Patch notes 1.14.2 Azathoth + all previous patch notes

We have released a hotfix for Steam, EGS, and GOG that addresses some issues with the latest release. The Microsoft Store for PC/Xbox and PlayStation hotfix will be shared next week, and we’ll share an update on timing then. Thank you all for your patience there!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to become stuck when loading a Haven Defence mission.

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to become stuck when opening the inventory in Tactical next to a turret, spider mine, mutog or an allied guardian.

  • Fixed an issue where after an update to the latest version the Aspida had no weapons and no abilities. The issue will still be present in old tactical saves, but it will be resolved after returning to the geoscape.

  • Fixed an issue where the priest head mutations were not available on the Mutations screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the edit unit button in Personnel screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the deployment cost of the Mutogs.

  • Fixed a deployment issue in “Byzantium” mission.

  • Fixed several localisation issues.


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Previous Patch Notes

1.14 Azathoth + DLC 5 Kaos Engines - March 1st 2021

NEW DLC: Kaos Engines

Take a drive on the wild side with DLC 5: Kaos Engines. This vehicular focused DLC features a brand new vehicle, the Kaos Buggy, and tons of vehicle customization options for all your existing vehicles, too. Plus, try out unpredictable Kaos Tech weaponry: great power, but also great risk!

Of course, DLC 5 also includes new missions, research, and an all-new marketplace to buy gear and technology.

Kaos Engines Includes:

  • New Vehicle: Test drive the Kaos Buggy, a makeshift vehicle that sports two different weapons alongside its innate ability to hit the gas when things get too hairy.

  • New Missions: Engage in four new missions from the Kaos Syndicate or use their access to scavenged goods to purchase unique weapons and vehicular technology to use in the main campaign.

  • New Vehicle Customizations: Upgrade any vehicle with new engines, hull modules, or weaponry, mix and match their components and paint them how you want them to appear.

  • New Weapons: Wield five new Kaos Tech guns which offer more power for your soldiers, but may devastatingly malfunction at a critical time!

Kaos Engines arrives with the free v.1.14 “Azathoth” content update, which includes new game balance changes, a change for Mutogs and a few bug fixes. Infiltrator fans, get ready for a new cosmetic skin; follow our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to learn how to access it!


  • Increased material and research rewards from Geoscape exploration and encounters events by approximately 25%.

  • Increased material rewards from researches by 25%.

  • Changes to diplomatic rewards/penalties for some story missions from the base game, as well as Blood and Titanium, Legacy of the Ancients and Festering Skies.

  • (DLC 3) Festering Skies’ Haven Defense mission now occur with 75% the rate of the base game (used to be 66%).


  • We didn’t want Mutogs to go unnoticed, so we’re reducing their deployment cost to 2 (from 3).

  • Also, Will Points for Mutogs with Venomous Head increased to 40

  • Some Siren evolutions receive a slight increase in Will Points

  • Instigator +4 Will Points

  • Hellion +2 Will Points

  • Banshee +2 Will Points

  • Fixed a bug where when manually targeting Siren Armis hands, the text wrongly indicated that they do 6 viral damage.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Stadia where players could get stuck in the tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue that could occur with cloud saves between Windows Store and Xbox versions of the game.

Article with more info, screenshots and trailer: Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines DLC Now Available on PC, PlayStation, Stadia and Xbox — Phoenix Point

1.13.2 Hypnos - November 21st 2021

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the main music did not play on Geoscape in several cases.

  • Fixed an issue where pressing “Y” and “B” together during a Pandoran alien report on the geoscape would corrupt the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where satellite uplinks did not reveal havens from supportive factions.

  • Fixed data tracking for some mutoid abilities.

  • Fixed the description of cure spray ability of the Mutoid, because it should not heal 50HP.

  • Fixed an issue where mind controlled Pandoran units counted as haven defenders at the end of a mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the game gets stuck during loading when a Technician has both Mech Arms in the inventory and attached to the armor/mounted slot.

  • Fixed a stuck issue where a prompt was letting the player activate a console with a second soldier during a steal research mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the game gets stuck in tactical after a paralized triton is killed.

  • Fixed a stuck issue when the last allied unit evacuates with jet jump or dash with no AP left.

  • Fixed an issue where Neurotoxic spray disables the usage of any 1 or 2 handed item if applied on any limb(arm/leg).

  • Fixed an issue with missing strings for some body parts for Hoplite and Guardians (DLC2).

  • Fixed an issue with corrupted files when entering a map that has a technician while DLC4 is not available and/or enabled.

  • Fixed the description of dynamic resistance ability of the Acheron to exclude some damage types (DLC4).

NEW DLC: “Corrupted Horizons” - October 1st 2021

A new deadly strain of the Pandoravirus appears that saps the will from every being it touches! This is a deadly threat to Phoenix, but can they make use of it against the Pandorans, as well? Encounter fearsome enemies and build a special type of soldier as you fight across a new storyline with unique research, missions, and cinematics.

Corrupted Horizons Includes:

NEW Story Missions and Cinematics, with New Research and Equipment

NEW Enemy and Game Mechanic “Corruption”

NEW Soldier Type

Alongside Corrupted Horizons, our newest Phoenix Point free content update, “Hypnos,” is now available for all Steam players as well, which includes new Quality-of-Life features, changes to diplomacy and research, and other upgrades as outlined below. We also are making available a new cosmetic skin, the Headhunter Heavy! Everyone can unlock this armor with the promotional code: ABSOLUTEPOWER

1.13 Hypnos - October 1st 2021

Full patch notes below:


  • Revealed Havens within the sphere of influence of a Pandoran Base will now give diplomatic bonuses or penalties, based on how long the Pandoran Base has been active after being revealed.

  • Attacking a Faction will now increase the Alert level of that Faction towards Phoenix. At High Alert, Phoenix Point can no longer attack that Faction and will have to wait a cooldown time for Alert level to go down. After an attack, the Threat level of missions against that Faction also increases by 1 level for a period of time.

  • Rebalanced diplomatic penalties - players will receive higher diplomatic penalties when attacking Factions in which they have better relationships.

  • Shared faction research rewards with Phoenix are now spread at different levels instead of being awarded at 50 diplomatic points. The shared research will be at 50% progress and will have to be completed by the player.

  • The research reward for completing a Steal Research mission is now shown on the Haven info panel. Players need to visit a Haven to find out what the reward will be.

  • After a successful Haven Defense, surviving soldiers from the defending Faction may decide to join Phoenix if they have a positive relationship. The higher the difficulty setting, the lower the chance that a soldier might join.

  • (DLC2) Each Archaeology Lab will provide 1 resource of passive income each day for every resource gathering site in control of that type.


  • Players will have to use the new Hack ability in order to complete the Steal Research mission objectives, which makes a soldier busy for 2 turns (unable to take action) until the Hack is complete.

  • Disabling an eye of the Yuggothian entity will remove a Mark of the Void from a random soldier. A hint to support the mechanic will appear if hints are enabled.

Quality-of-Life improvements

  • Added Cinematics library on the main menu to rewatch cinematics available during the game. Players will need to unlock these cinematics after this update for them to appear.

  • Improvements to HUD UI when certain Tutorial hints are showing

  • Revised the UI design in Recruits tab

  • Better trigger conditions for the Jet Jump tutorial step in the 2nd tutorial mission

  • Main objectives on Geoscape that lead to campaign completion now have a unique icon

  • Several hints added to Geoscape to better explain the Augmentation (DLC1) and Mutation mechanics

  • New pause/unpause settings in game options for Aircraft movement

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a gameplay issue where Action Points would not count correctly after a unit stops its movement animation after spotting an enemy on the map.

  • Fixed a rare issue where a living spider drone could cause the game to hang if it tries to move right when a mission is completed.

  • Fixed an issue where a mind controlled soldier by the Pandorans can see and shoot hidden player infiltrator soldiers

  • Fixed several issues where Geoscape events could appear in the wrong order after player input

  • Fixed the description of the Breathe Mist ability for the Synedrion armor

  • (DLC2) Fixed a game stuck when a Hoplite would try to use a shield after its head is disabled

  • (DLC2) Fixed texts with missing keys for Hoplite and Guardian enemies

  • (DLC3) Fixed several cases where the Myrmidon would clip through collisions after using its Fly ability.

  • (DLC3) Fixed a rare game hang after killing a poisonous Myrmidon.

  • (DLC3) Fixed a hang during loading screen after completing an Interception Battle with 2 or more Phoenix Point aircrafts present at the location.

1.12 Ambrose Balance update - August 5 2021

Changes to the mid-late game, weapons, mutations and bionics and more are in this new free update.

Our latest Phoenix Point update, “Ambrose,” is now available for all our operatives around the globe.

The patch started its life with a very simple task at hand: to cut some tedium of mid - late game. This is something that had previously been discussed at length by both our community and internally, so we were not short of ideas. But as often happens in gamedev, shortly after we began working on the task, conditions shifted, and we found out that things won’t be so straightforward.

We had settled on a release date for our PlayStation and Xbox Behemoth Edition, and in that case, it was precisely “Ambrose” that would go for a console certification. The whole console certification process is long and complex, as well as the process of merging and syncing up new content for both PC and consoles. To reduce the possibility of further complications, we decided to keep “Ambrose” changes strictly to the “data” kind.

This also meant that we had the opportunity to incorporate other changes that were also discussed at length by both community and internally, namely to address the difficulty for Rookie and Veteran players. At the same time, we wanted to keep the game challenging for all players, including bringing some new fun with some old toys.

Your feedback has been crucial in shaping up “Ambrose,” with many of the ideas of how we can better balance the soldier’s gear coming from your suggestions. There are a few things that came out during testing that we plan to address in the following updates (yep, less tech in scavenging) and we are also closely monitoring all feedback around the “economy” changes and the reduction of the amount of HD mission. Even with the launch, the job is not done with it going live. Soon, we’ll be talking more about what’s coming in DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons, what to expect from the console Behemoth Edition, and other updates coming later this year for the game.

A huge thanks to all of you who take your time to share feedback on the game, and test or discuss the elements of “Ambrose.” And for everyone that has yet to play Phoenix Point, as of today, we’ve introduced a price reduction for our Year One Edition to $39.99 USD, so get in there now as the world’s not going to save itself! Try using the code HERECOMESTHEPHOENIX for a little treat from Odin…

Full patch notes:


  • The cost of late-game faction research is lowered by approximately 35%.

  • The build time of story haven zones is lowered by 50%.

  • The rate of Pandoran evolution is slowed down with approximately 20% on Rookie, Veteran and Hero difficulty.

  • The rate at which the Pandoran bases conduct their attacks is reduced.

  • Increased the rewards for scavenging and haven defence missions by approximately 20%.

  • Increased the number of total food, training, elite training and factory zones in Havens

  • The Neutral weapons and armors are now available for manufacturing to the player from the start of the game.


  • Increased the maximum strength for the player’s soldier to 35.

  • Increased the starting strength of the soldier for Rookie, Veteran and Hero difficulty with 2.

  • Increased the strength of all human characters by 2.

  • Reduced the amount of damage “Bash” does.

  • Increased the number of enemies in the beginning of the game for Hero and Legend difficulty.

  • Increased the chance of enemies dropping items on death.

Mutations, Bionics and weapons adjustments

  • Venom Torso - damage increased to 55, Shoot Spike cost reduced to 1AP, 10 stealth and 2 speed added, maximum range of projectile removed, effective range reduced to 22 , ammo reduced to 16.

  • Tentacle Torso - Paralysis value increased to 24, stealth penalty removed, perception bonus increased to 6, 1 speed bonus added.

  • Screaming Head - Psychic Scream cost reduced to 1AP and 4 WP, but is restricted to one use per turn, 4 WP bonus added.

  • Judgement Head - WP bonus increased to 8.

  • Shadow Legs - shock damage of Electric Kick increased to 200.

  • Propeller Legs - Rocket Leap distance increased to 9 tiles.

  • Juggernaut Torso - Demolition State cost reduced to 2WP.

  • Scion of Sharur - viral damage increased to 15.

  • Destiny III - damage reduced to 70, ammo capacity reduced to 12, manufacturing and ammo cost reduced.

  • VVA-2 Arms - ammo capacity reduced to 5.

  • Ragnarok - ammo cost is reduced to 16 tech and 49 materials.

  • Autocannon - weight reduced to 4.

  • Praetorian 2 Body Armor - armor reduced to 18.

  • Guardian XA Helmet - armor reduced to 26.

  • Guardian XA Leg Armor - armor reduced to 29.

  • Nergal’s Wrath effective range increased to 14.

Mutogs adjustments

  • Venomous Head damage increased to 60.

  • Ramming Head damage increased to 150.

  • Slasher Tail damage increased to 70.

  • Basher Tail damage increased to 60 and shock damage increased to 200.

  • Paw Strike damage increased to 80.

Pandoran changes

  • Damage of the Evolved Organic Machine Gun reduced to 45 per shot.

  • Siren Injector Arms viral damage increased to 6 (per hand).

  • Arthron Shieldbearer gets 2 additional speed.

  • Scylla Thureus, Scylla Imperator, Scylla Hegemon, Scylla Regina, Scylla Smaragdos, Chiron Smaragdus, Siren Armis have now evolved 50% virus resistance.

Legacy of the Ancient changes

  • Excavation time of Ancient Sites reduced to 8 hours

  • Manufacture time for archaeology probes was reduced by approximately 40%.

  • Lowering the requirement for Triton Umbra and Scylla Smaragdus to be researched by the aliens.

Bug fixes

  • Few minor bugs were fixed.

1.11.1 Behemoth - June 10 2021


  • Swarmer type damage is reduced by 10-15%.


  • Rate of mid and late-game interceptions reduced by up to 20%.

Bug fixes

  • Implemented a workaround solution resolving the problem with the cinematics in the game on Windows 7.

  • Fixed an issue where the hair of the units in the portraits in Tactical would not appear correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where narrative messages wouldn’t appear in the “Gift” mission if the hints are disabled.

  • Fixed an issue with the animation of the explosive egg upon destruction.

  • Alien eggs now fall properly when the floor beneath them is destroyed.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing the game to be stuck when the interception minigame is paused during a muzzle flash VFX.

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Corruption Node didn’t spawn during Infested Haven missions resulting in an instant victory for the player.

  • Fixed an issue where after loading a save the Behemoth 3D model would appear while submerged.

  • Fixed an issue where the save game button would occasionally become disabled after a lost ancient site defense.

  • Fixed an issue where an inactive deploy button appears on sites when using the Masked Manticore.

  • Fixed an issue where the Gills objective wouldn’t complete correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the 3D models in the intelligence reports appeared too bright.

  • Fixed an issue where Mindfraggers can attack through walls on Synedrion maps.

  • Fixed controller scheme instructions for inventory and soldier info.

  • Fixed an issue where the Myrmidon spawn animation wouldn’t appear correctly.

  • Alien eggs now fall properly when the floor beneath them is destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the death animation of the Venomous Swarmer causing a delayed game response.

  • Fixed a rare issue where the game has stuck after returning to Geoscape from a New Jericho story mission.

  • Fixed an issue causing the description of the Pandoran evolution and Fire Worm research not showing correctly.

  • Fixed an issue causing problems with buying soldier abilities before deploying on missions.

  • Fixed an issue where the auto-battle button could not be selected with a controller.

  • Other minor fixes.

1.11 Behemoth - July 25 2021

NEW DLC: Festering Skies

The skies darken with alien vessels, and the Phoenix Project must rise to the challenge against their biggest foe yet in the all-new Festering Skies DLC. Face off against flying Pandorans in the new interception mode: research aircraft, weapons, and modules to counter Pandoran assaults in the skies. Take on new enemies on the ground, as well as new missions and an entirely new mission type. Plus, Festering Skies features its own, original storyline and cinematic cutscenes, and, of course, the Behemoth, a monstrous new threat you must stop before it crushes humanity – literally.

Festering Skies Includes:

  • NEW Story Missions and Cinematics.

  • NEW Mission Type that occurs on affected faction locations.

  • NEW Interception air combat minigame with its own research, manufacturing, and equipment.

  • NEW Enemies on the Geoscape and Tactical.

Festering Skies comes with the free v.1.11 “Behemoth” content update, which includes many upgrades and balancing of key systems as outlined below. We also are making available a new cosmetic skin; follow our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to learn how to access it.

QoL improvements

  • We’ve made multiple improvements and rebalanced the toughness of all destructible objects like walls, doors, windows, etc. The toughness of objects should take into account a better calculation of the size and material type (metal, concrete, wood, etc.) when determining if a shot is able to destroy it.

  • To better help with stealth and awareness, enemy perception range is visualized when hovered, based on the selected soldier.

  • Additionally, Eggs and Sentinels trigger range is visualized when hovered.

  • The cone radius of the Overwatch ability will have a maximum size based on weapon type.

  • Change of the rule for the Supportive Faction Havens. When the player discovers a site which is a Haven of a Supportive Faction, it is revealed.

  • Improved information of the body parts in free aim when mouseover.

Game balancing

We’re continually optimizing the game for all our players, thanks to the feedback gathered from our community. In this first re-balancing effort, we looked at a few abilities and weapons that had the potential to be exploited, and tweaked them to align better with our vision for the game. We’ll be keeping an eye on the reception and have other areas we’ll be addressing in the future.

  • Remote Control adjusted from 1AP 3WP to 2AP 2 WP.

  • Sneak Attack now provides 50% damage dealt versus 100% when not spotted.

  • Vanish will now cost 1AP and 3WP, from 0 AP 4WP.

  • Advanced lasers - Scorcher now has a rebalanced Ammo capacity and burst.

1.10.1 Orryx - March 11 2021


  • Added more contextual help messages and tooltips to tactical.

  • In order to prevent misfires due to flinching, targets will now freeze during the firing sequence when shooting in Free Aim.

  • Haven defenders are now alerted right from the start of the mission.

  • Enemies in Ambush missions are now alerted from the start.

  • Improved collisions in order to fix several issues related to cover and shooting on Synedrion and New Jericho maps.


  • Each soldier in the game now has precisely 3 perks.

  • Re-balance of the diplomacy rewards for Citadels, Lairs, and Nests missions.

  • Citadels: from 15 to 12

  • Lairs: from 10 to 8

  • Nests: from 5 to 4


  • Enable the “redeem a code” menu on Stadia.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues that caused the game to be stuck:

  • During an enemy turn due to an enemy unit falling into the terrain.

  • When spawning an Umbra and the floor beneath it is destroyed.

  • When attempting to aim with the Danchev MG.

  • When a soldier with a MasterMarksman ability dies in a fire.

  • When using a Controller and entering the diplomacy screen while only one faction is discovered with no mission to offer.

  • During an enemy turn after a Zeus/EMP grenade is thrown at an Armadillo.

  • When clicking to activate the RageBurst ability from the UI, while the cursor is outside the map bounds.

  • Fixed a very rare issue with loading a save game on the Schism story mission related to the Exalted.

  • Fixed an issue with the collisions on the curved parts of the Synedrion buildings.

  • Fixed an issue causing Sophia’s message at the end of tutorial missions 2 and 3 to appear twice.

  • Fixed an issue causing a Fishman/Triton to take too much time to perform its turn.

  • Fixed an issue causing Vehicles to be stuck after a collision with Synedrion buildings.

  • Fixed an issue causing continued mind control of a unit even after the unit doing the mind control is evacuated.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the start of the Disciples of Anu Second Initiation mission.

  • Fixed an issue with Boom Blast making Reload Ability cost 0 for Explosive weapons.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the PP Tech Remote Control ability to work on allied turrets.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the opening of character info while the PX Combat Shield is equipped.

  • Fixed a couple of UI issues with the indication of the selected target.

  • Fixed an issue where some units don’t evacuate properly.

  • Fixed the animation of the technician’s hand in order to resolve a collision issue between the hand and the PX PDW weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where a soldier can be recruited when the aircraft isn’t near to the haven.

  • Fixed an issue preventing deleting saves in the game.

  • Fixed several navigational and deployment issues.

1.10 Orryx - February 2 2021


  • Mindfragged soldier can not be targeted with Bash.

  • Addressed issues around Paralysis and Panic

  • Paralysis heal - improved medkits, technicians, aspidas now remove 50% of Paralysis value.

  • Panic lock - Recover ability gives Panic immunity for 1 turn.

  • Marked for Death change.

  • Mark an enemy target. Increases damage suffered by the target by 10 from each hit until the end of the turn. Does not stack.

  • Ground markers are removed while in free aim.

  • Umbra FX changed so it is a lot more noticeable.

  • Jet Pack jump - improved animation speed curve.

  • Zone line color is now orange when the soldier cannot use a weapon, either because it is broken or the soldier’s arm is disabled.

  • When out of ammo, the reload icon will pulse/flash.

  • Reinforcements enter in an alerted state by default.

  • Flamethrower and incendiary grenades are now doing impact damage and will start from the next turn. Damage from lit tile will only apply at the start of the player’s turn.


  • Players should no longer run out of sites to continue missions.


  • Animation speed options available in the gameplay options (Standard, Fast, Faster, Dangerous).

  • Removed the Throw Turret ability from the achievement requirements for “I can do everything”.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue wherein rare occasions the entrance of the base in the base defense mission was walled off.

  • Fixed an issue that prevents the start of a mission or scans on the map.

  • Fixed a very rare issue where the game crashes when evacuating a vehicle that has an infiltrator inside, who is a master of a spider drone.

  • Fixed a very rare issue where the game crashes when a unit kills himself with a grenade and causes panic in allied units.

  • Fixed an issue where the continue is not shown in the main menu after making a save in the Geoscape and returning to the main menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the game crashes when an enemy is struck with the Neurazer.

  • Fixed a couple of issues where enemies appear inside structures which prevents the mission to be finished.

  • Fixed a rare issue with a missing mission.

  • Fixed an issue where a soldier with Berserker class can’t move after a technician healed his limbs.

  • Fixed an issue where loading a saved game in Tactical has restored fully the AP of an allied soldier.

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to dismiss soldiers during the Geoscape tutorial, which may cause a problem progressing further in the game if all soldiers are dismissed. Soldiers cannot be dismissed anymore before the tutorial is completed.

  • Fixed an issue with missing/wrong information in memorial for soldiers killed by the guardians on the Ancient sites.

  • Fixed an issue with the captured aliens section in the end game screen, always shows 0.

  • Fixed an issue where entering free aim for the first time on a mission the background in the fakes is too dark.

  • Fixed an issue with a bright flash at the start of some missions.

  • Fixed an issue with the data setup for civilian character templates.

  • Fixed an issue with triggering Rage burst while facing Yuggothian Entity.

  • Fixed an issue causing Tactical hints to be on even when the Show Tactical Contextual Hits option is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue causing place holder name to be shown for the name of the decoy when infiltrator uses the decoy ability.

  • Fixed inconsistent representation of equipment in the service record.

  • Fixed an issue where after taking control of a dazed haven defender he can use a normal amount of AP as if it were not dazed.

  • Fixed an issue with the acquired experience after completing Secure access of the aircraft objective on NJ heaven.

  • Fixed an issue in the end report screen, not showing the total count of the faction missions correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the deployment of the riot shield. Now the shield can be deployed only once and needs to be retracted to change the position or to shoot with any weapon.

  • Fixed an issue with the increase of the range of the “Expert Mounted Weapons” skill.

  • Fixed an issue with the info window of a Scylla, not showing the ability for the Reactive Mist the Scylla emits upon being damaged.

  • Fixed a small localization issue.

  • Fixed a collision issue with the Anu Hammer and the holding hand.

1.9.3 Polaris

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Queen spawning a mindfragger causing the Pandoran turn to not end.

  • Fixed an issue where in certain conditions the game freezes on enemy turn.

  • Fixed an issue where a crabman that destroys his weapon while shooting at an enemy assault no longer causes a hang.

  • Fixed an issue where names were incorrectly assigned considering the character’s gender.

  • Fixed an issue where a tree hangs in the air when its trunk is destroyed.

  • Fixed an animation issue with the Heavy Armor equipped with a shield.

  • Fixed a navigation and collision issue that was causing characters to shoot through some wall types.

  • Fixed a couple of texture issues.

  • Fixed a minor navigation issue.

  • Fixed an issue with two deployment zones.

  • Fixing an issue preventing selected character to be changed while there is a pending message prompt.

  • Fixed a UI issue occurring when switching from lower to a higher resolution.

  • Fixed an issue with the deployment zones for 3x3 creature in NJ residential sites.

  • Fixed an issue where the Puppeteer was appearing with no equipment whatsoever.

  • Drawing of the action zone outlines is now based on the AP cost of the ability of the selected equipment, rather than the AP cost of the equipment itself.

  • Fixed a very rare graphical issue in the main menu when returning from a Tactical Tutorial mission.

  • Additional info was added into the hint on how to adjust the width of the overwatch cone when using a controller.

  • Fixed an issue wherein on a very rare occasion two units may get stuck in the same place.

  • Fixed an issue with the triggering of the hint for the psychic damage.

  • “Stand By” ability now can be activated when inside a vehicle.

  • Fixed an issue during Synedrion missions, when a unit walks next to a curved window, the window breaks.

  • Fixed an issue with the objective marker on the Firebird mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the hints for the “Tired” and “Exhausted” statuses weren’t showing.

  • Hiding the health bars while the character is shooting, showing only the ones that get damaged.

  • Focusing the camera on each hint that is displayed, instead of only on the first one.

  • Removing extra end turn message when a sentinel/egg starts preparing. The camera focuses on the sentinel when it starts preparing.

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect XP awards for base defense mission.

  • Fixed an issue with the music when the Battle Summary Screen is closed.

  • Fixed an issue where the EXP awarded to the player on the rescue soldiers mission was incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue with worms keeps glowing after they are killed.

  • Fixed an incorrect icon for the Scavenging Tutorial Mission.

  • Fixed an issue causing the game sound to continue playing while the game is in the background

  • Fixed Phoenix Point icon in personnel screen.

  • Changing the Jet Jump to not be drawn if it is disabled (not enough APs).

  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts for time control were working when not visible.

  • Fixed an issue where all soldiers’ original faction is Phoenix.

  • Fixed an issue with ammo not displaying properly.

  • Fixed a very small issue with the color-coding of the Action Point cost text.

  • Fixed an issue wherein very rare instances the Flamethrower goes through a wall.

  • Controller support was added to the game summary screen (victory/defeat).

  • Fixed an issue causing the main screen to reset when closing any menu screens.

  • Fixed an issue with the “Drag here to manufacture” field not showing correctly the DLC 2 resources.

  • Fixed an issue with the spawn location of worms in the “The Poison Within” mission.

  • Fixed an issue in the recruits menu when using a controller.

  • Fixed an issue with not removing the Acid Status from the actor, if the body part it is applied on, gets disabled.

  • Fixed an issue with the manufacturing button staying active when the user reaches the maximum store capacity by manufacturing an instant item.

  • Turrets are no longer displayed in Enemy Kills in the Personnel Service Record.

1.9.2 Polaris

  • Bonus key HEAVYHOLIDAYS added.

  • Privacy policy updated

1.9.1 Polaris - December 10 2020

Bug Fixes

  • In rare occasions the game would freeze when the enemy and the player’s soldier are in the same tile during overwatch.

  • A rare instance of a wrong localization with “The Warning“ encounter.

  • Fixed an issue where nest map was entirely visible from the start.

  • Tree outlines fixed in order to improve visibility in some maps.

  • Fixed an issue where harvest stops working when loading into Geoscape.

  • Fixed an issue with the sound when carrying the riot shield.

  • Resolved a problem with the banter in tutorial three mission.

  • Various minor issues.


  • Antarctica is now easier to reach.

1.9 Polaris - December 3 2020


  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Objectives list visual polish.
  • Visual updates in the following screens:
    • Home screen.
    • Victory screen.
    • Loading screen.
    • Memorial screen.


  • New prologue and tutorial experience.
    • A sequence of 4 revised and new tactical missions.
    • Four cinematics.
    • Two new characters.
  • Synedrion level design revision - improving performance
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Pop-up message for vehicle entry, evacuation zones and mission objectives.
  • Loot collection information on the deployment screen.
  • Revised inventory UI
    • An ‘undo’ button is added to reverse inventory changes
    • A pop-up dialogue will warn you when you don’t have enough APs
  • Poisonworms will replace the Fireworm in the early game.
  • New Phoenix Point equipment progression.
    • New research options.
    • Six new Phoenix Point weapons and equipment
  • Game balance adjustments
    • Accuracy modifiers for armor, positive and negative, are reduced by around 30%. Some speed modifiers reduced in magnitude.
    • Costs of many items of equipment changed - cost now takes account of limited ammo capacity.
  • Game difficulty adjustments
    • General deployment points for enemy forces are reduced at the start of the game.
    • Deployment point costs of several tritons increased to reflect their toughness. Should reduce difficulty spikes where Tritons are spammed.
    • Initial deployment of scavenging maps reduced a bit, but reinforcement rate increased a bit.


  • AI optimizations and improvements.
  • Save-game rework - consolidating geoscape and tactical saved game files
  • Gameplay pop-up hints.
    • In tactical and geoscape
    • Provide tutorial and tactical advice
  • Report a bug is moved from “F12” to “F10” button.
  • Personal perks balance adjustments
    • Bombardier
      • Reduced bonus damage from 20% to 10%.
    • Close Quarter Specialist
      • Removed bonus damage for Shotguns.
      • Added 20% bonus Accuracy for Shotguns.
    • Healer
      • Reduced bonus healing from 50% to 30%.
    • Quarterback
      • Reduced bonus grenade range from 50% to 25%.
    • Reckless
      • Reduced bonus damage from 20% to 10%.
      • Reduced accuracy penalty from 20% to 10%.
    • Self Defense Specialist
      • Reduced damage and accuracy bonuses from 20% to 10%.
    • Strongman
      • Removed bonus damage.
      • Added +2 bonus strength.
    • Thief
      • Replaced -2 Speed penalty with +1 Speed bonus.
    • Trooper
      • Lowered bonus damage from 20% to 10%.

Bug Fixes

  • On the final report screen, after the end cutscene has played, the Soldiers Killed statistic in the Phoenix Forces tab doesn’t display the Soldiers that have been dismissed throughout the playthrough any more.
  • Missing sounds when buying and manufacturing ammo.
  • A mutagen pack that doesn’t show up in the resources recovered field.
  • The repair button in a base with damaged facilities.
  • A mutane field that continues to generate resources without any manned aircraft there to supervise it.
  • Diplomacy modification was not all shown in haven defense.
  • Despite having all of the requisite rooms and research (the rooms are all powered) can’t extract mutagens or food from captured Pandorans.
  • Invalid active Pandoran structure.
  • Scavenging sites were showing wrong icons.
  • Haven repair issue.
  • Arthron doesn’t spawn where they are supposed to in the last mission for Anu.
  • After completing the Seeking Dr. Symes mission that leads to Antarctica, the “false” Seeking Dr. Symes mission remains available.
  • A Phoenix soldier did not fall after the floor underneath them was destroyed.
  • Anu “Food Raid Mission” has no evac zone.
  • Only half of the promised outcome was received after the sabotage mission.
  • Naked recruits are not affected by recruit cost reduction.
  • “Command Fortress Research” doesn’t apply 50% deduction.
  • Wrong info in containment.
  • Scyther targeting issue.
  • Story “Infiltrator” doesn’t have a crossbow.
  • Surviving Pandoran colonies section in game over screens shows negative values.
  • After killing a “Tar Shadow Crabman”, its body deforms oddly and floats.
  • Pop-up message “The Shattered Sphere” not showing up correctly.
  • Research exclamation mark does not clear up.
  • Confirmation prompt for killing a Pandoran in containment, displays one more time for each killed Pandoran.
  • Ready slots are wrong on tactical if you put ammo in them.
  • White borders and gray colored hue when there are not enough resources is present on items on “Manufacture” and “Replenish” tabs.
  • The Thor missiles appear at different resource replacement costs in the replenish menu.
  • The priest head mutation has a duplicated icon, while it could show the 3 graphical variants of the mutations.
  • “Next” and “Previous” aircraft buttons are not working properly.
  • The overwatch cone was invisible due to the fact that it was pointing down towards the feet of the actors.
  • The Mist Sentinel should stop glowing upon dead.
  • Wrong Civilian is used in Undercover Brother.
  • Memorial tab is present while editing a soldier from the mission deployment screen.
  • Game freezes at “The Man who would be Pirate King” mission.
  • Soldiers exit the Aspida vehicle from the back, then rapidly run to the front of the vehicle.
  • Game freezes upon a rage burst.
  • Wrong filters in equipment view when opened from manticore bar.

HOTFIX v1.8.1 Arkham - 09/11/2020

  • F12 Report Tool is available again

  • Fixed an issue that would lead to an infinite loading scenario when entering the tactical stage of the Living Weapons missions

  • Fixed an issue where winning or losing the final missions of any factions didn’t trigger the game over cinematic

  • Fixed an issue where the text “REPAIR” on the buttons inside of the Phoenix Bases wasn’t appearing

Phoenix Point v. Arkham 1.8 - 04/11/2020


  • Improved aircraft selection UI

  • Added Phoenix base selection functionality

  • Reworked personnel screen

  • Vehicles are shown along the soldiers

  • Soldiers and vehicles are divided by the location they are at

  • Added basic stats for each soldier and service record

  • Character equipment and training screens are merged and information for stealth, accuracy and perception is added

  • Dismiss of soldiers is now accessible only from this screen

  • There is a new tab in personnel screen showing the soldier memorial

  • New game over screen with gameplay statistics

  • Factions can now attack Phoenix bases when at war with Phoenix

  • When New Jericho is attacking a Pandoran base now you can join in the attack and you will encounter some of their soldiers in battle

  • Ancient Guardians: expanded list of resistances

  • Project Glory now researchable after the first mention of the ancient civilization in the main story

  • Bionic Fortress: increased deployment

  • DLC 1 and 2: a number of missions have rewards increased


  • Visual upgrade of the tactical UI

  • Portraits are now showing hit points along with will points and action points

  • Advanced information about weapons can be activated from the gameplay options


  • Controller scheme rework - complete rework of Tactical and Geoscape controller scheme, there is no longer a free cursor in the game

  • New neutral haven special mission

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang when evacuating from an Ancient Site defense mission.

  • Fixed an exploit where players could scrap items that were already scrapped thus gaining infinite resources.

  • Fixed an issue where some evacuation points on Anu maps would appear floating in the air.

  • A materials reward is now present in the Victory briefing screen after capturing an Ancient site.

  • Disabling an enemy unit’s equipment/weapon will trigger its flinching animations.

  • Fixed an issue where boulders were blocking an evacuation zone on some Scavenging maps.

  • Fixed an issue where Triton enemies could spawn inside some environmental props on Scavenging maps.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t use ladders on some New Jericho maps.

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles couldn’t move on some New Jericho maps.

  • Fixed an issue where a Pure soldier’s shield would remain in the air after the unit gets killed.

  • Fixed an issue where a string of text appeared while aiming a Chiron enemy’s Agile Leg body part.

  • Fixed an issue where The Exalted could overcharge her Will Points above her maximum value of 28.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dazed animation would sometimes appear on the ground.

  • The Hatching Sentinel’s electrical visual effects can no longer be viewed before discovering the enemy.

  • The Status - Psychic Ward ability should appear only once in the character info section.

  • Fixed a hang when a Heavy damages its own Fury-2 launcher while shooting with it

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t save their game when loading an autosave

  • Mind control can’t be used by targets that are Dazed anymore

  • Fixed an issue where the players were receiving notification for Timed Missions expiring when they weren’t revealed yet

  • Jet Jump can no longer be used in some Alien Nest missions

  • Fixed the fence at the start of the Prisoner of Ice mission from blocking vehicles

  • Poison stacks will no longer be reduced upon loading saves where units have been poisoned

  • Fixed an issue where units entering cover in a specific corner of an Anu building would kill them

  • Sentinels can no longer enter their Preparing state when under the effects of Daze

  • EMP grenades now deal damage and disable Spider Drones

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could deploy in buildings on certain Haven Defense missions

  • The Neural Disruption ability will now disable the Siren’s Mind Control ability

  • Fixed an issue where the Priest’s Radiant Hope aura was still in effect after being evacuated

HOTFIX - v. Necronomicon 1.7.3 - 07/10/2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the main factions to appear as enemies on early game scavenging sites, rescue missions and ambushes. They can appear as enemies on some of these sites if the player is at war with the respective faction.

  • Fixed an issue where some defenders had no equipment in Haven defense missions.

  • Fixed an issue which caused Infiltrators that used the Vanish ability to become invisible.

HOTFIX - v. Necronomicon 1.7.2 - 01/10/2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Excavation timers showing incorrect values.

*Fixed a hang when the player kills an Arthron and it prepares to transform into its Umbra version.

*Fixed a hang where a Pure soldier attempted to step-out behind cover with its shield out.

*Fixed a hang when shooting with the Scorpion sniper rifle.

*Fixed a hang when destroying a Pandoran’s weapon while they were attempting to shoot with it.

*Fixed a hang when killing a mind-controlled unit with the Neuralizer weapon.

*Fixed an issue where units couldn’t pass the final gate inside the final mission.

*Fixed an issue where a chair was placed on top of the Objective tile in the Crystal Crossbow mission.

  • Capturing a Pandoran with a Viral weapon will unlock the Pandoran Virus Infection research.

  • Fixed a rare issue where Scavenging Site crate UI could appear in the next Tactical mission the player enters.

  • Fixed an issue where half-full magazines were shown available for scrapping in the Manufacturing section.

  • Bash can now be used while both units are standing in Mist.

  • Fixed an issue where the Arthron Bane Champion was missing its viral machinegun in the Pandoran Intelligence Report.

  • Corrected several typos in the Pandoran Intelligence Report.

  • Fixed an issue where New Jericho aircraft remained on destroyed Pandoran bases.

HOTFIX - v. Necronomicon 1.7.1 - 09/09/2020


  • Reduced the amount of Hoplite units that will be present at ancient sites.

  • Reduced the frequency of attacks contesting ancient sites.

  • Reduced the requirements needed for Pandorans infused with exotic materials to appear.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Spider Drone’s explosion radius doesn’t show the predicted damage.

  • Helena’s unit model has been updated.

  • Fixed an issue where Legacy of the Ancients DLC missions could sometimes replace other story missions.

  • Fixed several collision issues on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jet Jump ability couldn’t be used if the player controlled unit was standing in an enemy’s corpse.

  • Fixed an issue where allied units couldn’t move after defeating a Cyclops enemy with a melee attack.

  • Several environmental objects on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps have been made destructible.

  • The Rebuke and Scorpion weapons have updated visual effects in the Personnel screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Scyther weapon wasn’t being treated as a two handed weapon.

  • Pandoran Reports show the correct HP amount for evolved Scylla enemies.

  • Fixed an issue where a site’s exploration status wouldn’t get completed despite the UI showing it is.

  • Fixed an issue where the units’ movement range UI wasn’t appearing on a specific Synedrion map.

  • The Evacuate ability will now flash yellow when a vehicle is standing on an evacuation zone.

  • Changed the Quick Aim ability’s text after it was activated.

  • Fixed an issue where the character tooltips within the Tactical layer would sometimes show an incorrect value for a unit’s HP.

  • Fixed an issue where loading a save would make level 7 units drop down to level 6.

  • Fixed an issue where the flamethrower didn’t create flame tiles and had inconsistent sound effects.

  • Fixed an issue where the Return Fire icon wouldn’t always appear on enemies with that ability.

  • Fixed an issue where the player didn’t regain control over haven defenders after they got released from an enemy’s mind control ability.

  • Made it less likely for first tier diplomacy missions to appear far away from the player’s currently explored sites.

  • Fixed an issue where the Moon Launch mission wouldn’t be available if the player unlocked it at the same time as a Haven got attacked.

Phoenix Point v. Necronomicon 1.7 - 26/08/2020

New DLC Release

Legacy of the Ancients delves into the secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization that predated modern humans on Earth. Explore ancient ruins for precursor knowledge, and use it to unlock a whole new line of Phoenix Point weapons and technologies. But beware: the Ancients left powerful guardians to watch over their secrets; you won’t be the only one seeking to control this ancient knowledge. New rivals will rise up as the legacy of the ancients is revealed to humanity.

new story missions and cinematics
new mission types
new enemies and new evolutions for the old ones
new environments
new points of interest on the globe with unique way of exploration
new resources with unique way of obtaining
new researches
6 new powerful weapons to manufacture


Pandoran Evolution

  • Increased the speed at which Pandorans evolve.

*Increased the stats of most Pandoran enemies, especially the melee ones.


  • Increased the resources cost of higher level recruits.


  • Slightly reduced the rate of starvation.

  • Reduced the frequency of Haven attacks.


  • Skill points awarded after missions are adjusted based on difficulty.


  • Strongman personal skill’s damage and accuracy is decreased from 30% to 20%.

  • Increased the Perception reduction to 20 from 10.

  • Increased War Cry’s AP cost from 0 to 1.


  • Slightly decreased the accuracy of Pythagoras VII.

  • Decreased the accuracy of Shotgun weapons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang caused by the Yugothian Entity being killed by a high stack of Poison damage.

  • Fixed a hang caused by killing a Terror Sentinel with a flamethrower weapon.

  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial where players couldn’t add more items to their Inventory, blocking their progress.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Inventory window from closing.

  • Fixed a delay after using the Priest’s Mind Control ability.

  • Mutogs will no longer communicate using human voices.

  • Fixed an issue where the water in the Pandoran Lair maps would not be generated when loading the level.

  • Vehicles will no longer dive into the ground while moving on certain maps.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the damage preview from showing on enemies’ health bars.

  • Units won’t die when they climb tables on certain maps.

  • Adjusted some of the map generation so that it doesn’t block vehicle movement.

  • Scylla’s ranged weapon mutations now show the correct Range stat.

  • Fixed an issue allowing the Induce Panic ability to work on targets with more WP than the * Priest casting the ability.

  • Fixed an issue where the Scarab’s weapon couldn’t fire after getting repaired.

  • Fixed an issue where the Spider Drone’s animation for jumping up or down one level wasn’t activating.

  • Fixed an issue where the Interact ability wasn’t appearing on the objective of the Sixth Initiation mission.

  • Scyllas can no longer spawn Mindfraggers while they are panicked.

  • Fixed an issue where several research projects could be completed at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue where some Pandorans could appear with weapons that have not yet been researched.

HOTFIX - v. Cthulhu 1.6.2 - 07/08/2020



  • Adjusted the number of sites that get reveal when arriving at Havens.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a hang when returning back to the Geoscape from a Tactical mission after loading an autosave.

  • Fixed a hang caused by taking control of a haven defender with the Infiltrator class
    Rescued or recruited soldiers can now be sent to the last Bases if the player had revealed more than 10.

  • Fixed an issue where Mark for Death could be used on the same target more than once.

  • Fixed an issue where recovered vehicles would have human names generated for them.

HOTFIX - v. Cthulhu 1.6.1 - 04/08/2020


  • Manufacturing: Adjusted the Tech cost of several items in the Manufacturing tab.


  • Scavenging Rescue Soldier Missions - Reduced the total number of soldiers available from 4 to 3.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a hang with the Mindfragger attempting to mind control units immune to mind control abilities.

  • Fixed an issue where rescuing soldiers from missions would add clones of the same soldier in the Personnel section.

  • Fixed an issue where Training and Equipment couldn’t be accessed on the Deploy Squad screen.

  • Fixed an issue where several queued up instances of research could be completed instantly when receiving research points from encounters.

  • Phoenix Bases that are not activated will no longer have the same names.

  • Recruits on Legend difficulty will no longer spawn without mutation/bionics.

  • Priest/Infiltrator/Technician units will no longer spawn in Havens without Elite Training facilities.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies from the Pure faction would spawn without their bionics.

  • Fixed an issue with Sniperist removing more Will Points than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the bonus effects from the Fungal Food Production would appear as a string of characters in the German localization.

  • Phoenix Bases that are outside of Mist will no longer display a 100% chance of becoming infested.

  • Fixed an issue where bonus stats weren’t showing up in the Training screen.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy units were missing some of their high-level abilities.

  • Armor Break’s will point cost and Shred values are properly set to 3WP and 30 Shred respectively.

  • Fixed an issue where soldiers weren’t generated with Backer Names. Added an Option to turn this ON or OFF in the Gameplay section of the Options screen.

Phoenix Point v. Cthulhu 1.6 - 30/07/2020

REMINDER: it is highly advisable to start a new campaign after this patch to make everything work smoothly. You will still be able to load old saves, but the game experience might be flawed.

If you want to continue with your old save games, we recommend not updating the game. If you have auto-update enabled on Epic Launcher, you can run the game from the .exe file on your PC (without using Epic Games Launcher). This way, the game will not update.


Phoenix Bases

  • The first base at the start of the game is the only Active one. Players need to locate and activate the rest of the Phoenix Bases.

  • The remaining Phoenix Bases can be located after researching Phoenix Archives.

  • Inactive Phoenix Bases need to be activated by paying resources.

  • Inactive Phoenix Bases can be revealed to be Infected Bases upon activation. The percentages of a Phoenix Base being infected vary. If a Phoenix Base is covered in Mist then the chances of it being Infected are increased. The Infected Bases will have Pandoran enemies in them and need to be cleared out before they can be used.

  • When a Satellite Uplink in a base is built or repaired it begins scanning with increasing range, revealing sites as it expands. Scavenging, Haven and Exploration Sites are located this way.

  • When a base is attacked without soldiers, or not defended, the base is not destroyed. Instead, all the facilities in the base are damaged. The soldiers are not affected.

  • Food Production facility now requires the “Fungal Food Production” research in order to unlock it.


  • Active Scanning has been removed.

  • Reduced the number of overall sites on the Geoscape.

  • Reaching a Haven will reveal nearby sites.

Pandoran Evolution

  • Pandorans start off without any weapons or mutations. They now have their own research and evolution system that develops over the course of the game.

  • Every time the Pandorans unlock a new stage in their evolution an event on the Geoscape will appear with detailed information about the new developments.

  • Number of Pandoran Bases has been reduced. There is now a maximum concurrent number for each type of base.

  • Pandorans unlock the building of Lairs and Citadels through their own research

  • Dynamic difficulty has been changed so that it affects the rate of pandoran evolution, not the amount of enemies deployed.

Human population census

  • ODI has been removed.

  • Human Population Census has been added that will track the total population of humanity.

  • Protecting Havens is more important as the player has to prevent the total human population from reaching a certain threshold (based on difficulty level).

  • Reduced the total number of Havens in the Geoscape.

  • Increased the rewards from successfully defending Havens.

  • Haven facilities will break down if the population gets too low.

  • Phoenix can assist havens by repairing their structures.



  • Armor Break - reduced the cost from 4 WP to 3. Reduced the shred stat to 30. Shred is spread across each individual bullet.

  • Rage Burst - Cost increased from 5 to 7 WP. Functionality reworked: Shoot 5 times spread across an arc with a direct-fire weapon.

  • Adrenaline Rush - Dazes the unit next turn after using it.

  • Rally the Troops - Renamed: Onslaught. Functionality reworked: An ally within 10 tiles recovers 2 Action Points.

  • Electric Reinforcement - Armor bonus no longer stacks.

  • Dash - Movement range reduced from 75% to 50%. Limited to 2 uses per turn.

  • Mark for Death - Each hit from an attack or individual round gets +10 damage instead of 50% more.

  • Reckless - Damage reduced from 30% to 20%.


  • Thor AML - reduced its damage.

  • Gungnir SR-2 - slightly reduced its accuracy and Virophage damage.

  • Pythagoras VII - slightly reduced its accuracy.

  • Fury-2 - reduced its damage.

  • Ragnarok - reduced its Shredding stat.

  • Raven SR13 - reduced its accuracy and increased its damage.

  • Jormungandr Cannon - reduced its Acid damage.

  • Iconoclast - reduced its damage.

  • Cyclops SR7 - slightly reduced its accuracy.

  • Firebird SR - slightly reduced its accuracy.

  • Mercy SG3 - reduced its damage.

  • Harrower - reduced its damage.

  • Deimos AR-L - slightly reduced its accuracy.

  • Archangel RL1 - Increased its accuracy, range, damage and Shredding stat.

  • Vyara SR - slightly reduced its accuracy.

  • Bulldog AR-50 - slightly increased its accuracy and Shredding stat.

  • Deceptor MG - increased its accuracy. Reduced its damage and Shredding stat.

  • Nergal’s Wrath - slightly increased its accuracy.

  • Scion of Sharur - increased its Viral damage.

  • Uragan MG - increased its accuracy. Reduced its damage and Shredding stat.

  • Dagon’s Tooth - increased its damage and the Bleeding it applies.

  • Phoenix Shock Lance - increased its damage and significantly increased the Shock it applies.

  • Athena NS-2 - reduced its accuracy and Paralysing stat.

  • Kydoimos Grenade - increased its AoE radius.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a hang when an Overwatch shot hit a Mutog during its leap animation.

  • Fixed an animation issue when an Overwatch shot hit a Pure soldier and disabled its shield arm.

  • Fixed a hang when using the Induce Fear ability.

  • Fixed a hang when a Mindfragger attempted to mind control a soldier with the Juggernaut head bionic.

  • Fixed a hang after a Technician picked up its turret and entered the Panicked status afterwards.

  • Fixed an issue where units will continue to be affected by Mind Control even if the unit controlling them has evacuated.

  • Fixed some animation issues when throwing grenades.

  • Fixed an animation issue when using the Jet Jump ability while gooed.

  • Remove Mindfragger ability is executed faster now.

  • Civilians will no longer die from Fire damage after getting evacuated.

  • Fixed an issue where Scylla enemies dying from Bleed damage did not trigger their death animations.

  • Fixed an issue where the Mist Sentinel didn’t apply its Preparing status when an enemy unit was near.

  • Mist Sentinels will no longer use their mist ability when they are in the Dazed or Paralyzed status.

  • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Nano Tech research would make units immune to the Acid damage type.

  • Human enemies now have reinforcements in the appropriate mission types.

  • Fixed an issue where Mind Control abilities would last a single turn on friendly haven defender units.

  • Loading a save located in the Tactical layer will no longer restore the Stamina of all friendly units.

  • Added a confirmation prompt for both options in the Containment section.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would focus more on the cover than the soldier’s shooting when entering a step out animation.

  • Fixed an issue where the Standby ability couldn’t be used by units inside a vehicle.

  • Fixed an issue where the L3 button on the gamepad didn’t open the correct character’s information.

  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenixpedia couldn’t be navigated with a gamepad.

  • Old Enemy, New Enemy event now shows the correct picture of the Forsaken faction.

  • Fixed an issue where the Danchev Assault Rifle fired half a burst during Return Fire.

  • Abilities that target Will Points will no longer have an effect on structures and units without the Will Power stat.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Enemy Spotted” status icon would always show the Assault class icon.

  • Retrieving a turret should now put it in the Ready Items slot instead of the Technician’s inventory.

HOTFIX - v. Danforth 1.5.3 - 09/07/2020

  • Fixed a hang caused by quickly entering and shooting in the Free Aim mode with certain weapons

  • Fixed some textual errors on Disciples of Anu gear in the Manufacturing screen

Unity 2019 release - v. Danforth 1.5.2 - 07/07/2020

  • Fixed an issue where the Geoscape tutorial wouldn’t continue if all of the player’s units died in the first Scavenging mission

  • Fixed a hang caused by shooting the Mindfragger during its jump animation but not killing it

  • Fixed a hang caused by damaging a character during their step out animation

  • Fixed a rare hang when attempting to load a Tactical save with an Aspida in the mission

  • Fixed an issue where certain Backer missions could interfere with location-based faction story quests

  • Fixed an issue where a unit’s weapons and armor could switch to different pieces of gear while going through sections in the Geoscape

  • Fixed an issue where the list of recovered items in the Geoscape couldn’t be scrolled

  • Fixed an issue where the selection of characters ready for deployment wasn’t saved after going into the Equipment or Training sections

  • Fixed some text errors in the Alien Sawnery’s body parts

  • Fixed an issue where the Character Info screen would be moved to the bottom of the screen a few seconds after opening it

  • Fixed an issue where the Options section couldn’t be reached in the Terms and Agreements screen

  • Evacuating key characters from certain missions will not award them with XP

  • Fixed an issue where class items couldn’t be scrapped if they belonged to a class that is not yet researched

  • Fixed an issue where the text for discovering a Phoenix Base wasn’t localized

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s vehicles were blocked from moving in one instance of the Scavenging missions

  • Fixed an issue where evacuated soldiers would be lost from a failed Phoenix Base defense

  • Fixed an issue where the Bases window couldn’t be closed with a right-click after repairing a facility

  • Fixed an issue where a stolen aircraft would move on its own

  • Fixed an issue where the Yuggothian Entity’s shields wouldn’t go down after it was killed

  • Fixed an issue where the UI for the Jet Jump ability wasn’t appearing on valid tiles

  • Fixed several navigation issues on certain Synedrion maps

  • Fixed an issue where the Character Info screen would open up with corrupted information

  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenixpedia entries for the different Mutog types had the incorrect description text

  • Fixed an issue where the Options screen couldn’t be opened when the player’s aircraft was ambushed

  • Fixed an issue where allied civilian units would get the ALERTED status if another civilian was rescued through the evacuation zone

  • Fixed an issue where using Electric Reinforcement didn’t show the proper amount of armor

  • Fixed an issue where after a facility is completed the Geoscape would display two notification messages

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling with the mouse wheel in the Personnel screen would cause the character selection UI to become misaligned

  • Fixed some text issues relating to vehicles in the Geoscape layer

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units would lose perception on dead targets causing location markers to appear on top of them

  • Fixed an issue where the time for a research project’s completion would not be shown after loading a save with a few research projects queued up

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to acquire a vehicle with a full Vehicle Bay displayed the wrong tooltip

  • Fixed an issue where items could be manufactured even at the full storage capacity

  • Fixed an issue where building a Store would instantly increase the player’s storage capacity without having to wait for the facility’s completion

  • Fixed an issue where exploration sites would display the wrong mission names

  • Fixed an issue where using the Dash ability to move over a Will Points Zone did not award the unit with will points

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s squad could attempt to enter an Alien Base that is already under attack by one of the factions

  • Fixed an issue where opening any Haven Info screen mid-flight would unpause the game in the background

  • Fixed an issue where the last two research items couldn’t be selected when having over ten items in a research queue

  • Fixed an issue where the units’ stamina UI bar could be dragged using the mouse cursor

  • Fixed an issue where units’ class text description would spill out in the Character Info screen

  • Fixed an issue where the Fury-2 mounted rocket launcher’s ammo would appear with a negative value inside the player’s inventory

  • Fixed an issue where recruit and trade icons on a haven could overlap mission timers

  • Fixed an issue where items couldn’t be added to one of the units’ ready slots

  • Fixed an issue where the “Replenish All” button wasn’t grayed out if the items couldn’t be recovered due to a lack of resources

  • Fixed an issue where mount modules appeared more pixelated in the inventory screen

  • Fixed an issue where the “Daze Immunity” passive skill would appear twice on Turrets

Note: We are releasing only the PC (Windows) version today. The Mac version will be delayed.

HOTFIX - v1.0.58929 - 17/06/2020

  • Fixed an issue where the Base Recruits timer would reset after completing any mission

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles and enemies would lose ammo when loading a save in Tactical

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles’ ammo wasn’t getting reloaded when reaching the Geoscape

  • Fixed an issue where loading “The Alchemist” mission lead to an instant defeat

  • “The Catacombs of Despair” mission will now cause a little less despair by getting its difficulty lowered

  • Fixed an issue where the game didn’t award any XP for evacuating your soldiers from a Citadel

  • Fixed an issue where Tritons would sometimes spawn without weapons

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would spawn inside walls in the “The Man Who Would Be Pirate King” mission

  • Fixed an issue where enemies in Scavenging Rescue Vehicle missions would attack the vehicle before it was recovered

  • Fixed an issue where Scavenger enemies would join the Phoenix Forces if they evacuated due to an injury or lack of weapons

  • Made several corrections to the localized texts added in Danforth

  • Fixed an issue with the Sanctifier acid handgun shooting through walls

  • Fixed an issue with the Jormungandr cannon applying more stacks of acid than intended

  • Fixed an issue where Pandorans appeared very rarely in Scavenging sites

  • Fixed an issue where the HP of vehicles and Mutogs was displayed incorrectly in the Manufacturing screen

  • Added several missing backer names

Danforth Update - v1.0.58746

Feature Changes

Scavenging Sites Rework and Overgrown Environments

Scavenging sites are now bigger and split up into three types based on the objective.

  • Recovering resources

  • Rescuing soldiers

  • Recovering vehicles

Players can encounter any one of these three types of scavenging site missions and they’ll have to complete the objectives while fending off against constant enemy reinforcements.

Later in the game, players will encounter the Overgrown variant of the scavenging sites which offer better rewards.

Pandoran Citadels Rework

Pandoran Citadels are now bigger and have a more labyrinthian design with high walls blocking the players’ line of sight.

Weapon and ammo crates can now be found in Citadels as well as alien structures.

Scylla Rework

The Scylla has more Hit Points and more armour on each body part. Disabling any of its body parts results in more stacks of Bleed damage.

Personnel Recruits

Players can now recruit soldiers from the Personnel section after researching Haven Recruitment Protocols. These soldiers won’t have armour or weapons and will refresh every 3 days.

Dismissing Soldiers

Players now have the option to dismiss any of their units at any time by selecting them through the Personnel screen

Haven Defense Resident Soldiers

When defending a Haven, players will now find resident soldiers fighting with the attacking forces. If a player unit comes close to a defending unit, the player will gain control of that unit for the rest of the mission.

Haven Defense Starting Mist

If a haven is covered by mist in the Geoscape then there will also be mist after loading into the map itself.

Status Effect Interactions

The following status effect interactions have been updated:

  • Sirens and Priest units will lose mind control of all units as soon as they become dazed or paralyzed

  • Daze and Paralysis remove the overwatch status from a target, as well as the ability to return fire

  • Daze and Paralysis remove reactive abilities from enemies like the Triton’s chameleon ability, Scylla’s mist spawning torso, and the Sentinel’s Preparation ability

  • Panic removes return fire, overwatch, and mind control

  • A unit with overwatch set cannot return fire

  • Turrets and vehicles are immune to paralysis, daze, bleed, and mind control

  • Mind controlling a Siren removes its mind control of other characters

  • Melee attacks don’t trigger return fire

Save System Updates

If changes to the game lead to a player’s Tactical saves being invalidated, they will instead receive a warning message and be returned to the Geoscape right before they started the mission.

Turrets and Spider Drone Updates

Turrets and Spider Drones can now be manually controlled by the player as long as they have a Technician or Infiltrator under their control. This control lasts as long as those units stay alive or do not become mind controlled. If the units leave the battlefield or become mind controlled then the turrets/spider drones will continue moving and shooting using their own AI.

Balance / Other

  • The maximum Speed stat a soldier can have has been reduced slightly and levelling up the Speed stat costs more SP

  • Vehicles and Mutogs have increased HP and Mutogs deal more damage making them more valuable to the player

  • Changed the background colour of several Geoscape screens such as the Personnel, Equipment, Deployment, etc.

  • Made changes to the explosive barrels so that only the largest explosive tanks will explode after getting hit

Bug Fixes

  • Enemies stuck in the environment will now die if they can’t move at the start of their turn

  • Fixed a hang when disabling one of the Chiron’s legs

  • Fixed an issue where after loading a Geoscape save the player wouldn’t be able to move their selected aircraft

  • Fixed a hang after a Mutog attacked an enemy close to an exploding barrel

  • Fixed a hang after a friendly soldier died from bleeding out

  • Fixed a hang after a Mindfragger attempted to mind control a vehicle

  • Fixed a hang after a Triton was hit by a fire grenade

  • Fixed a hang after a friendly unit was killed by a melee attack and the unit dropped a specific item

  • Fixed a hang after an enemy moved and discovered several units and objectives

  • Fixed a hang after an overwatch shot destroyed an enemy unit’s weapon

  • Fixed a hang after an enemy tried to heal an ally that was killed by an overwatch shot

  • Fixed an issue where landing with a Jet Jump on certain platforms would instantly kill the player’s unit

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s containment was emptied after loading a Geoscape save

  • Fixed an issue where Mindfraggers would lose their collision after attaching to a unit

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would spawn inside certain environments’ props

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles had no collision with certain environments’ props

  • Fixed an issue where destroyed havens would remain in the Geoscape’s objectives

  • Fixed an issue where the remove Mindfragger ability can take upwards of 15 seconds to complete

  • Fixed an issue where certain weapons couldn’t reload even if the unit has ammo in its inventory

  • Fixed an issue where switching from the Equipment to the Manufacturing screen and then to the Personnel screen would cause certain pieces of equipment to disappear

  • Fixed an issue where the Yugotthian Entity can cause 0 damage with its Mark of the Void ability

  • Fixed an issue where the research for Alien Citadels was unlocked by destroying a Nest

  • Fixed an issue where the objective buttons in the Geoscape were smaller than their icons

  • Fixed an issue where the “Tab” key didn’t work in the Free Aim mode

  • Fixed an issue where a character info screen with random characters and symbols would randomly appear in the tactical portion of the game

  • Fixed an issue where loading a save during the Geoscape tutorial would not update the objectives and the tutorial couldn’t be finished

  • Fixed an issue where a Scylla’s movement can be heard during the cinematic after loading into the mission

  • Fixed an issue where the evacuation zone for some Synedrion maps was placed in the middle of the map

  • Fixed an issue where the “Replenish All” button wasn’t greyed out after replenishing all of the items

  • Fixed an issue where the right Ctrl button couldn’t adjust the overwatch’s width

  • Fixed the “Hide Helmet” text not fitting in its UI box within the Customization screen

  • Fixed an issue where the “Will Points” text spilt out of its UI box in certain languages

Hotfix - v1.0.57630 - 12/05/2020


  • Fixed a hang when using Rage Burst with certain weapons

  • Fixed a hang caused by loading a Tactical save and attempting to move civilians

  • Fixed a rare hang that occurred when an enemy was panicked, bleeding and enemy reinforcements spawned on the map

  • Fixed an issue that caused more Spider Drones to spawn when using their weapon

  • Fixed an issue where weapons and equipment would have their icons duplicated in the selected weapons UI

  • Fixed an issue with the “Replenish All” button remaining clickable even after all of the equipment had been replenished

  • Fixed the UI not showing that mounted weapons don’t have full ammo before a mission

  • Fixed an issue that caused items to remain selected after dragging them with the mouse

  • Adjusted the music levels and several unit barks as some of them were louder than intended

Patch Notes - v1.0.57335 “Derleth” - 28/04/2020


  • Changed the Lair missions’ layout and objective. Players now have to evacuate all of their units after destroying the Spawnery.

  • Units are no longer interrupted while they are using the Dash ability.

  • Added a new model for the Scavenger Sniper.

  • Added projectile penetration to all weapons. Now if a projectile hits and destroys a wall or body part the projectile will continue flying with the remaining damage.

  • Virus damage ticks on the affected target’s turn just like other damage over time effects.

  • Added event filters that trigger music according to the missions and factions related to them.

  • Added new tactical music.

  • Balanced sound levels for most of the tracks.

  • Added an HP bar to weapons that appears when you select a weapon that is damaged while in the Tactical layer.

  • Added a character info tooltip when hovering over a character that is not currently selected by the player.

  • Replenish screen now gives the option to replenish ammo for weapons that don’t have any magazines in storage.

  • Partially full magazines will not be visible in the equipment section of the Personnel tab. They will be used to automatically refill their respective weapons after a Tactical mission.

  • Added more recruit info in Haven screens showcasing the recruit’s skills, stats and weapons.

  • Havens with recruits now have an icon next to them showing the recruit’s class.

  • Added a new trading interface accessible from Geoscape without going into Haven info that has a slider and trade all button.

  • Added a new set of encounters when a player becomes Supportive, Aligned, or Allied with any faction.

Balance changes

  • Disabling certain Spawnery body parts now causes the target to receive more bleed damage per turn.

  • All mind control abilities can be used only once per turn.

  • Reduced the damage on alien enemies’ acid weapons and attacks:

  • Siren Acid Spray reduced from 40 to 30 acid per tick

  • Acid Grenade Arthron reduced from 20 to 10 acid per tick

  • Elite Acid Grenade Arthron reduced from 30 to 20 acid per tick

  • Acid worm explosion reduced from 50 to 30 acid per tick

  • Chiron acid mortar reduced from 20 to 10 acid per tick

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing only a smaller portion of the maps to be generated.

  • Fixed a series of hangs that were caused by various edge cases involving the Panic status.

  • Fixed a hang when Overwatch fire destroyed an enemy’s weapon right as they were about to shoot with it.

  • Fixed an issue with the Microsoft Store version of the game causing users who edited their keybinds to have their UI corrupted after loading a saved game.

  • Fixed a hang when the Scylla used abilities related to the Spitter Head body part.

  • Fixed a rare hang that occurred when Spider Drones tried to move when they had few AP remaining.

  • Fixed a rare hang that occurred after successfully defending a haven with low population numbers.

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the player-controlled aircraft to freeze mid-flight.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s aircraft couldn’t move after acquiring more than 10 total ships.

  • Fixed an issue that made the overwatch cone bigger at night despite the player’s units having reduced perception.

  • Fixed an issue with Gungnir SR-2’s overwatch cone being too short.

  • Fixed a performance issue before activating the Dash ability on certain maps.

  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t receiving the damage bonuses from certain alien vivisection researches.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the camera to focus on the Pacific Ocean when loading a Geoscape save.

Patch Notes - v1.0.56617 - 31/03/2020


  • Fixed a rare problem with the game hanging after loading a game

  • Fixed an issue where soldiers come with armour when being recruited on Legend difficulty

  • Fixed an issue with The Pure not being deactivated after the final mission

  • Fixed an issue with “Replenish all” functionality cost

  • Fixed a rare issue where a site could not be explored

  • Fixed a hang after successfully completing a mission

  • Fixed a small issue with resource icons when scrapping items

  • Fixed an issue where repair button would remain in the personnel screen after repairing a bionic augmented soldier

  • Fixed an issue with gamepad controller where the ability switching in tactical battle won’t work while the Free camera is turned ON

  • Fixed an issue where loading autosave right after the battle will not reward skill points to the soldiers

  • Fixed a hang in tactical battle during the enemy turn caused by AI

  • Crossbows are now recognised as silent weapons


  • Added a Geoscape timer to show when time-limited events expire


  • Added some missing UI sounds

  • Adjusted audio levels for Blood & Titanium events

Hotfix Patch - 1.0.56200 - 13/03/2020

  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Store users’ saves weren’t shown in the Load Game section

  • Fixed an issue where entering any Tactical mission with torso attachments caused the game to hang in the loading screen

  • Fixed a hang after completing a Phoenix Base defence with damaged structures

  • Fixed a hang related to deploying a turret damaged by acid

  • Fixed an issue where the Schism mission on the Disciples of Anu progression track couldn’t be started

  • Fixed a visual issue where units were shown not to be proficient with weapons from other classes

  • Fixed an issue where recruits could have Priest mutations

  • Fixed an issue where the Repair button couldn’t be used inside the Bionics tab

  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation pop-up remains after attempting to repair a broken augmented body part

  • Fixed an issue where certain Bionics could be applied without the necessary resources

Hotfix Patch - 1.0.56083 - 06/3/2020

  • Fixed an issue where people with certain saves couldn’t load them.

  • Fixed a hang when the Acid Mortar Chiron was firing while burrowed.

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle body part damage wasn’t repaired when returning to Geoscape.

  • Increased the speed of the camera movement when scrolling with the mouse cursor in Tactical.

Leviathan 1.0.56049 - 04/3/2020

Armor Changes

  • Acid damage application now works like poison (the acid damage is subtracted from the armor each turn and then the amount of damage is reduced by 10). This increases the potency of acid by a lot but is still not a one shot mechanic.

  • Re-adjusted acid values on different items to match the new damage application.

  • Shred on weapons is increased across the board with notable mentions of Assault Rifles having base shred of 1 so that they are no longer ineffective against armor. Grenades will now have 10 Shred up from 3. Shred for the Pandorans is not increased but this change will affect human enemies.

Weapon Rebalancing

  • Odin Grenade - Shredding changed from 3 to 10

  • Purification Grenade - Added 5 Shredding

  • Ares AR-1 - Added 1 Shredding

  • Hel II Cannon - Shredding changed from 10 to 20

  • Goliath GL-2 - Shredding changed from 4 to 10

  • Gemini V - Shredding changed from 4 to 20

  • Bulldog AR-50 - Added 1 Shredding

  • VDM Defender - Added 1 Shredding

  • Deceptor MG - Shredding changed from 2 to 3

  • Fury-2 - Shredding changed from 4 to 10

  • Watcher AT - Shredding changed from 2 to 3

  • Hailstorm GT - Shredding changed from 2 to 5

  • Thor AML - Shredding changed from 6 to 20

  • Archangel RL1 - Shredding changed from 5 to 15

  • Mjolnir Grenade - Shredding changed from 20 to 30

  • Destiny III - Damage changed from 60 to 80

  • Ragnarok - Shredding changed from 30 to 40

  • Dagon’s Tooth - Damage changed from 100 to 120

  • Scion of Sharur - Damage changed from 80 to 100

  • Marduk’s Fist - Damage changed from 140 to 160

  • Imhullu Grenade - Acid changed from 50 to 20

  • Nergal’s Wrath - Added 10 Shredding

  • Redeemer - Viral changed from 3 to 5

  • Subjugator - Viral changed from 6 to 10

  • SDeimos AR-L - Added 1 Shredding

  • Hera NP-1 - Paralysing changed from 5 to 7

  • Yggdrasil Grenade - Virophage changed from 40 to 60

  • Gungnir SR-2 - Virophage changed from 60 to 110

  • Athena NS-2 - Paralysing changed from 15 to 20

  • Yat AR - Added 1 Shredding

  • Uragan MG - Shredding changed from 2 to 3

  • Venom Torso Arm Mutation- Changed Damage from 30 to 40 and changed Poisonous from 40 to 50.

Evolution System

  • The evolution system progression was advancing too rapidly from tactical battles and less from with time - we are changing this to be weighted more towards the time component making the whole progression a bit smoother.

  • We are adding a difficulty component to evolution progression effectively slowing down Pandoran evolution (encountering elite units) for easier difficulties.


  • We have made changes to the ODI to increase the pressure on higher difficulties.

  • If the player does nothing to stop the pandorans:

  • Easy - The game should end in 6 months ingame

  • Normal- The game should end in 5 months ingame

  • Hard - The game should end in 4 months ingame

  • Very Hard- The game should end in 3 months ingame

Dynamic Difficulty

  • Changed the way mission success/fail is evaluated.

  • Change the expected outcome in favor of the player.

  • These changes mean that the player performance during missions will need to be higher (fewer casualties) for the difficulty to increase.

  • Changed the effect of Dynamic Difficulty based on game difficulty (On Easy it will be much more forgiving).

Training and Soldier Progression

  • Soldiers will gain fewer Skill Points (SP) when they level up (20 down from 50) but will gain 10 SP for every successful mission.

  • This will make soldiers levelled solely with training facility less efficient then battle experienced soldiers.

  • Soldiers will continue to receive SP even at max level making maxing out a souldier possible (it will still take a lot of missions to do so).


  • Tritons will be able to use Priest weapons (Viral Weapons).

  • New acid mortar Chiron body part.

  • New normal/elite acid grenade launcher bodypart for Arthrons.

  • New normal/elite viral machine gun launcher bodypart for Arthrons.

Phoenix Base Attacks

  • You will now have a minimum of 12 hours to prepare and respond to an attack on one of your bases.


  • Enemies are revealed in 5 tile radius (if they’re in LOS).

  • Attacking without a silent weapon reveals the actor if in LOS.

Factions and Missions

  • New subfaction - The Forsaken

  • Appears after Anu researches the mutation tech .

  • Can have all classes Anu have unlocked.

  • Can have all weapons Anu have unlocked.

  • Missions

  • Forsaken can appear in Havens attack missions of all factions.

  • Forsaken can appear in scavenging missions and ambushes.

  • Anu/NJ/Syn can appear in scavenging and ambush missions if at bad relations with the Phoenix Project and if they Havens close to the site.

  • Factions War

  • Reduced the rate of attacks.


  • Enabled rebindable keys.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang when using Electrical Reinforcement on certain maps.

  • Fixed a hang when loading certain saves for the Microsoft Store platform.

  • Fixed a hang when a Scylla uses the Mist Bomb ability.

  • Fixed an issue where Facilities were powered off after loading a save.

  • Fixed an issue where an Exit Zone was sometimes placed in the middle of the map.

  • Fixed an issue where Adrenaline Rush’s effects were duplicated when loading a save in the Tactical layer.

Hotfix Patch 1.0.55275 - 02/2/2020

  • Fixed a bug where players without Storage Facility in one of their bases lost all items in their inventory

  • Players will have to load a game save that was saved prior to items disappearing to retain their inventory

  • Fixed a bug that caused Geoscape scans never to complete

Patch Notes 1.0.55225 “Miskatonic” 31/1/2020


  • Fixed a hang when using the Technician’s Manual Control ability on a structural target

  • Fixed a hang when a Technician’s turret returns fire and kills an enemy

  • Fixed a hang when entering the Scarab in the first Tutorial mission

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units could be deployed inside of walls on some story missions

  • Fixed an issue where the Spider Drone Pack ability claimed the player didn’t have enough ammo

  • Fixed an issue where loading a game with the bonus power research caused the player’s facilities to power down

  • Fixed an issue where Dash, Jet Jump, Deploy Turret, and Vanish couldn’t be used on specific maps

  • Improved the Scylla’s AI so it no longer spawns Mindfraggers inside environmental objects

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t navigate certain parts of the Moonshot mission


  • Fixed an issue where Synedrion Research maps didn’t spawn enough consoles for the player to hack

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles and Mutogs couldn’t navigate Phoenix Base maps

  • Fixed an issue where units could walk inside certain walls of the Phoenix Base maps

  • Improved the collision box of certain environmental elements inside Alien Bases which blocked shots

  • Fixed an issue where certain cover spots in Synedrion maps weren’t shown by the UI

  • Fixed an issue where units couldn’t vault over some windows in New Jericho maps

  • Improved the transparency effect on certain buildings inside Synedrion maps

  • Added enemy reinforcement icons to Ambush maps

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units couldn’t jump through circular windows on the roofs of Disciples of Anu maps and destroying the window broke the whole building

  • Fixed several issues where environmental props remained floating in the air when the floor beneath them had been destroyed.

Patch Notes 1.0.54973 “Dunwich” - 16/1/2020

Ability Changes

  • Rage Burst - Reduced to 5 bursts maximum with 50% accuracy penalty - We want to reduce the effectiveness of the ability while retaining its usefulness against big targets

  • Mind Control - Cost increased by 1 AP - Mind Control without any AP cost requirement was making the ability too versatile and, in some cases, too powerful when used by Pandorans.

  • Mind Crush - Cost increased by 1 AP - The ability was too strong against groups of enemies, allowing for chain use (as long as enemies die in the process). We are keeping its power effect, but limiting the number of its uses per turn.

  • Master Marksman - Accuracy bonus is reduced from 50% to 30%. The ability is too versatile (useful with highly inaccurate weapons) so it needed a bit of tweaking downwards.

  • Quick Aim - No longer gives bonus accuracy. The ability is mainly used for its cost reduction component and the added accuracy bonus made it too good.

  • Dash - Now costs 1 AP but the range of the ability is increased from 50% to 75% of movement range. Dash is one of the most abused abilities in the game because of its versatility. We do not want to reduce the fun factor of the ability or reduce its power but we want to limit the situations in which it is used. Before the change with 4 dashes a character’s movement range was 100% + 4 x 50% = 300%; after the change 0% + 4 x 75% = 300%. Mobility wise the ability is the same but provides less versatility when it comes to shooting and can effectively be used about 2 times per turn.

  • Induce Panic - Cost increased from 2 WP to 3 WP and 1 AP. The ability cost was way too low for its effect and the fact that it had no AP requirement made it spammable.

  • Bloodlust - Bonus speed and damage is capped at 50% bonus. The previous bonus of 100% was too strong and was leading to undesired exploits.


  • Grenade Launcher - Accuracy increased. This change will reduce the frustration of players not hitting anything they want to.

  • PRCR Sniper - Damage reduced from 130 to 120. Statistics show that piercing weapons are overused because their power level was not on par with other weapons of the same tech level.

  • PRCR Assault Rifle - Damage increased from 30 to 40, burst reduced from 5 to 4, pierce value reduced from 20 to 10 and ammo capacity reduced from 40 to 32. Statistics show that piercing weapons are overused compared to other equivalent tech.


  • Mortar Chiron - Reduced explosive power from 60 to 50. Damage was reduced because on some maps players weren’t able to find cover fast enough.

  • Spawnery - Hit points are nearly doubled. It was too easily destroyed on Lair missions


  • Mutog Recruitment - Cost of recruitment has been increased significantly. The previous cost was unintentionally low.

  • Human Enemies - Generally have more stat points, because they were too easily mind controlled or killed with one shot.

  • Medical Bay - Heals not only soldiers but Mutogs too for 4 hit points per hour. Before mutation lab construction there was no chance for the player to heal Mutogs.

  • Environmental Destruction - Floors and roofs can be partially destroyed by grenades now.

Major Fixes

  • Fixed a hang when a Mindfragger tries to mind control a decoy.

  • Fixed a hang when using the flamethrower near the edge of Alien Lair maps.

  • Fixed a hang when a Scylla used the Sonic Blast ability right after using the Mist Launcher.

  • Fixed a hang when breaking an Arthron’s gun arm while the enemy was stepping out of cover.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s units could be deployed between impassable cover on some Disciples of Anu maps.

  • Fixed an issue where units would fall through stairs and die.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s soldiers could deploy in the walls of a Phoenix Base mission.

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles couldn’t reach the evacuation zone on some maps.

  • Fixed an issue where the environment was blocking the passage to the Spawnery in Alien Lairs.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles had no collision with some unbreakable pillars.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy vehicles could be deployed on the roofs of buildings.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy Pandorans could not move from their initial deployment in Alien Lairs.

Hotfix Patch Notes 1.0.54861 - 9/1/2020

  • Fixed a game crash in battles during the enemy turn when the enemy is panicked and could be caused by return fire, overwatch, and/or exploding barrels.

  • Fixed a game crash when leaving a tactical mission, which was caused by trying to retrieve weapons that are actually body parts of Mutogs, turrets, etc. These will no longer be recoverable.

  • Also, prevents recovering mutated body parts as equipable items.

  • Fixed a bug that corrupted saved games that are saved during a battle after a Scylla is killed with the belcher abdomen.

  • Note: this will not retroactively fix already corrupted saved games

  • Fixed a hang when loading a saved game where someone was hit by a weapon that causes bleed (e.g., Slasher Siren, Anu Blade) which caused the unit to die from the bleed damage next turn.

  • Fixed a bug that doesn’t allow the game to start if you have corrupted save games.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the final boss to not play its sounds.

Hotfix Patch Notes 1.0.54580 - 19/12/2019

  • Fixed a crash that occurs when launching the game with certain locales.

  • Fixed an issue with invalid targeting when behind cover.

  • Fixed various sound issues.