Patch out today?

I read yesterday, that today was a patch to come.
But I don`t have any patch actual: 17:59 p.m. (Germany)

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Read the same thing, have been checking the forums all day to see if it had come out

Wondering the same IMO
1700h in the UK

The last one was quite late in the day, IIRC (after 6pm GMT I think, somebody correct me if they remember better) so hopefully if it’s still happening, won’t be too much longer!

The patch won’t be released today. We encountered a bug during testing which, while we believe has now been caught and fixed, we’re going to spend a few more hours testing to make sure. The patch is now planned for tomorrow morning (31st).


Thanks for the update UV. Looking forward to starting a new campaign once it drops.

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Was hoping for the patch to restart the game as well, but tomorrow is cool as well :smiley:

Same, I’m just glad they caught the bugs before putting it out this time lol. I can wait a few more hours!

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Thank you for the update

Hope, I can continue my savegame with the patch :wink:

As well I hope, the fixed the difficulty curve towards endgame a little bit:-)

Well, that’s what testing is for =)
Thank you for your feedback, UnstableVoltage! :smiley:

Very awesome of you all keeping us up to date! Damn, has anyone else seen such good customer service from game writers?

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