Phoenix Point FAQ

Phoenix Point FAQ

We know you have questions about the game, so please feel free to check our official FAQ, and will do our best to keep this post in sync with that information.

The Questions

When is Phoenix Point coming to Steam?
Phoenix Point will be launching on Steam on December 3rd with the Year One Edition that includes all DLC released to date, as well as other digital extras.

If I backed Phoenix Point, am I able to receive a Steam key?
Yes, if you backed Phoenix Point before March 12th, 2019, and received an Epic Game Store key, you will receive a Steam key for the Year One Edition on December 3rd.

Will I receive the rest of the DLC if I backed Phoenix Point beyond what’s included in Year One?
Yes, if you backed Phoenix Point before March 12th, 2019, you will receive the Season Pass which includes all DLC for Steam.

I purchased Phoenix Point from the Epic Game Store, can I trade/get a discount for a Steam key?
We do not offer a trade-in program or discount for Epic Game Store or other game store purchases.

What is the price point for Phoenix Point: Year One Edition?
We will share exact pricing closer to release, but we will be offering a launch discount for any early buyers.

Will there be a Linux version of Phoenix Point?
We are currently not supporting Linux.