Next patch wishes

What are you hoping for in the next patch?
I would like a end to the phantom difficulty spike and the freezing on enemy movement fixed.
Extras I would like to see are a option to turn off the start-up and dropship movies.



Fix game breaking bugs reported by so many.

Sort out the difficulty scaling that is encouraging people to actually AVOID tactical combat.

Return fire I think still needs some work… for me, let the guys get back into cover when firing on an enemy form cover before the RF activates… also… i know that daze stops it… but perhaps a high amount of damage also does? Or gives some kind of accuracy penalty? Dunno.

Then a personal hate… make it so citadels are not easier than lairs.



Well ok game breaking bugs, but for me it’s clean all UI and add some UI improvement. Also it’s not that it is really third but I wonder for a next patch, it’s clean the auto scaling.

Personal wish, improve scavenging mission, better rewards, perhaps better containers resistance, I hate each time I see a grenade is enough to blow out one.

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Bugfix parity with nexus mods would be a good start. Something that should have happened 4 weeks ago. Hobby modders fix this stuff within hours how long can a vacation be ? Sorry being a bit salty about this …

I hope not, because that would mean waiting even longer for extremely trivial fixes. Push those fixes now, do the fluff later.

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There is a mod that fixes the bugs, are you kidding? :slight_smile:

Mods fixed more (relevant) bugs and earlier than the first patch 3 weeks ago.

I am mostly waiting for lower AP cost on (some?) melee weapons and rebalancing the late game weapons that are not viable at the moment (Acid Cannon, Stun Lance, etc.)


Snarky answer: For them to upgrade this BB5.5 to PP1.0 :wink:

Sincere answer:

  • Bugfixes are top priority.

  • Difficulty balance/much improved evolution mechanic is second (seriously, original pitch was truly original and extremely interesting, the reality is more or less the exact opposite of that).

  • Third priority for me is friendly Haven defenders. This is an absolute must. It’s quite immersion breaking that they’re nowhere to be seen when inhuman monsters are coming to literally harvest and/or murder them, but will shoot to kill you if they catch you sniffing their apples.

  • Sub-priority of a similar nature; the factions declaring war on each other feels very contrived. Currently they literally all just send out one tweet throwing shade at someone else’s latest tech and then a month later they feel justified in destroying each other’s colonies where thousands of innocent civilians live. I don’t buy it.
  • Something else I’d like to see down the line is a complete overhaul of scavenging missions. Way more map variety; considering I haven’t even finished a campaign yet I’m darn sick of seeing that same burned out industrial district.
    Secondly, protecting crates is pure video game. Why are these crates even here in the first place? They look pretty well kept considering the environment they’re in. Why are Pandorans always there just as we get there? Why are independent raiders never our opponents here? Or even cells from the factions on occasion (perhaps limited only to those at war with you to avoid messing up diplomacy continuity)?
    Lastly, beyond the early game they’re just not worth doing thanks to the difficulty curve. You’ll spend more than you earn resupplying your surviving troops and replacing your dead. And, as things currently stand, without save scumming or intentionally throwing the occasional fight, you will accumulate dead.

Oh, and I aint ever gonna shut up about not getting more Pandoran variety. We were promised Sphinxes with lion bits gardungit!

I know most of my posts on this forum are me whinging about the state of the game so I will also say that I do actually like it, but a LoveCOMft game like this is something I should be besotted with; at the moment it’s fine but sparse and frustrating.

If you read this or any of my other rants, Snapshot, then I thank you for taking the time and I hope I don’t come across as bitter, as I’m not; I’m very thankful this game even exists in the first place (thank you crowdfunders) and do see it for the amazing game that it could be with a bit more TLC.


Fix the bugs
Balance the game (both the silly perks and the enemies that you face)

Once that’s done, improve the features that are lacking i.e. training, mission types, map sizes, map variety.

Well said.:slight_smile:


Would you like to see those defenders mind-controled by Sirens and sent against you? =)

That would be cool! :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Every defender that’s mind controlled is a Phoenix Operative still under my control. Plus, that’s an extra tactical layer to spice things up. I would love fights with more than two sides, too, like Phoenix vs Pandas vs NJ or even all of the above vs Syn and DoA too.

It’s not like I don’t want difficulty in the game, my whole problem with that side of things is that I want engaging difficulty. The current composition of this aspect of the game is about 95% punishing to 5% interesting.


I nearly forgot. I hope they fix the worm getting stuck in the scenery bug. I had to do one mission 3 or 4 times because of that bug. Love the idea of the worm launcher crab though. It is fun when the worms don’t get stuck. I’m not to keen on the glue crab. It’s a bit over the top.


You can almost always break them free with Hel cannon.

There was brainsucker launcher in X-Com 3: Apocallypse. I think it would be cool to introduce mindfragger launcher in PP =)


I could break some free but not the ones that got stuck in the indestructible walls or went off map.

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I think those going off map don’t stop you from winning the mission.
Do they have indestructible walls in PP? At least the solid-looking 1-tile thick walls of Anu temple are destroyed in one shot from Hel cannon.

The only problem is to find the tile containing the worm… if you don’t have motion detector yet.

-The grenades exploding twice on direct hit.
-worns stuck

Burst Rage:
I like to see a cap on the precision. For exemple, no more precision than 20 affective range with 100% accuracy. The circle cannot be smaller what ever the weapon you use(but it can be bigger). That way you can still use any weapon but you can’t snipe in burst rage. That makes no sense. Either you have to be close or you may try hit multiple targets at medium range. You have two tactical uses of the skill.

Size of the map:
When you have multiple ennemies on a small map they will run at you the first turn. Your starting location is the only location they don’t know. As soon as one see you, all others will run at you. Most of the map I have restarted was because I was overrun in the first or second turn. After 2-3 tries, I just run to hide the first turn so they don’t see immediatelly. They are not all converging toward me first turn. So far, I always finish the mission without any loss when I hide first trun.

Most missions look like tower defense. You are not moving from your starting location and kill waves of ennemies. Reinforcement will take slighly more time to reach you. So you can reposition more easily in lair.

Any damage over time cannot be usefull if as soon as you act they all run towards you. You must be able to isolate a few of them before they all start to chase you.

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  • Fix dumb AI keep shooting behind the bench to destroy crates, bench looks pretty strong - indestructible.
  • Add additional reporting bug from record video.


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Bugfixes first

  • endless turn
  • crashes with overwatch
  • dash/jet jump area unreachable in many maps

Balance second

  • dash and rage burst are OP
  • mind crush/rapid clearance are OP
  • difficulty scaling, pandorans go to heavy armor, PX can not
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Strongly disagree unless the devs can come with something that defies my expectations as to what will most likely come out of it. Very long turns watching the “allies” bizarre behavior and the player having to work around them. Has this ever worked mildly well in any turn based game? The best I have seen so far is Xcom2 and the best that can be said about it is that it kinda works because the rules of the game are adjusted to their capacity.