State of the game today (Jan 2020)

I am new here and just picked up this game. I love it so far (only played two missions though).

I read a lot of the initial reviews and get a sense of a lot of like for this game, but also mention of bugs and limitations, etc…

I just felt that coming here to the forum with the most dedicated and vocal of players might give me a better perspective of where things are today.

Can anyone take some time to let me know what you feel about the game today vs when it was released or since the latest patch, etc?

I would REALLY love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

FYI, the XCOM series is literally my favorite strategy game to date.

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I am really trying (and wanting) to like the game after the recent patches. However, I am getting frustrated with the bugs and the abrupt spikes in difficulty as one progresses. Hopefully most of these issues will be addressed soon in another patch or two. Not having participated in the Backer Builds, the current state feels like another Backer Build with many wrinkles yet to be ironed out.

With that said, I have tried to soldier on so as to build strategies for a more “finished” build. But I am getting to the point where I may shelve the game until we see improvements.

That’s my opinion as a X-COM/XCOM player since its conception. I am sure others will disagree.


As was said previously, you’ll get different opinions on whether the games in a “good” or “bad” state! It really depends on the kind of player you are, so I’d say keep on soldiering through and see how you feel. I think the only thing that the majority of players will agree on though, is that the game still needs more work! But some find it fun in it’s current state…

For me specifically, I find the bugs tolerable! Nothing game breaking as of yet. The balance is in kinda a strange place! You either exploit the duel classing to the fullest and combine the most powerful of abilities/soldiers to absolutely crush the enemy! or you try and limit yourself with ability usage & fight a fair fight, but this will either be a struggle at best or you’ll get demolished in return!

For me, the most fun missions I’ve had are when I’m not quite at the point of running full level 7 duel-classed squads and the enemy is still in the process of getting stronger! My soldiers are strong enough to pack a punch but not op yet, so I really have to be careful with positioning and movement. But as soon as I pass that hurdle and hit level 7 with multiple soldiers the combo’s that are possible end up breaking the game balance! Basically it’s the combination of op soldiers on one side balanced against lethal enemies if left uncontrolled on the other!

But again, there will be people who disagree…


Ah, but which XCOM series? The old Microprose one or the recent Firaxis one? Or both?

I’m a fan of both and I love the game as it is. I think it’s closer to the old Microprose games in the sense that it’s damn hard unless you get your strategy right, whereas the recent Firaxis games - although fun - are quite hard to lose.

The first few missions are quite easy and some people view this as an unreasonable difficulty spike. I view it more as going easy on you for a short period before you get into the game proper.

In summary: it’s not without flaws but for the right type of player it is extremely enjoyable.

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I never played that long another similar game, it’s saying a lot.

In other similar game I’m bored faster usually, I don’t finish too long campaigns the boredom comes before, almost always I tend extend a campaign and it ends with too long campaign that becomes tedious, replays don’t work for too many campaigns.

Not in this game, my combats feel so different, it’s also because I use multiple teams and each have a different design, but also there’s something in enemies generation, that makes combats more diversified even if variations of maps could be better on various aspects, including visual themes, layout types, special missions maps, more.

My opinion is also that if you don’t abuse of some OP holes, the tactical depth and diversity is very high. As balances aren’t fully tuned, and there’s OP holes, this topic is complex, but myself that’s how I feel the game. A part of this is it brings new topics on the table, like air bombard, return fire, ballistic system, sounds detection, more sophisticated enemy control system of soldiers, more.

That said, there’s many problems, for example:

  • You can scrap items to get some more, never do it of you’ll have a high chance to trigger severe equipment problems.
  • In a campaign, the mission to allow progress relationship with a faction didn’t spawned. I didn’t considered it game breaking but certainly some players would.
  • Have low hope to play with living weapons (a bonus, probably not available in all game versions) myself missions to get them never spawned and I only got a living armor set.
  • You can’t rebind keys and if you use a lot keys when playing such game be ready to use some tools as autohotkey (For Mac check Karabiner).
  • UI has many good points but also a significant amount of missing features and some wrong designs as right click used to cancel or close but in a few contexts in combats it move the soldier without confirmation.
  • There’s a sort of auto scaling system, that is the difficulty is dynamically increased according to various parameters not documented, this is special but also the system can derail.
  • Some more.

But yeah despite all the problems, those and more, for me it’s still a lot of fun, for a long time, and ok some raging too but it’s not clues of a bad game.

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Definitely the latest version, never played the original. However, I enjoy the challenge of building my team to be great, and not being given greatness, if that makes sense.

My perspective is - wait until another couple of patches/bug fixes have been completed. However the game is now, I think/hope it’s going to be better in a few months time, I’d save the experience until then.

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I think it’s a great game, but in a bad state. Patches do not happen fast enough IMHO. My biggest gripe is that it still needs mods to fix trivial bugs like buildings switching off power - something that should have been fixed with the first patch already. I don’t exactly know what role UnstableVoltage is playing, but his response to that issue

does not exactly signal competence.

I really do not want to drag the game down. I’m not. Again, it’s great and I’m sure Snapshot will get this stuff sorted :slight_smile:

As a developer I can understand a bit, but efficiency is always something that can be improved upon.

Sometimes a bug (as simple as it may look to the outside world), can be implemented in a way that fixing it (quick fixing it) can lead to other issues which can be more game breaking than the original bug.

I am 99.9% sure that is what is meant. However, given we do not have the source code, we cannot truly judge competency with any accuracy.

As a developer, and maybe I am biased, but this is the reality of any type of programming/development of a game or otherwise.

That is true, of course. However, there is such a thing as trivial bugs. The author of the mod described exactly why it happens and where. It’s simply not something rooted deep enough to affect many other things. I know everyone says that these days, but I am a developer as well so I know where you are coming from :slight_smile:

Also please don’t take it the wrong way. I know I can sound like a prick at times. That’s just my subjective feels right now and the reason I’m taking a break until some bigger patch or DLC hits us.

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I have worked with many developers, often worked more on helping them than full programming, without any exception, all do bugs and can spite some bad code, and make/design complex components architecture prone of bugs.

Even Java Spring code can be quite ugly sometimes.

Your comment don’t feel at all from a pro dev, you looks too much full of illusion on your dev capacities. You should tune down your comment on coding you got from some modders that could be as well just do comment garbage. Top level dev don’t have time to spend in modding, don’t dream.

Oh no offense taken at all :slight_smile:
I appreciate the response and it is always good to speak with other developers. With that said, your opinion on this specifically holds more weight to me (no disrespect from that statement of course, but when a person truly understands a process, their take just holds more weight as they can consider things at a deeper level).

You have me wrong. I am literally a full time developer :slight_smile:

I know exactly what I am speaking of. In fact I develop games to boot, so I feel I have a reasonable perspective on things. Let me know what you develop and maybe we can have a “higher” conversation about the subject matter.

If you have not coded a video game though or something on the same scale, please spare me your judgmental perspective.

Except you did nothing, you base your comment on some modding, that’s invalid.

I don’t “mod”, I literal design programs and then proceed to write code for them front to end. All respect to modders, but that is a piece of a program or a decent chunk, but not from framework to final polish.

Again, please spare me if you are just going to take a word or words from one post of mine and proceed to feel you know me as if we grew up together. Maybe there is a communication gap between I and yourself, but you’re coming across a bit unnecessarily aggressive.

I think @Zzzz meant me because I cited the word of a modder as example instead of providing first hand evidence. The truth is I did not delve into it to be able to 100% assert that it is in fact a trivial bug. There is a small chance that I am wrong. The way it was described was that the calculation for power consumption vs power production happens in the wrong order. I took his word for it because he did in fact provide a real tiny fix that works to this day without any reported issues. I also see those sort of bugs every day in my line of work.

Again I am talking feels, which is what was asked in the OP and I think I sufficiently justified those feels. :slight_smile:

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Read fully the code and understand it really before to throw some superficial comment based on nothing you did yourself.

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I apologize Zzzz, I misunderstood you. Thanks @omenomaho for clearing that up for me!

Easy done XD

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I laid out on what I am basing it on. Additionally there is another research that also increases overall power of your base and that one is working correctly. This sets a certain precedence. You chose to ignore my reasoning. It’s fine <3

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