Mutogs and how to fix them

while i do like the design and concept of the mutogs, as they are now they are kind of useless, they die fairly easily, they dont do much damage compared to the other vehicles, and they have no way of dealing with things in buildings, so these are my thoughts on how to improve them.

  • all mutogs need to have regeneration they would die before they ever got close enough to kill anything (they already do this even with regeneration so without it they are goners)

  • they need to be able to walk through walls (aka destructible walls, the kind that break apart when shot, exploded) they have no way to deal with indoor enemies as of now since they are melee fighters only.

  • increasing their max health by 1.5x-2x .so the kaimanu currently has 950 it would then be 1425-1900, which seems like a lot compared to the other vehicles however the other vehicles have guns, explosives, etc, and have immunities to poison daze and other status effects so the usually arent right next to the things shooting at them therefore they take less damage then the mutogs who have to walk towards whatever they want to kill and therefore have to soak up a lot more damage

with these changes i believe the mutogs will be on par with the other vehicles which need to have their own inventory and craftable ammo so they can be reloaded

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These guys already can survive quite a beating and they are expendable thanks to a steady supply of mutagens)
However their weapons often look like they don’t do anything. “Resisted”, “0 damage”. You can’t target body parts with their weapons.
I would like them (and other vehicles) to take 1 space to field instead of 3. That would make them a much more appealing option to bring into battle IMHO.