Phoenix Point’s “Year One Edition” Moves To Dec. 3rd on Steam and the Epic Games Store

The acclaimed turn-based strategy game to release one week earlier with its definitive edition that includes all DLC available to date

LOS ANGELES & SOFIA, Bulgaria – Nov. 5, 2020 – Phoenix Point, the turn-based strategy game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop and Snapshot Games, announced that the upcoming “Year One Edition”, which collects the game with all previously released DLC and digital extras, will now release for Windows PC and Mac on December 3rd, 2020. This is one week earlier from its previously announced date of December 10th. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition will be available from most PC digital retailers, including Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Snapshot Games Head of Marketing, Eric Neigher said: “We know a lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for Year One Edition since we announced it earlier this year, and that’s why we are extremely pleased to be able to bring it to them a week earlier than we had planned.”

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition includes all previously released content: 3 DLC Packs (“Blood & Titanium”, “Legacy of the Ancients”, and the “Living Weapons Pack”) and a slew of updates, upgrades, fixes, and new content suggested by the community.

“Year One Edition is the best, most complete version of Phoenix Point yet released, and we’re excited for players to dive into new campaigns with new challenges,” said Julian Gollop, CEO of Snapshot Games and Lead Designer for Phoenix Point. “The team has worked extremely hard to get Year One Edition ready to go, and we know players are going to appreciate that hard work when they play the game.”


Purchased the game on Epic Games, been excited since the first trailer of this game. GREAT game btw, would we be able to use the Steam Client with the Epic Games purchase?

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No. Steam release is treated as separate release. However, Year One release will appear on Epic also, and one could purchase it as additional expansion to whatever DLCs one have (having more DLCs should mean I suppose it costs less). It seems a major update will be freely given to all EGS users (Polaris) but this will not include the DLC content, unless purchased.

Steam users will be lucky enough to start with this release and dont know the history and horror and mistery of first year in release and backers build phase.

Steam allows the user to add .exe files to the client. One can then launch the game in Steam.

Thanks for the tip. Will it then recognize e.g. game achievements? Time played?

I think the time played will be recognized, but probably only from the point you include it in the Steam client.
But I highly doubt that achievements will be recognized, it is still not an “original” Steam game, only an imported .exe to the launcher.

Updates will probably also not work in Steam, if you import the .exe file. I guess to update the game you might have to use the EGS launcher.

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Ah, too bad Epic does not have that feature. I hope there will be people with few keys (XXL original backers) and that some Steam keys will end up on secondary market like :slight_smile: since I expect Year one release initial price to be quite high (looking how much now full DLCed game costs)

The One Year Edition has not all upcoming DLC included compared to the Season Pass. It will come with the actual 3 DLC and one of them is the Living Weapon Pack which is pretty cheap. In sum it is the base game + LWP + B’n’T + LotA and if you buy all these parts individually, it costs about 60 € (in Europe of course :wink: ). But because it is packed I assume the initial release price is somewhat cheaper than this sum.

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In my book 60e is quite high game price :slight_smile:

Season pass includes Festering Skies and unknown floating bases DLCs? (aka DLC4 and DLC5)?

Yes, all 5 DLC but not the Living Weapons Pack, this one I bought extra (I’m not an early backer, only a simple consumer after release :wink: ).

Actually, as I strated to think of whole game as “Prepare to kill Yugottian Dead God” I am now glad I have purchased the weapons - gives faster single heavy in armour plus two weapons that dont need ammo (all space for medikits). I wish there are more of them, that they are reproducable or that inventory is bigger (or that there is multi use medikit)

Well, the Legacy of the Ancient DLC has some weapons without the need to reload, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, a sniper rifle, a crossbow and finally 2 melee weapons. All of them are pretty strong, some said too strong, maybe OP.
And if one managed all the stuff that is necessary to get these toys, then they are also endless to reproduce.

Technicians are always my choice for this. Their arms can heal 8 times and are reloadable. One ‘ammunition’ for these arms take only 1 inventory slot with low weight (AFAIK only 1), so plenty of heals for the last fight. 2 of them were almost enough for any of my final fights.
Edit: I forgot to mention that Technicians can also heal for only 1 AP.

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Oh, so I did not yet get them all :slight_smile:

Initially, I disliked New Jericho has only one class. But now seeing all Technician can do, I started to appriciate them too … But still I believe last boss has “a bad design” - too simple and passive and ovepowered, requiring a lot of ammo and medikits, so much - I prepare way longer for Palace.

I find it as biggest game minus - I expected something Lovercraftian, but way more aggressive

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I can only agree, I really like the game very much but the whole last mission not that much. And not because it is too difficult to win, I think it is almost as with the rest of the game. After I have realised all the things that are possible then even this last mission is pretty lame for me. First, a slaughterhouse with almost no chance for the enemies, then a sniperfest against some lost Chirons and at the end a rush and shoot as much as I can to kill the final boss. Not really challenging and in fact I have end some of my campaigns without doing the last mission, the way to this point was mostly way more exiting.

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If we already have the game from Epic can we have a Steam version as well separate from the Epic one? Or do you have to delete the first one?

If you backed Phoenix Point before March 12th, 2019 (the day of Epic exclusivity announcement) you are getting an additional (your current Epic key will stay yours) Steam or GOG key.

If you bought Phoenix Point after this date then we do not offer a trade-in program for Epic Game Store or other game store purchases.

Sorry didn’t make myself clear, technically can you have two installations of the game, one epic (which I have), and one Steam which I should get a key for (early backer). If I want the Steam installation do I uninstall the Epic one?

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I am pretty sure that you can have both at the same time.

Many thanks👍

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