Phoenix Point Patch 1.0.54713 - December 16th, 2019

Our first major patch deploys today. It should be going live at about 2 PM Eastern European Time, or about 4 AM Pacific Time.

Patch Notes:


Return Fire

  • Dazed targets no longer return fire
  • Only enemies who are targeted by an attack can return fire
  • Return fire is no longer a half burst for some weapons - all weapons now return fire with a full burst

Ambush Missions

  • Ambush missions should occur less frequently


  • Some Pandorans have their perception slightly increased. Affected Pandorans may now detect the player’s units more easily

Scavenging Missions

  • Scavenging missions should now have slightly more variety in the type of enemies encountered


  • Soldiers now stop every time they detect an enemy regardless of range (previously, they only stopped if the spotted enemy was close)

Mind Control

  • The “Recover Will” ability can no longer be used while simultaneously mind controlling another unit. The effect of this is that Sirens will no longer permanently be able to keep soldiers under mind control.

Story Missions

  • Adjusted difficulty on some story missions to better match up with when the player encounters them in a usual campaign flow

General UI improvements

  • Restart Game, Exit to the Main Menu and Quit to Desktop now trigger a confirmation pop-up, instead of merely restarting, quitting to the main menu, and quitting the game, respectively

Cover detection

  • Generally, more tall objects are detected as high cover, and more low objects detected as low cover on the tactical maps


  • Fixed a bug where soldiers were sometimes dying when finishing a Jet Jump
  • Fixed a bug where sabotage missions sometimes did not end if soldiers were evacuated
  • Fixed a bug where the game could freeze if a soldier died during an overwatch shot
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Raid Resources mission did not grant any resources
  • Fixed a bug where the game could crash on launch in some locations
  • Fixed some extremely rare problems with game saves
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Citadel mission was finishing instantly
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases was preventing the player from finishing the last mission of the game when allied with Disciples of Anu
  • Fixed a bug where you could recruit or trade from havens, even though the leader was hostile. Now, if the leader is hostile to the Phoenix Project, trade and recruitment are not possible.


  • Fixed a localization bug for the Chinese Language
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game can get stuck after a barrel explosion
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes interaction with consoles was not available
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes the game gets stuck when a Chiron is in Stability Stance
  • Fixed a bug where using Remove Mindfragger ability on a soldier controlled by a Siren was causing the game to get stuck
  • Fixed a rare bug that was causing the game to get stuck when a Quick Save is made while a soldier is panicked
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the OK button on the replenish screen after a mission was not working
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the game got stuck when a siren tries to mind control a vehicle
  • Fixed some collision detection bugs on some maps
  • Fixed a bug causing Sirens to appear in Nest missions
  • Fixed a bug on one of the story missions that was causing the objective to be destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where the Mind Control ability was not showing when the head of the Siren was targeted in Free Aim mode
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes leaving a haven defense on the first turn was causing the haven to be destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where enemy turn music keeps playing during the player’s turn
  • Fixed a bug where failing to finish the mission in the Geoscape tutorial was causing the game to get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where recruiting a Mutog on Legendary difficulty caused it to have no 3D model
  • Fixed a bug where recruited vehicles on Legendary difficulty had no weapons
  • Fixed a bug with the Bombardier ability not providing the correct bonuses
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Mutog to not be able to evacuate
  • Fixed an extremely rare bug causing all sites on the globe to be revealed
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bash ability to be available for the Technician Robotic Arms
  • Fixed a bug causing Boom Blast ability to not interact correctly with some other abilities
  • Fixed a bug causing some players to not be able to activate the Living Weapons DLC
  • Fixed sound issues with voices, dialogs, and effects
  • Fixed problems with some weapons not reloading fully and/or starting without a full magazine
  • Fixed a bug where loading an autosave before an ambush mission was not triggering the ambush again
  • Fixed an issue with the description of the Adrenaline Rush ability, not reflecting that it also reduces accuracy
  • Fixed some problems with missing text
  • Fixed small issues with missing UI sounds

Cool. I’ll go pull down the mods I made to triage some of these issues.
Looks to be a really solid patch.

Thanks to the team for working hard.

Did you guys fix the issue where corpses are counted for nearby enemies when triggering abilities like master marksman?
It’s a trivial fix, and the last fix/mod I’ve got up on the Nexus.


THX but where is the skill balance? dash, rage?


Currently it is not the time for balance. It is time to eliminate game hanging bugs. :wink: Balance should come next. :wink:


Cool, means I can finally start the game today :slight_smile:

The thread should be stickied.

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To get some clarification on:

Does this mean you’ve simply re-inverted the toggle element so it correctly represents the correct value now?

Going to be important to know if I now need to tick the DLC to activate it rather than leave it unticked to activate it when I start my next campaign.


This change by the way seems questionable to me given the mechanics of the game.

If I don’t have direct line of sight on a target but blind fire a weapon with a outcome that one or more projectiles impacts a previously hidden enemy (and potentially others near it) are you now saying it will cheese bypass return fire?

As it’s sounding more like you’ve just introduced potential exploit behaviour into the way return fire works. :thinking:

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Aha. Now it makes sense.

My thoughs exactly. So our assaults now will only counterattack when directly attacked by enemy. They won’t cover with fire other team members.


Thanks for weakening the siren. Even a bit helps.

The scavenging missions sometimes feel like a waste of time especially if you lose a few barrels. In most cases you can’t prevent at least half of them getting destroyed as the crabs spawn at the other side of the map surrounded by barrels.

Thank you for the patch. New shiny game starts at 2pm. :slight_smile:

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I am more thinking of the numerous times I’ve known a enemy is behind a wall, so I shoot at the wall and heavily damage the enemy.

Return fire kept some kind of sanity to such a approach as it allowed the enemy to counter my tactic, if return fire will now go “The enemy wasn’t ‘targeted’ so return fire doesn’t apply”, then there are going to be so many ways to cheese bypass return fire now and render the enemy unable to ever use return fire.

Edit: There is the possibility that this is simply terminology confusion. And that their official definition of ‘targeted by an attack’ means that it was inflicted damage upon by a attack action. If that’s the case, then all is still good for the most part. But it could do with clarification, especially in the patch notes so others reading it know exactly what has changed and don’t start reporting ‘bugs’ that are the game working as it should be.


I didn’t even hope that this patch would fix so many things :slight_smile: I was wondering if it was fair when Chiron shot once and my assault group just retaliated 4 times! All those half bursts…

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Better than nothing,a step forward is forever recorded in history,now l have hope in this game more than before

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make sense, “return fire” not “cover fire” - the name clearly indicates intent of devs, so this aligns it with The Vision ™ (for any old verant era EQers :P)


It’s downloading now. 2.71GB. 2.71GB. Is that the full game?

I thought it wasn’t going live till 2pm.

I think NO key-mapping fix is going to cause a bit of trouble.

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The 1.0 release also went live earlier than expected. Gonna give it a try

For the DLC, I suppose I’d need to make a new campaign?

I’m actually sorry to see the old return fire go. I’ve played with that through the backer builds and it’s an old friend. It was not recieved warmly, however. I understand.

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Hmmm. At least they did something though I´m a bit disappointed especially for balancing those Lair missions…

DLC? I thought there was only living weapons available as yet.

Thanks guys!!!