Like the new Feedback tool

Just logged in to the new feedback tool. If it works the way it looks like it ought to, it’ll provide a lot more transparency and a lot more democracy to the (sometimes chaotic) feedback process here.

Thanks Eric.

PS: the ‘handsome’ comment made me :rofl:

I just looked at it for few seconds. Isn’t it just a tool to aggregate topics spawned here with voting button what should be fixed/changed first?

Yep. Which means that instead of getting lost in all the fire & fury that obscures these threads and gives you no real sense of what most people actually want, you can see clearly what the most important fixes are to people and comment/act on them.

I’ve lost count of the number of interesting threads I’ve stopped reading here because they either get hijacked by two people having some pointless argument, or engaging in a memoryfest about games of yore that were so much better than this one that Snapshot should clearly just implement all the mechanics of Game X and scrap everything they’ve done with PP so far.

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Dev choice ok, but I didn’t pledge a game designed by players. I pledged for a work from their brain, their choices, not design job decide by the biggest number of players.

Nothing is worse in design than consensual, and mass votes can only lead here.

EDIT: Mmm enhancements topics? I didn’t expected that. Can’t they implement all? So lazy… Joking. :slight_smile:

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You misunderstand. The game isn’t being designed by the players. We’re collecting feedback, but that doesn’t mean we’re just going to implement every suggestion made by the community. The design team is still calling the shots.

The feedback is to allow us to identify the areas of the game which made neen alteration, and to get a sense of the priority for each.

More so, this tool (Canny), allows us to assign things which are being worked on to members of the dev team and to create a public facing roadmap which will update as things are being worked on.

This will allow players to see exactly what changes and additions are in the works and see an approximate timeline, along with getting a notification if and when something they asked for or voted on gets implemented.


Ok, as a player I’ll skip, that’s not fun to bother with the long long list. :slight_smile:

Is there a category for Rejected requests in the filter? I only saw Under Review, Planned, In Process and Completed.

Totally get it; but it’s good to get a sense of what’s touching a chord with the players and what isn’t - as much for us as for you. These forums do become something of a tinnitus-filled echo chamber after a while.

For instance, I’m surprised that there isn’t more support for more obvious Evolution in the game, as I thought that was one of its most unique selling points which hasn’t been implemented yet. But people seem much more concerned about Haven defenders and more unique PP tech. Good to know.

Also VERY good for players to see that you guys are reacting to their feedback, since I’m sure lack of information is one of the main fuels of the frustration that is at times expressed on these forums (no disrespect to you, as I think you’re doing a good job under ver trying circumstances).

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Nice! Still waiting for that Trello roadmap update :wink:

Eventually idealist is a rare resource… Frankly I didn’t knew, but since I knew I never believed it much. And let face it, adaptive tactics share same problems than auto scaling that they can’t define well.

That said Heaven defenders looks like a good idea but if it’s just to avoid Haven defenses it will break the game, that’s the most fun combats.

It really look like a great idea, but complex to make it really deep and interesting.

Sorry Zzzz, I have absolutely no idea what that means… :thinking:

We won’t need it with Canny. It will create one for us as we start to work through it.