release?

I think yes. I’m not sure how distribution will work. I’m just waiting patiently. :wink:

Same here lol. Was just hoping I could get in today possibly.

yes, you will receive a key for the game at launch.

Also on March 27th you should have received an email from contact@snapshotgames.com titled “your key to backer build 4,” with a key to the Epic Games store. It could have ended up in your spam or trash folder, or your promotions folder if using gmail/hotmail. If the email address associated with your method of payment is different to the one you are searching, check in the other one. If you still cannot find it, send an email to contact@snapshotgames.com

Thanks for the heads up. I am missing that email. I have sent them an email about it. Fingers crossed.

And just like that @UnstableVoltage hooked me up and I am all set!