Next Patch, Next Steps?

Hi there people,

can we expect another patch?
Imho, there are a few fun brakes, like the faulty dynamic level of difficulty.
It would be a shame if nothing happened here.
What is the current status, what is being worked on?

Thx and a happy new year to all u guys!

Previous patch added (for me) unpleasant new problems, I wouldn’t want them rush again the second patch past release.

For me either a general problem need be fixed, or a specific problem that is perhaps Mac specific. Productions/recruits icons disapearing is such a boredom. And second problem, the scrollwheel works fine in combats but in geoscape it only do max zoom in or max zoom out, which means that to see icons I need save and reload.

But yes the most important problem is related to difficulty management, and a clear auto scaling not working in a right way. As I find a way to control it, it’s not that major for me, but it’s clearly the biggest current issue in the game, except that there’s nothing more time hungry than fixing difficulty tuning.

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I am not ranting when I say the lack of patches and especially, lack of feedback is extremely disappointing, and gives me very little faith weather or not Snapshot gives a **** or not.

They released start of the month. They put out a patch (and a hotfix, I think?). Now we are in the holiday season. I mean, I get being disappointed - I too expected a better game, and hope for patches. But not to the extend where I take people going on Holiday instead of making patches as a reason to find thm untrustworthy. Let them enjoy the days with their families, and perhaps relax a little?


Hey! I’m a realist. I don’t live in the land of plum puddings. It is what it is.
Where was our “Thanks for supporting our game and have yourselves a merry Christmas”? The only feedback we ever get is some of “we are still here” when someone on the forum starts to kick off.

The guy that nips on here once in a blueish moon. He suppose to be the guy that deals with the customers/gofers, answers questions and stuff. They need to sack him straight off because he isn’t doing much.


You know he is not a robot? :slight_smile: Dealing with so many posts and mails isn’t an easy job. I would even say that responding to all rants and questions is not possible for one person.

That’s a bit optimistic - it’s less than a month since release including the Christmas holiday period when people need to down tools and see their families, you can’t expect that many patches. I’d hope for one mid-late January, even if just to fix a few major problems like the difficulty scaling.

Oh my word you must be his mother. That is soooo wet & cheesy

Look! It takes very little time or effort to fling up a sticky telling us what’s going on or at the very least tell us what we have to look forward to. Stop defending bad practise.

Read the post above. Okay, no patch for this or that reason, no problem. But keeps us bloody well informed. Nearly every other developer keeps their customers informed about progress or intentions.
This silent **** is just pig ignorance.

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I actually look at these forums every day - even when I am supposed to be on vacation.

As I have said before, we will be releasing more patches - but as people are on vacation, including myself, I can’t give any more specific information than that.

We’re human beings. We have lives outside of work.

Damn straight I’m not doing much. I’m on vacation - yet still here answering the same old questions to the same old people.

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Yeah, because your not saying much apart from your on vacation. Give us a sticky or two with a road map or some such ****, to at least make it look like you give a darn.

You know old-school developers made gaming what it is today, they gained the respect of the older gamer for bringing magic to their screens, but that doesn’t hack it with the younger gamer. That respect has to be earned. Sitting on their digital throne acting snotty isn’t going to impress the younger gamer in the least. Every moment of silence is another casual shopper lost.

And being gratuitously rude to and about other people doesn’t hack it with most of us older gamers either.

The man has already told you: “Everyone’s on holiday, so I can’t tell you what’s going on until they get back.”

OK, we get that you’d like them not to have holidays and immediately respond to your every whim. But it ain’t going to happen because they’re not there. So leave it.


And the man can speak for himself. He doesn’t need a puppet to do his talking for him.

The game itself is outstanding regardless of bugs, but Snapshots communications with it’s fans is abysmal.

He did, and you roundly abused him for it.

So here’s where you lose me. I can’t abide rudeness, especially on a forum like this.

You want to politely feedback on gameplay etc, I’m more than happy to engage. But no-one has the right to rant at someone just because they’re somehow involved in a game you don’t like. It is, after all, only a game, and he gave us a heads-up before Christmas that very little would happen until the New Year.


Dude screw the haters, get off this forum, and enjoy your vacation already.


Well, when you’re calling for someone to be sacked because they’ve taken a vacation over Christmas, you kinda lose any credibility you may have had :smiley:

Then he talks about earning respect :smiley:


Haha! look at all the wittle Godly good do-no-wrong people ganging up on the big bad wolf. How effin old are you lot?

This one speaks his mind. String him up. Burn him on the fire. Don’t look at him lest he steal your soul.

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Age does not relate to politeness. In the past when you’ve been polite and in my option correct I’ve agreed with you but now you’re just being rude and objectionable. Please dial it back.

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Oi! I am challenging the public relationship side of this establishment. Do you have anything to contribute apart from rebuke? Narr I didn’t think so.

What a lovely collection of cuddly Snapshot darlings you are. Can I take one of you home with me?

What you suggest is just pure com and powder thrown in players eyes.

So ok their com could be smarter, it’s just com and illusions. Myself I prefer they make a better game than they make a better com, sigh.